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After Update 2.1, Is Cyberpunk 2077 Worth Buying?

Updated: Mar 2

The highly anticipated release of Cyberpunk 2077 was met with some praise and a lot of disappointment. With the recent release of Update 2.1, many are wondering if the game has made significant improvements that make it worth buying.

In this article, we will explore the changes brought by this latest update and consider whether Cyberpunk 2077 has finally reached a point where it can be a worthwhile investment. With the hopes of redeeming itself from its rocky start, CD Projekt Red has been working tirelessly to address the various issues that plagued the game upon its initial release.

Now that Cyberpunk 2077's Update 2.1 is set to be released, it's safe to say that CD Projekt Red is truly dedicated to providing players with a top-notch gaming experience. This update has brought about numerous improvements and fixes, addressing some of the most significant issues that players have been raising since its initial launch.

Cyberpunk glitched logo, grunge background
Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.1

Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.1 Key Points

  • Expanded Cityscape and Seamless Travel: The update introduces the NCART Metro system, allowing V to traverse Night City through 19 metro stations on five lines, creating a more immersive and expansive urban experience. This addition not only resolves V's City Pass issues but offers scenic travel options and seamless transitions between exploration and car rides.

  • Enhanced Gameplay Features: Players can now enjoy repeatable romantic hangouts, listen to music via the Radioport feature while on foot or on the move with the NCART train, and engage in exhilarating replayable car races. These additions add great replay value.

  • Refinements and Fixes: Beyond new features, the update brings a plethora of refinements, including improved accessibility options, quest fixes, gameplay rebalancing for cyberware, and significant enhancements in visuals, sound effects, and vehicle mechanics. These refinements aim to create a more polished and enriched gaming experience for both new and returning players.

Rediscovering Night City: The Cyberpunk 2077 Journey Continues

In the vast digital landscape of Night City, where cybernetic dreams meet neon reality, a new chapter unfolds. With Cyberpunk 2077’s Update 2.1 hitting the streets, gamers and cyberpunks are poised to re-engage with a world that's undergone a significant transformation.

Let’s dive into the essence of this monumental update and why it’s more than a mere patch—it’s an electrifying invitation back to the cybernetic dystopia we couldn’t forget. Update 2.1 brings exciting changes to the gameplay, including explosive vehicle combat, revamped skill trees, improved police AI, and a brand-new approach to cyberware.

A player holds an NCART Metro card in Cyberpunk 2077
NCART Metro Card is your pass to the city

Fast Travel Evolved: NCART Metro Unveiled

The much-awaited NCART metro system arrives as the game's answer to seamless exploration. With 19 stations spread across Night City's maze-like streets, navigating the sprawling metropolis has never been more convenient. The days of tedious commutes are over; now, traverse the cityscape effortlessly, be it for a quest or a leisurely sightseeing tour.

A partner sits on a pool table in Cyberpunk 2077, awaiting a hangout
Hangout with partners and connect on new levels

Romantic Rendezvous and Intimate Hangouts

Love finds its place amidst the chaos of Night City. After forging romantic paths, immerse yourself in personal hangouts at apartments scattered across the city. These intimate encounters, unlocked post-romance, offer glimpses into the cybernetic hearts of your in-game partners, enriching the narrative and character dynamics.

Radioport lets players enjoy music while walking, driving or on the Metro
Radioport lets you enjoy music everywhere you go

Radioport: A Sonic Journey Through the Streets

The city’s soundscape takes a leap forward with Radioport, an innovation that synchronizes your auditory experience while exploring on foot. Seamlessly transitioning between on-foot radio and car radio, it ensures the beats never skip a pulse. Engage with your surroundings in sync with your preferred sounds, elevating the immersion to a new level.

A new bike from Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.1
New bikes bring new thrills

Wheels & Tricks: The Ride Redefined

Vehicles in Night City receive a serious upgrade. Not only do new wheels grace the streets, but bike combat undergoes a thrilling overhaul. Expect revamped animations and an array of new tricks, transforming transportation into an extension of personal expression and combat prowess.

Players racing near Bio Technia, one player has a Porsche
Replayable races - finally!

Car Racing Frenzy: Thrills Beyond The Finish Line

The adrenaline-pumping races post-"The Beast in Me" offer more than just victory laps. They’re a gateway to exclusive discounts and eddies. But the fun doesn’t stop there—additional races are added, promising a high-octane spectacle for street racers hungry for more.

Highways Explored: Unveiling New Vistas

Night City expands its horizons as highways connecting previously inaccessible regions open up. Embark on a visual odyssey, exploring uncharted territories ripe with fresh vistas, offering a tantalizing peek into new adventures and urban landscapes.

Vista Points: Admire the Spectacular

Binoculars placed strategically across the city bring Night City’s breathtaking vistas to life. Witness the cityscape’s mesmerizing visuals, now elevated with revamped lighting and visual effects, adding depth and immersion to every corner and skyline view.

Better boss fights in Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.1
Boss fights are even better

Boss Fights Recharged: Combat with an Edge

Prepare for revamped boss battles that pack a punch. Yasha Ivanov, Boris Ribakov, and the formidable Adam Smasher now pose a greater challenge, demanding tactical prowess and strategic combat finesse.

Sonic, Visual, and Illumination Marvels

Update 2.1 isn’t just about functionality; it’s a sensory overhaul. From revamped soundscapes that immerse you deeper into the city’s tapestry to mesmerizing visual effects and lighting enhancements, Night City breathes with newfound vibrancy and intensity.

Other Notable Fixes and Changes

Accessibility Enhancements

  • HUD Customization: More options for HUD elements' size and visual adjustments, enhancing clarity and the user experience.

  • Gameplay Customizations: Enhanced weapon cycling, a larger interface font, and more adaptable key binding for various keyboards.

Quests & Open World Refinements

  • Gang Pursuits: Certain aggressive actions trigger gangs to pursue V during gigs and main quests, intensifying the gameplay experience.

  • Functional Vendors: Functional decorative vendors in kiosks and interactive interactions at various bars offer more immersive engagement.

  • Quest Fixes: A slew of fixes resolve issues within quests like "Chippin' In," "Life During Wartime," and "The Prophet's Song," ensuring a smoother narrative progression.

Gameplay, Visual, and Sound Enhancements

  • Cyberware Rebalances: A rebalancing of various cyberware, perks, and weapons, offering refined stats and balanced gameplay.

  • Vehicle and Traffic Upgrades: Newly opened highways, bike-leaning mechanics, additional bikes, and a new car (Porsche 911 Cabriolet) enrich the vehicular experience.

  • Sound and Visual Overhauls: Overhauled sound effects, improved lighting, and visual enhancements augment the immersive quality of the gaming environment.

This substantial update addresses bug fixes and adds layers of depth and enhancements, beckoning players to rediscover Night City's cybernetic wonders.

The new Porsche 911 Cabriolet in Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.1
A new car (Porsche 911 Cabriolet)

When Is The Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.1 Release Date?

The much-awaited Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.1 is set to be released tomorrow, on December 5th, 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This update brings several new features and improvements to the game, including better NPC behavior, improved graphics and performance, and bug fixes. Read more about the Update 2.1 Patch Notes at the CD Projekt Red Cyberpunk 2077 forum.

Why Cyberpunk 2077 Calls You Back

Amidst the updates and enhancements, Cyberpunk 2077 post-Update 2.1 is a redefined experience. It beckons you to rediscover Night City—a place where glitches dissipate, gameplay flourishes, and cybernetic dreams come alive.

If bugs and glitches made you leave, you'll be happy to know there are some fixes. Ray-tracing and DLSS issues on PC have been resolved. And on Xbox, save state issues have been resolved as well.

Should you buy Cyberpunk 2077 right now?

Yes, after update 2.1, Cyberpunk 2077 is worth buying. The update has fixed numerous bugs and performance issues, greatly improving the overall gameplay experience. With the additional patches and updates being released regularly, now is a great time to purchase and enjoy the game.

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

After Cyberpunk 2077’s Update 2.1, I can confidently say that this game is worth buying. This update is more than just a patch, it’s a testament to the game’s evolution and a renaissance for Night City. The neon-lit streets have been revitalized with renewed energy and allure, making it the perfect time to rekindle old cybernetic dreams and forge new ones. So don't hesitate, join me in embracing the exhilarating re-entry of Cyberpunk 2077's Night City.


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