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Comanche 3


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January 1, 1997

PC (Microsoft Windows)



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Repetitive Elements: Comanche 3 may become repetitive after extended play, especially in the Simulator genre.

High Difficulty: The steep difficulty curve in Comanche 3 can be daunting for new players.

Content Gaps: Some areas of Comanche 3 feel underdeveloped or lacking in content.

Why To Avoid

Compelling Storyline: The narrative in Comanche 3 is deeply engaging, making it a must-play for Simulator fans.

Innovative Mechanics: Comanche 3 introduces new and innovative mechanics in the Simulator genre.

Community Driven: The game has a strong community, which enhances the multiplayer experience.

Why To Play

Over 90 stages with multiple endings. Active Mission System triggers distinct missions during each battle. Auto formation system generates conquest routes for each castle level.The best selling Comanche series returns with this fast-paced action game that places you at the controls of a Comanche RAH 66 helicopter. In 6 single player campaigns and multiplayer, the game combines serious firepower with effortless controls and stunning, interactive terrain.



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