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Icewind Dale

Role-playing (RPG), Strategy

Release Dates:

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Black Isle Studios, Interplay Entertainment, MacPlay, MumboJumbo

June 29, 2000, November 8, 2014, March 26, 2002

PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, iOS



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High Difficulty: The steep difficulty curve in Icewind Dale can be daunting for new players.

Bugs and Glitches: Some players have reported bugs that can disrupt the Icewind Dale experience.

Content Gaps: Some areas of Icewind Dale feel underdeveloped or lacking in content.

Why To Avoid

Innovative Mechanics: Icewind Dale introduces new and innovative mechanics in the Role-playing (RPG) genre.

Community Driven: The game has a strong community, which enhances the multiplayer experience.

Compelling Storyline: The narrative in Icewind Dale is deeply engaging, making it a must-play for Role-playing (RPG) fans.

Why To Play

In the northernmost reaches of the Forgotten Realms lies a frozen and untamed region known as Icewind Dale. Journey deep into the Spines of the World mountains, a harsh and unforgiving territory teeming with fearsome and merciless beasts. There you must confront an ancient evil that threatens to unleash an unspeakable horror upon the face of Faerûn.



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