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Mega Man Battle Network 2

Role-playing (RPG), Adventure

Release Dates:

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December 14, 2001, June 17, 2002, October 18, 2002, November 12, 2014, January 8, 2015, May 14, 2015

Game Boy Advance, Wii U



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Content Gaps: Some areas of Mega Man Battle Network 2 feel underdeveloped or lacking in content.

Requires Patience: The game’s pacing might be slow for those who prefer fast-paced Role-playing (RPG) games.

Bugs and Glitches: Some players have reported bugs that can disrupt the Mega Man Battle Network 2 experience.

Why To Avoid

Innovative Mechanics: Mega Man Battle Network 2 introduces new and innovative mechanics in the Role-playing (RPG) genre.

Community Driven: The game has a strong community, which enhances the multiplayer experience.

Beautiful World: Explore the stunning world of Mega Man Battle Network 2, a visual treat for fans of Role-playing (RPG).

Why To Play

Enter the futuristic universe of Mega Man.EXE in this new adventure in the Battle Network series. Join him in his battle to fight cyber crimes in this mega role playing adventure. Now, there's a new net crime organization in town and its computer hacking has created a virus that's quickly gaining momentum. It's up to Mega Man.EXE, his pal Lan and friends to join the Net-Battlers and win this new cyber battle. Stop it before it spreads!



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