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NASCAR Racing 4

Racing, Simulator, Sport

Release Dates:

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Papyrus Design Group, Sierra On-Line

February 6, 2001, April 6, 2001

PC (Microsoft Windows)



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High Difficulty: The steep difficulty curve in NASCAR Racing 4 can be daunting for new players.

Bugs and Glitches: Some players have reported bugs that can disrupt the NASCAR Racing 4 experience.

Requires Patience: The game’s pacing might be slow for those who prefer fast-paced Racing games.

Why To Avoid

High Replay Value: NASCAR Racing 4 offers numerous reasons to replay, thanks to its Racing elements.

Compelling Storyline: The narrative in NASCAR Racing 4 is deeply engaging, making it a must-play for Racing fans.

Innovative Mechanics: NASCAR Racing 4 introduces new and innovative mechanics in the Racing genre.

Why To Play

NASCAR Racing is back for 2001 better than ever! For the first time for NASCAR game, the Daytona track! Arcade racing mode for the novices, simulation mode for the experts, multiplayer mode for up to 32 gamers. Improved physics model, improved graphics engine with real-time shading. Improved radio chatter, ability to tell pit crew what to do before you pit... And much more.



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