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The Unturned Survival Guide: Mastering the Game

Get ready to level up your Unturned game! Sick and tired of getting rekt every damn time? Well, you're in luck 'cause I got your ultimate survival guide. We're gonna take you from zero to hero in no time! This article will hook you up with all the deets on Unturned - from the basics to why this game is hotter than a summer fling. Oh, and just between us, there might be some cheeky cheat codes that'll give you a major leg-up (don't worry, your secret's safe with me).

The Unturned Survival Guide

Welcome to The Unturned Survival Guide, your ultimate resource for mastering this popular game. Whether you're playing on Xbox, PC, or PlayStation, this guide will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to survive in the zombie-infested world of Unturned. From gathering food and water to crafting weapons and building a secure base, it's all here. So grab your spec ops vest, gather your friends, and let's navigate through post-apocalyptic landscapes together.

A screenshot from the Unturned trailer

Unturned Game Overview

In Unturned, players are immersed in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and various dangers. They must scavenge for resources, build shelter, forge alliances, and fend off hordes of undead creatures. With its blocky graphics and accessible gameplay, Unturned has gained a dedicated fanbase and continues to receive updates and new content from its developer.

Whether playing alone or with friends in multiplayer mode, players can explore different locations, craft weapons, and tools, and develop strategies for survival. So grab your gear and get ready to navigate this challenging world!

Fully Stocked Garage

Land, air, and sea vehicles are available, including tanks, quads, snowmobiles, helicopters, seaplanes, fighter jets, jet skis, and hovercraft. Maintain your vehicles with tires, batteries, and fuel. Make sure to grab a vehicle if you intend to survive out in the open.

Massive Worlds

Explore 5 officially developed and 10 curated community-created sandbox maps, including locations like Prince Edward Island (PEI), The Yukon, Washington, Russia, Hawaii, and Germany. Each map has different hiding spots and secret areas, so be sure to explore each map to discover the where to go and not to go.

Mod Everything

If you don't like the core game, then you can make the game your own using mods! You can download player-created content from guns to vehicles to massive levels from the workshop. Build custom maps using an in-game level editor. Write plugins using built-in or third-party systems. Get your apparel and skins upvoted in the workshop for consideration to be accepted and sold. You can even team up with other modders to create your own update for official adoption.

Dynamic Gameplay

Most objects can be destroyed, allowing players to create new pathways and strategies. Use two-way radios to communicate with your squad, enhancing immersion and teamwork. This is extra important for a player trapped in a tight spot. Use the destructible environment to your advantage and run to safety.

Survival Mechanics

Manage your hunger, thirst, and fatigue as you navigate the unforgiving landscapes. Hunt for food, scavenge for resources and craft essential items to stay alive. Encounter hostile wildlife and other players in your quest for survival. Without resource management, you are doomed!

Available on Mac, PC, and Console (Xbox / PlayStation)

Unturned was first launched in 2014 as a survival game with a unique twist on Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Over the years, it has evolved into an immersive multiplayer experience, expanding to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Unturned is free to play through Steam but costs $24.99 on Xbox and PlayStation.

Unturned Xbox Launch Trailer

The Unturned Xbox launch trailer from November 12, 2020.

Cheat Codes for Unturned

Looking for a quick boost in Unturned? Cheat codes are here to save the day! These nifty hacks can give you that extra edge by providing resources or unlocking special abilities. But beware, my friend, cheating comes with consequences. Plus, you may need to play without BattlEye Anti-Cheat enabled.

Using cheat codes may alter your gameplay experience and remove some challenges that make Unturned so thrilling. So before you start spawning weapons like there's no tomorrow, consider how it might affect your fellow survivors in multiplayer mode. Play fair, have fun, and remember: zombies don't cheat!

Using Cheat Codes in Multiplayer

Using cheat codes in multiplayer games can have serious consequences and ruin the fun for others. Imagine you're playing a game, trying your best, and suddenly someone swoops in with all the advantages, thanks to cheat codes. Not cool, right? Not only will you earn a bad reputation among fellow gamers, but you might also be banned from servers or face other penalties. Instead of taking shortcuts, why not improve your skills? That way, you'll earn your victories and become a respected player in the community.

Activating Cheat Codes in Unturned

Looking to boost your gaming experience in Unturned? Look no further than cheat codes! These handy commands can unlock unlimited resources, invincibility, and special abilities. So how do you activate these cheats? Simple! Press the (ENTER) key to open the console command and enter your desired cheat code. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility!

Cheating may disable achievements and throw off the game's balance. So use those cheats wisely and enjoy Unturned like never before!

Popular Cheat Codes in Unturned

Below is a selection of popular and valuable cheat codes available in Unturned. Check out the Unturned Hub's Items List to view all the cheat items available.

Useful Unturned Cheat Codes

  • @give [object] - Spaen an object based on the object's ID

  • @vehicle [vehicle ID] - Spawn a vehicle based on the vehicle's ID

  • @time [numerical value] - Manually adjust the time of day

  • @day - Change time today

  • @night - Change time tonight

  • @teleport [location] - Teleport to a location

  • @heal - Restore your health to full

  • @godmode - Become invincible

  • @fly - Enable flying mode

  • @noclip - Pass through walls and objects

  • @ammo [amount] - Get ammunition for your weapons

  • @experience [amount] - Increase your experience points

  • @skill [skill name] [level] - Boost a specific skill to a desired level

Popular vehicle and item IDs

  • 1027 - Viper Gun

  • 1041 - Yuri

  • 1050 - Safezone Generator

  • 1091 - Metal Wall

  • 1169 - Spec Ops Vest

  • 116 - Honey Badger (includes silencer)

  • 1192 - High-caliber military ammo

  • 1201 - Night Vision Scope

  • 122 - AK-47

  • 1369 - Uzi

  • 1379 - Tommy Gun

  • 1477 - MP40 Belgium Rifle

  • 148 - Red Chevron Scope

  • 18 - Timberwolf

  • 20 - Timberwolf Magazine

  • 253 - Alicepack

  • 28 - Portable Gas-Can

  • 328 - Metal Locker

  • 366 - Crate

  • 44 - Low-caliber civilian ammo

  • 458 - Generator

  • 6 - Military Clip

  • 76 - Blowtorch

Reasons for its Popularity

Unturned, the game loved by millions, is a free-to-play survival experience that has captivated players of all ages. Its addictive gameplay mechanics are as irresistible as a zombie horde. From crafting your fortress to engaging in intense player-versus-player battles, Unturned offers endless possibilities for adventure and creativity. The best part? Even if you're gaming on an ancient potato of a PC or a last-gen Xbox console, you can still dive into this post-apocalyptic world and rack up those experience points.

How can I play Unturned on my PC or Mac?

Unturned can be played on both PC and Mac. You can download it from the official website or through Steam to play on a PC. On Mac, you can find it in the App Store. Search for "Unturned" and follow the installation instructions to start playing this popular survival game.

Additional Resources

Looking for more ways to improve your Unturned skills? Here are some additional resources that you should check out. Dive into online forums where experienced players share their tips and tricks. Want a visual guide? Head over to YouTube and watch tutorials and Let's Play videos to learn advanced strategies. Join multiplayer servers to form alliances with other players and learn from their experiences.

Stay updated on game updates, events, and community discussions by following official social media accounts and joining Discord servers. Don't forget about fan-made websites and Reddit that offer comprehensive guides, maps, item lists, and more. With these resources at your fingertips, you'll become an Unturned pro in no time!


This ended up being more of a beginner's guide than an ultimate guide - sorry. I guess a more in-depth guide will need to go on the to-do list. Mastering The Unturned game requires skill, strategy, and creativity. While cheat codes can provide some shortcuts and added fun, it's important to remember that using cheats in multiplayer can have consequences and may impact your achievements. If you're looking for an extra edge in the game, check out our list of popular cheat codes for Unturned. Remember to use them responsibly and keep the spirit of fair play alive.


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