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The Settlers IV

Real Time Strategy (RTS), Simulator, Strategy

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Blue Byte Software

November 7, 2009, May 9, 2011, March 30, 2001, August 6, 2001

PC (Microsoft Windows), Android, iOS



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High Difficulty: The steep difficulty curve in The Settlers IV can be daunting for new players.

Requires Patience: The game’s pacing might be slow for those who prefer fast-paced Real Time Strategy (RTS) games.

Content Gaps: Some areas of The Settlers IV feel underdeveloped or lacking in content.

Why To Avoid

Beautiful World: Explore the stunning world of The Settlers IV, a visual treat for fans of Real Time Strategy (RTS).

High Replay Value: The Settlers IV offers numerous reasons to replay, thanks to its Real Time Strategy (RTS) elements.

Compelling Storyline: The narrative in The Settlers IV is deeply engaging, making it a must-play for Real Time Strategy (RTS) fans.

Why To Play

The Romans, the Mayans, the Vikings, and the Trojans are the four industrious little races you'll be settling with. The seamless zoom function allows you to take a close-up peek as your settlers go about their daily business, or to zoom out for a bird's-eye view of how your very own empire is coming along. Put your settling skills to the test as you gather resources, establish and manage trade routes, manufacture goods, or wage war. It's up to you to lead your tiny settlers to victory! Are you up to the task?



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