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"Exoprimal Downtime: What's Next After the Year of Thrills?"

A year after it was released, Exoprimal updates are coming to an end (Via:

Image via: - A year after it was released, Exoprimal updates are coming to an end

Capcom Announces No More Updates for Exoprimal After Current Season

Unfortunately for Exoprimal fans, Capcom has decided to end updates for the dinosaur shooter once the current season concludes.

Farewell to Frequent Updates

Remember Exoprimal? Perhaps it slipped your mind, but no worries. Just a year after its initial release, the game is winding down. Don't panic, it's not going offline, but new updates are wrapping up. According to a Capcom announcement earlier this week, after Season 4 ends on July 11, no new updates will be introduced.

A Nod to the Loyal Players

In their heartfelt message, Capcom says, "Thank you for playing Exoprimal." Post Title Update 4, all planned seasonal content will be done and dusted. Starting July 11, Season 1 will make a comeback, followed by new seasons beginning on the first of each month. Significantly, Season Passes 1-3 will be put on sale again to allow players to snag items from any season.

What’s Next in the Seasonal Lineup?

Capcom shared a short schedule detailing the seasonal gameplay. This month kicks off Season 1, followed by Season 2 in August, Season 3 in September, and so forth. The seasonal loop will continue, but no word on for how long. Being a live-service game, it's likely Exoprimal may eventually face an end date.

Events and Limited-Time Campaigns

Capcom also released a timetable for events and limited-time campaigns, which you can check out here.

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Capcom's Exoprimal: A Rollercoaster Coming to a Halt

One of the unexpected announcements in gaming news is Capcom's decision to stop updating their dinosaur shooter, Exoprimal. This quirky yet thrilling game is taking a backseat, leaving fans with one pressing question: What's next?

Exoprimal: The Dino Shooter That Could... But Didn't

It's hard to believe that just a year after its release, Exoprimal is already seeing its final updates. Capcom has confirmed that once Season 4 wraps up on July 11, new updates are a thing of the past. But hey, at least the game isn't going offline... yet.

The Update Cycle: A Never-Ending Story?

Interestingly, we won't be completely left in the dark. Starting July 11, the game's seasons will re-cycle, bringing back Season 1, followed by Seasons 2, 3, and 4, month after month. It’s like a gaming version of Groundhog Day but with dinosaurs. 🦖 Capcom has laid out a pretty clear roadmap which you can dive into here.

Is It the End? Sort of!

Seasonal content may be recycled, but don't expect any fresh new twists or updates. For dedicated players, it's a double-edged sword. The familiar content is comforting, but let’s face it, rehashed material can get old fast. I mean, who wants to see the same dino scenes more than a few dozen times?

The Silver Lining

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. The return of Seasons 1-3 means that newer players or those who missed out can still collect all the seasonal goodies they might have skipped the first time around. Not exactly the fresh content everyone was hoping for, but at least there's something to look forward to.

Gaming Industry Trends

Now, this situation isn't unique. We've seen other live-service games like Destiny 2 and Anthem walk similar paths. When considering sustainability and maintaining player interest, the gaming industry is somewhat unpredictable. So, while Exoprimal's fanfare may be winding down, it's an intriguing case study in game lifecycle management.

Moving Forward: The Future of Exoprimal and Capcom

What does Capcom's decision mean for future games? It could signify a shift in their strategy, potentially focusing on more sustainable and engaging content updates. Or, who knows, Capcom might surprise us with another off-the-wall game next year! Either way, the end of Exoprimal updates signals a change, one that both developers and players will be keenly observing.

Final Thoughts

While it's a bummer to see new content updates ending, Exoprimal had a good run. The game's unique twist on the shooter genre provided fans with thrilling, if fleeting, excitement. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for what comes next from Capcom. And if you’re an Exoprimal fan, treasure the remaining days of updates – because the only thing more fearsome than dinosaurs might be gaming FOMO!


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