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Test Drive III: The Passion

Racing, Simulator

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December 31, 1990




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Requires Patience: The game’s pacing might be slow for those who prefer fast-paced Racing games.

Bugs and Glitches: Some players have reported bugs that can disrupt the Test Drive III: The Passion experience.

Repetitive Elements: Test Drive III: The Passion may become repetitive after extended play, especially in the Racing genre.

Why To Avoid

Innovative Mechanics: Test Drive III: The Passion introduces new and innovative mechanics in the Racing genre.

Community Driven: The game has a strong community, which enhances the multiplayer experience.

Beautiful World: Explore the stunning world of Test Drive III: The Passion, a visual treat for fans of Racing.

Why To Play

After you choose a car, you have to drive as fast as possible without crash and without getting caught by the cops. You are equipped with the radar detector so you are informed about the approaching trouble. Third version of the favorite racing game.



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