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Embark On A Swashbuckling Adventure With Sea of Thieves Season 8 on Xbox Game Pass

Are you looking for a game that will take you on a pirate adventure? Look no further than Sea of Thieves on Xbox Game Pass. This action-packed game takes you on a journey through the high seas as a pirate, where you'll encounter other players, engage in battles, search for treasure, and discover new lands. With stunning graphics and an immersive open-world experience, Sea of Thieves is the perfect game for players looking for a thrilling adventure. Sea of Thieves Season 8 is now available with new content, so check it out today.

Sea of Thieves Season 8 Is Here!

It will be five years in March since the launch of Sea of Thieves. This shared world multiplayer game offers epic adventure with an ever-rotating set of new game features to enjoy. The game has seen a lot of changes and updates over the years, growing into one of the most popular games on Xbox Game Pass. Explorers unite and write their own stories. Season 8 is the latest adventure added to the already jammed-pack barrel of fun. Season Eight is a free update for all players with Xbox Game Pass across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11 PC, and Steam.

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The war has started! Pick between the Guardians of Wealth and the Servants of the Flame, both of whom want to sink ships from the opposing Faction. By playing as a Faction, you'll earn Allegiance and other prizes.


On your ship's Captain's Table, you'll find the Hourglass of Fate, which allows you to choose a faction and vote for that Faction. But be aware that enemy crews may also pursue you once you join a Faction. To discover ships from the opposing side, use the War Map.


Sinking ships from the opposing Faction and retaining treasure on board to raise your Treasure Grade are both methods of earning Allegiance. Faction benefits become available as your Allegiance increases. You may check your current level with both Factions in the Pirate Log.


There are some great incentives in store. To commemorate pirates who achieve Allegiance level 100, each Faction has grown. Reapers who have reached rank 75 may enter The Reaper's Lair, while Pirate Legends will be able to explore new areas of the Athena's Fortune tavern.


Unbeaten opponents give you an Allegiance Streak, which increases the Allegiance you earn. You are marked as a Faction Champion for all to see if you have a Streak of 4 or higher. Champion Sloops and Brigantines may also launch significant Ship Battles!


The worth of your Hourglass of Fate increases when you represent a Faction, defeating opponents. So, if you sink while leaving the battle, you'll lose it all! The Hourglass Value is exchanged for gold and Allegiance at any Outpost (or The Reaper's Hideout).


In the form of the Ghostly Curse and Skeleton Curse, Diligent Faction supporters are eventually invited to secret ceremonies that grant different affectations. Pirates have longed for similar items, despite their menacing names, since they first set sail on the Sea of Thieves!


Are the bones getting old? Your marrow ailment may be cured by visiting the Vanity Chest. You may further customize yourself as a Servant by becoming dedicated enough to take skeletal form, which the Bonesmith will provide.


You are sailing for a Faction while also representing them as an Emissary. By sinking the other Faction's ships, you may raise your Company reputation, Emissary Grade, and Ledger position. Then, once you leave the battle, your Emissary Grade will increase, and you'll gain more gold and reputation!


'The Guardian' and 'The Servant,' two new Milestone Alignments, will be visible in the Captains' Ship's Log. By representing the related Faction with new Trinkets and customization options to unlock as you join the Battle for the Sea of Thieves, you can earn XP towards these Milestones.

About Seas of Thieves

Sea of Thieves allows players to create their pirate character and embark on voyages with their crew. You'll sail on your ship, navigate treacherous waters, and face off against rival pirate crews and dangerous creatures. The game's focus on cooperative play means you'll need to work with your crew to succeed, whether hoisting the anchor, navigating the ship, or fighting off enemy pirates. The game has been well-received by critics and players alike, with many praising the game's cooperative gameplay, open-world exploration, and sense of adventure. Sea of Thieves is a Microsoft Xbox exclusive game released in 2018.

SCREENSHOTS: Sea of Thieves Images

Graphics and Gameplay

One of the biggest draws of Sea of Thieves is its stunning graphics. The game's lush and vibrant world is detailed, from the rolling waves and shimmering sunsets to the intricate ship designs and character animations. The game's open-world design allows players to explore at their own pace, making it easy to get lost in the world for hours. And, with the game's focus on cooperative play, players must work together to succeed. Whether sailing the ship, fighting off enemies, or exploring the world, players must rely on their crewmates to do the job.


Sea of Thieves doesn't have a traditional story mode, but the game's world is full of lore and legend. Players will encounter ancient ruins, skeletons, and sea monsters while exploring the game's numerous islands. The game also features several quests that players can complete for rewards, such as uncovering the secrets of a lost ship or tracking down buried treasure.


One of the best things about Sea of Thieves is its multiplayer gameplay. The game was designed from the ground up to be played with friends, making it the perfect game to play with your crew. As a shared-world adventure game, you don't have to live a lonely pirate's life. Build riches and renown, encounter new dangers, and share unforgettable stories with other pirate adventurers.

Eight Epic Seasons

Each season in Sea of Thieves brings with it new challenges and rewards for players to earn. From the battle-hardened pirate veterans of the sea to the fresh-faced newcomers, there's something for everyone in Sea of Thieves. So set sail and start your legend today.

Expanded Content That Rocks

Not only do seasons offer fresh content every few months, but there are also expansion packs (so to speak)! Game add-ons such as Seas of Thieves: A Pirate's Life takes players on all-new adventures! Set your Caribbean sails and join forces with the infamous crew of Captain Jack Sparrow and battle to save the world from other-worldly things. This thrilling original story is one of many excellent additions to the base game. So whatever your pirate fancy, there's something for everyone in Sea of Thieves.

Live A Life Destined For Folklore and Tall Tales

Sea of Thieves is an ever-evolving game, with new tales waiting to be discovered around every corner. Become Captain Jack Sparrow, traveling to unspoiled islands and living out your Disney Pirates of the Caribbean fantasy. The pirate inside of you awaits for your legacy to spread across the vast open world, where children will share tall tales of your mischievous pirate life. A pirate's life is not for everyone; do you have what it takes?

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Adventures Of A Pirate

In Sea of Thieves, being a legend is everything. Players can choose to become a pirate legend by completing daring quests and amassing vast fortunes. Or they can take on the role of a pirate hunter, seeking out the world's most notorious pirates and bringing them to justice. No matter what you choose, Sea of Thieves is a game that will let you live the life of a pirate legend. Hop aboard your pirate ship, extinguish foes, search for ancient coins, and battle curses not fit for the human world. Use your hard-earned rewards to find trading companies and unlock new riches to live your best pirate life.

Stories Of A Pirate

Sea of Thieves is full of tales of legendary pirates and their adventures. Players can find these stories by exploring the game world or speaking to other pirates in taverns. These stories provide insight into the game's many mysteries and are a great way to get to know the sea dogs of Sea of Thieves.

Battles Of A Pirate

Battles between pirate crews are a staple of Sea of Thieves. These sea-faring skirmishes can be epic in scale, with dozens of players fighting it on the high seas. These battles' winners are often decided by who has the better ship, crew, and tactics.

The Looks Of A Pirate

PiratesYour unique personal style can be on full display if you spend enough coins. In Sea of Thieves, players can customize their pirate to look however they want. There are dozens of different outfit options, hairstyles, and tattoos. CanCan also purchase individual items from the game's many vendors to help make their pirates stand out.

Freedom Of A Pirate

In Sea of Thieves, players can do whatever they want. They can explore the game world, battle other pirates, and loot islands. There are no rules or guidelines to follow so that players can make their adventures.

Sea of Thieves on Xbox Game Pass

Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which means you can play it on your Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S consoles, or PC without purchasing it separately. With Xbox Game Pass, you'll have access to over 100 games, including the latest releases and classic favorites, for one low monthly price. This is excellent news for players who want to experience the game without investing significantly.

What is the Seas of Thieves Pirate Emporium?

The Seas of Thieves Pirate Emporium is the game's microtransaction store where players can use real-world currency to purchase various pirate-themed cosmetic items. These items include ship liveries, weapons, pets, costumes, and emotes. The emporium is updated regularly with new arrivals, so pirates can always find something new to add to their collection.

What are seasons in Sea of Thieves?

Seasons are a new way of delivering content updates to Sea of Thieves. Rather than the game being updated with new features every few months, Sea of Thieves will be releasing regular seasons of content for approximately three months. Each season will bring something new to the world – such as a new type of Voyage to undertake or an entirely fresh gameplay experience – alongside organic progression and challenges designed to keep you coming back week after week.

When is Sea of Thieves Season 9 coming out?

It's not stated whether or not season 9 will be released. Season 8 was released in November, so a new season should be right around the corner -- if seasons do, in fact, last three months.

Conclusion: Sea of Thieves still has balls in its cannons

It's been five years, and Sea of Thieves is still intense. With eight seasons of pirate-packed mayhem, the game has only gotten better with age. Sea of Thieves is the perfect game for you if you're looking for a fun, pirate-themed game to play with friends. Sea of Thieves is available on consoles (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S) and PC (Windows 10, Windows 11). Check out season 8 now and enjoy amazing content while there's still time.


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