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I Found Some Awesome Ubisoft Games on Game Pass

Updated: Mar 19

Look, if you're like me and sometimes end up binging Ubisoft games – the big open worlds, the slightly janky-but-fun gameplay – Xbox Game Pass has got you covered. There's a solid chunk of their titles available, and while they're not all perfect, there's enough there to keep you busy, especially if you like variety.

assassins creed orgins game art
Assassin's Creed Origins

Assassin's Creed Origins

Ancient Egypt is a setting I never get tired of. Origins explores this world beautifully, with pyramids to climb, bustling cities to explore, and the birth of the Assassin Brotherhood to uncover. Bayek is a fantastic protagonist, and the combat feels fresh compared to older AC games. If you're an AC fan who somehow missed this one, or just love historical adventures, it's a must-play.

assassins creed odyssey game art
Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Odyssey expands on everything Origins set up, taking you to Ancient Greece in a sprawling epic. Choose between Alexios or Kassandra, battle mythical beasts, uncover political conspiracies, and sail your ship around the gorgeous Aegean Sea. This game is HUGE, packed with things to do, and honestly, it's as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Okay, Valhalla isn't technically on Game Pass (yet), but it feels like only a matter of time. If you're craving those Viking raids, building your settlement, and exploring a gritty, less-cartoony Assassin's Creed world, this is the one to watch for. It builds on the more RPG-like elements of the newer AC games, offering tons of customization and a surprisingly emotional story.

rainbow six siege game art
Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition

I'm not even a big shooter person, but Rainbow Six Siege is a true classic. This tactical, team-based shooter is all about tension and strategy, with destructible environments and unique operators to master. The learning curve is steep, but rewarding, and this Deluxe Edition gives you extra goodies to make the climb a little smoother. If you're competitive, this is the one to try.

rainbow six extraction game art
Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction

Remember that awesome limited-time event in Siege where you fought aliens? Well, Extraction takes that concept and runs with it. This PvE co-op shooter pits you and your friends against a strange, evolving alien threat. It's a little out there, but surprisingly tense, focusing on stealth and teamwork. If you liked the gunplay in Siege but want something a bit different, this could be a fun change of pace.

ghost recon wildlands game art
Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands

If you like those massive Far Cry open worlds but crave a more tactical experience, Ghost Recon Wildlands might be what you're looking for. Leading your squad of Ghosts, you'll take down a Bolivian drug cartel across varied terrain, choosing your approach to each mission. Stealth, all-out action, or somewhere in between – the choice is yours. It's best experienced with friends, but can be surprisingly enjoyable even solo.

far cry 5 game art
Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

Montana might seem peaceful, but beneath the surface lies a doomsday cult that gets more terrifying the deeper you dig. Far Cry 5 takes the chaotic open-world formula and adds a memorably dark story, with characters you won't soon forget (good and bad). Expect outposts to capture, wild animals out for blood, and enough side activities to keep you occupied for weeks. Just... watch out for those bliss-induced hallucinations.

Far Cry 6

If Far Cry 5 was intense, Far Cry 6 cranks things all the way up. This tropical open-world adventure pits you against a charismatic dictator played by Giancarlo Esposito, and things only get weirder from there. The gameplay will feel familiar to Far Cry fans, with a massive map to explore, tons of weapons to customize, and ridiculous side missions to stumble into. Pure, unfiltered Far Cry energy.

watch dogs 2 game art
Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2

Hacking your way through San Francisco as Marcus Holloway is oddly satisfying. Watch Dogs 2 lets you pull pranks, expose corporate secrets, and generally cause chaos, all with the power of your smartphone. There's an enjoyable story about fighting back against the system, and the sheer number of gadgets and approaches makes each mission feel fresh. Plus, if you find the gnome outfit, your life will be complete.

for honor game art
For Honor

For Honor Marching Fire Edition

For Honor takes melee combat seriously. This unique fighter pits knights, samurai, and Vikings against each other in brutal duels and large-scale battles. It's got a high skill ceiling, so expect to put in some practice, but mastering those combos and executions feels awesome. This Marching Fire Edition gives you extra heroes and modes, perfect for diving deep into For Honor's world.

immortals fenyx rising game art
Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Part Zelda, part Assassin's Creed, and a whole lot of Greek myth – that's Immortals Fenyx Rising. Explore a vibrant world, solve clever puzzles, battle fantastical beasts, and listen to Zeus and Prometheus bicker in the background. It's surprisingly fun and lighthearted, a refreshing change of pace if you find some Ubisoft titles a bit too serious.

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

Some Ubisoft games have their quirks, but they're strangely addictive when you just want to zone out and play something fun. With this many on Game Pass, you're bound to find one that hooks you, whether you're into stealth, shooting, or just exploring massive worlds.

Remember: Games rotate in and out of Game Pass, so always double-check the official Xbox site before getting your hopes up!


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