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Black Ops: Math Meltdown – Is the Next Game 5 or 6?

Updated: May 7

The Call of Duty Community's Meltdown

The Call of Duty community is currently embroiled in a hilarious meltdown hotter than a napalm strike. The source of the chaos? The simple question of whether the next Black Ops installment should be called "Black Ops 6" or "Black Ops 5". Forget about weapon balancing – this is the debate that has everyone choosing sides!

call of duty black ops 5 or 6

The Cold War Timeline Twist

Let's break it down: 'Black Ops: Cold War' took us on a wild ride back in time, exploring events before the core Black Ops storyline. This has left even the most dedicated timeline experts scratching their heads. Should the next game be "Black Ops 5" to get things back on track? Or who cares as long as the action is intense and the multiplayer maps are sick?

So, is this a genuine lapse in Treyarch's math skills, or are they masterfully crafting the ultimate troll to keep us guessing? Could this be some meta-commentary on the fluidity of time? A sneaky reboot in disguise? Or maybe they just like watching the internet burn.

Honestly, they could call it "Black Ops: Surprise Platypus" at this point, and I'd still pre-order just for the sheer audacity of it. Buckle up, folks, because this naming debate is just getting started. Let the theories, memes, and the delightfully salty arguments flow!


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