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Netflix Games: Bloons TD 6 Review

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Get ready for some addictive tower-defense action with Bloons TD 6, now available for free on Netflix! But is this game worth your time? Let's find out in my review.

Bloons TD 6 is available for free with Netflix Games
Bloons TD 6 on Netflix Games

Bloons TD 6: A Brief Overview

  • Bloons TD 6 is a popular mobile game available on the app store. It offers its own challenges and provides hours of entertainment for players of all ages.

  • In this game, you aim to defend against waves of colorful balloons (known as bloons) using various defense mechanisms. From darts to powerful odysseys, you'll have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal.

  • With an active Netflix subscription, you can easily enjoy the game on your iPad or iPhone, making it accessible wherever you go.

Whether you're looking to perfect your defense strategy or just have some fun, Bloons TD 6 is a game that will keep you entertained for hours.

Publisher and Developer

Bloons TD 6 is developed and published by Ninja Kiwi, a game development studio known for creating addictive tower defense games.

With a strong community of players, Ninja Kiwi regularly releases new content, ensuring that Bloons TD 6 remains fresh and exciting for its dedicated fanbase.

Ninja Kiwi Logo - Ninja Kiwi - More Awesomer
Ninja Kiwi - More Awesomer

Supported Platforms

Bloons TD 6 is available on mobile platforms, including Android and iOS, allowing players to enjoy the game on their smartphones and tablets.

Additionally, the game can be accessed on Netflix as "Bloons TD 6 Netflix," providing a new way to play the game for free on mobile devices (with a Netflix subscription).

While Bloons TD 6 Netflix offers a convenient way to play the game, there is also an exclusive version of the game called "Bloons TD 6+" available on Apple Arcade for iOS devices.

Players can also purchase the game for Xbox and PlayStation, although these versions come at a higher price of $29.99 compared to the mobile and Netflix versions of the game.

Bloons TD 6 was also released on the Epic Store on July 19th, 2022, making it accessible to PC gamers via Steam.

Bloons TD 6 - In The Loop Map - Round 98 - $8,660 in Cash - Game Over - Over 20 Dart Monkeys
Almost made it to round 100

Why I Love Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 offers a unique tower defense experience that has captivated players worldwide, including myself. Here are a few reasons why I love this game:

Unique Features of Bloons TD 6

One of the main highlights of Bloons TD 6 is its wide range of features, setting it apart from other tower defense games. Here are some of the game's unique features:

Dozens of cosmetic items: Bloons TD 6 offers a plethora of cosmetic items, allowing players to customize their monkey towers, bloons, and game environment. This adds a fun and personalized touch to the gameplay experience.

Boss events: The game introduces boss bloons. These powerful enemies with unique abilities add a layer of challenge and excitement to the gameplay. These boss events provide a new and thrilling experience for players, keeping them engaged and motivated to progress.

Community content: Bloons TD 6 has a content browser that gives access to community-made content, such as new maps, challenges, and game modes. This feature allows players to explore an ever-expanding pool of user-generated content, ensuring there is always something new to try.

Private games: Players can create private games with their friends, allowing them to strategize, collaborate, and compete against each other in tower defense battles. This social aspect of the game enhances the multiplayer experience, making it more enjoyable and engaging.

Powerful monkey towers: Bloons TD 6 features a wide range of monkey towers, each with upgrade paths, abilities, and playstyles. From darts, bombs, and wizards to powerful paragon upgrades, the game offers a diverse selection of monkey towers, allowing players to devise unique strategies for each level.

Trophy store: As players progress through the game, they earn trophies, which can be exchanged for various rewards in the trophy store. This adds an additional element of progression and incentivizes players to strive for perfect defense on each level.

Gameplay Experience on Netflix Games

Bloons TD 6 on Netflix Games provides a seamless tower defense experience, allowing players to dive into bloon-popping action directly from their Netflix profile. The game handles smoothly, whether you're playing on a smart TV, console, or mobile device, ensuring an enjoyable gameplay experience.

Accessing the games tab on the latest Netflix mobile app lets you quickly launch Bloons TD 6 and start defending against bloons. The gameplay remains largely similar to the paid mobile version of the game, with minor differences to accommodate the Netflix platform.

It's worth noting that Bloons TD 6 Netflix is compatible with the original mobile version of the game, allowing players to team up and play together in Co-Op Mode.

Bloons TD 6 Game Over UI - Round 102 - Bloons leaked 1100
Round 102 Was Crazy!

Areas for Improvement

While Bloons TD 6 offers an immersive tower defense experience, there are a few areas where the game could be further enhanced. Here are some potential updates and add-ons that could improve the overall gameplay:

Potential Updates and Add-Ons

Ninja Kiwi can introduce new maps, towers, and upgrade paths in future updates to keep the game fresh and exciting. This would provide players with new challenges and gameplay options, ensuring the gameplay remains engaging and enjoyable.

Additionally, incorporating new characters, boss events, and challenges would enhance the game's content, offering unique experiences for new and existing players.

Introducing new game modes, such as tower defense challenges, could also increase replayability, allowing players to test their skills in unique scenarios.

Furthermore, regular balance changes, updates, and additions to monkey knowledge upgrades can help maintain a healthy meta-game, ensuring that no tower or upgrade path becomes overpowered or obsolete.

Addressing community feedback and suggestions can play a crucial role in improving the game's overall experience, as player input often highlights areas of improvement that may have been overlooked.

A slightly crowded Bloons TD 6 home screen - Main menu November 2023
The home screen is nice, but slightly crowded

User Interface Suggestions

Improving the user interface of Bloons TD 6 can contribute to a more seamless gameplay experience. Here are some user interface suggestions that could enhance the game:

Streamlining menu navigation: Simplifying menu navigation would make it easier for players to access tower defense gameplay, upgrade paths, and cosmetic items, reducing unnecessary clicks and improving overall gameplay flow.

Enhancing tower visibility and information: Making upgrade paths and tower information more visible would allow players to make informed decisions during gameplay, ensuring they utilize their monkey towers' full potential.

Highlighting monkey abilities: Providing more straightforward information about monkey abilities, such as displaying statistics like damage for abilities like Alchemist Acid, would help players strategize and maximize tower effectiveness.

Customizable home screen and profile settings: Allowing players to personalize their home screen and profile settings, such as choosing backgrounds, tower skins, and game animations, would add a personal touch to the game, making it feel more immersive and engaging.

Comparing Bloons TD 6 with Other Netflix Games

When it comes to tower defense games available on Netflix, Bloons TD 6 stands out for its addictive gameplay, regular updates, and community content. Here's how Bloons TD 6 compares to other tower defense games on Netflix:

Unique tower defense gameplay: Bloons TD 6 offers a unique tower defense gameplay experience, setting it apart from other games in the genre. With its powerful monkey towers, boss events, and dozens of cosmetic items, the game provides a perfect balance of challenge and fun, making it suitable for casual and hardcore tower defense gamers.

Community content and private games: The game's content browser, boss events, and private games add a social element, allowing players to engage with the community, play community-made content, and compete against friends. This community-driven aspect of Bloons TD 6 makes it a standout tower defense game.

Replay value and gameplay length: Compared to other tower defense games on Netflix, Bloons TD 6 offers a higher replay value and longer gameplay. With regular updates, new content, and challenging maps, players can enjoy hours of bloon-popping action, always finding new challenges to conquer.

Is Bloons TD 6 Worth Your Time in 2023?

With its positive reviews and expanding availability on various gaming platforms, Bloons TD 6 continues to be a game worth your time in 2023. The game has proven to be a slick tower defense experience, suitable for kids and adults.

Whether you're new to tower defense games or a long-time fan of the series, Bloons TD 6 offers immersive gameplay, regular updates, and a vibrant community, making it an excellent choice for tower defense enthusiasts.

Bloons TD 6 Island Map - Lots of Aircraft Carriers - Super Monkeys, Dart Monkeys, MOABs, Huts and more
Aircraft Carriers are awesome!

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Bloons TD 6 is a highly addictive and entertaining game that offers hours of fun. Its unique features and engaging gameplay stand out among other Netflix Games.

The potential for future updates and add-ons makes it even more promising, ensuring that players will have new content to look forward to. While there may be some room for improvement in the user interface, this game is a must-try for anyone looking for a fun and challenging gaming experience.

So, if you need a new game to play on Netflix, give Bloons TD 6 a try and prepare to be hooked!


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