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From FIFA to Madden: Sports Games On EA Play

Are you a sports enthusiast looking for quick access to the latest games? EA Play has you covered! They offer a good selection of sports games that cater to every type of gamer and sports fan. From FIFA to Madden NFL and F1, the choice of sports games is impressive.

This post will dive into the world of sports games on EA Play. We'll explore the platform, why it's an excellent choice for sports games, and what popular titles you can expect to find. We'll also talk about the gameplay features of each game so that you can make an informed decision about which one to play next.

Plus, we've added a list of sports games we hope will be added soon! So whether you're a sports fanatic or just looking for casual fun, read on to discover the exciting world of sports games on EA Play.

World Cup from FIFA 23
FIFA 23 World Cup

Sports Games on EA Play

With EA Play, gamers can get their hands on various sports games across multiple platforms. Subscription plans vary by platform and region, but no matter where you are, there's a sports game to be played. From early access to upcoming releases to exclusive content, EA Play offers a good variety for anyone interested in sports games. Whether you're a FIFA fan or a Madden NFL enthusiast, EA Play has it.

What is EA Play?

Gamers who love sports games are in for a treat with EA Play, a subscription service that offers access to various titles. At its core, EA Play provides the opportunity to play beloved franchises like FIFA and Madden. But it's more than that, too: members get discounts on other EA offerings and early access to new releases. Available on various platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, EA Play is a must-have for sports game enthusiasts looking for an immersive gaming experience.

EA Play offers more than sports games. Awesome EA Games like Battlefield 2042, The Sims 4, Need For Speed Unbound, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and Plants vs Zombies are all available. You can even play entire franchises like Dead Space and Mass Effect. Players also get discounts on in-game items for certain games, such as Apex Legends. Although it's unavailable on Nintendo Switch, EA Play is on many platforms, including Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

What are Sports Games?

Sports games are video games that simulate real-world sports like football, basketball, and soccer. These games allow players to control their favorite teams and players in a virtual environment. EA Play offers access to an extensive collection of sports games, including FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, and NHL. With millions of players worldwide competing online or against each other in local multiplayer matches, these games offer a fun way to engage with sports without leaving your home.

Why use EA Play for Sports Games?

Sports games are fun, but year by year, games like Madden or FIFA offer little change in their feature sets. Paying $70 a year for an updated roster seems outrageous. With EA Play, you can play the latest sports games for just $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year!

Is Madden included in EA Play?

As of August 2021, Madden is included in EA Play. The latest Madden game is usually available after the NFL season, and there are currently only two Madden games available on EA Play. Continue reading to find out more.

FIFA Franchise

The FIFA franchise is one of the most popular sports video game series worldwide, offering an immersive and realistic experience. From its licensed teams and players to its various gameplay modes, including a career mode and ultimate team, FIFA games continue to set the standard for sports gaming. EA Play offers new features and improvements with its annual releases each year, keeping fans returning for more.

Player celebrating a goal in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 on EA Play

Become a soccer superstar and win the FIFA World Cup. With EA Play Pro, FIFA 23 offers soccer enthusiasts an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the game before its official release. The newest edition boasts improved gameplay mechanics and updated rosters to provide gamers with a more immersive experience. Additionally, the Career Mode feature allows players to manage their teams and make crucial decisions on and off the field, ensuring that even the most discerning fan will find something to love about FIFA 23.

FIFA 22 on EA Play

With updated graphics, gameplay mechanics, and improved AI, FIFA 22 is a must-play for football fans. Players can choose their favorite team and compete in different modes, including career mode and Ultimate Team. The game also includes new features such as HyperMotion technology, which enhances player movements and animations for a more realistic experience. And the best part? EA Play subscribers can access FIFA 22 and other sports games at no additional cost.

Madden NFL Franchise

The Madden NFL franchise has established itself as a leading sports video game franchise globally, with the first game being released in 1988 as John Madden Football. With the ability to build teams, manage rosters, and compete online, Madden NFL games offer fans a unique experience. The franchise's constant updates to gameplay mechanics and features keep the game fresh, while modes like "Face of the Franchise" provide a story-driven career mode for players.

Two players trying to catch a ball in Madden 23
Madden 23

Madden NFL 23 on EA Play

Madden NFL 23 is the latest addition to the Madden NFL franchise, offering updated graphics and gameplay mechanics. The game introduces new features such as the Career mode, allowing players to create their athlete and work their way up from high school to the NFL. With enhanced AI, improved player animations, and online multiplayer modes, Madden NFL 23 delivers a dynamic football experience that will thrill casual and hardcore players alike.

Madden NFL 22 on EA Play

Madden NFL 22 on EA Play continues to offer fans the classic Madden experience they know and love. With a revamped Franchise mode, players can take control of their favorite NFL team and lead them to victory. The game also introduces new features such as Gameday Atmosphere, which enhances the game's presentation with authentic crowds and commentary. Madden NFL 22 is a must-play for football enthusiasts looking for an immersive and engaging gaming experience.

F1 Franchise

The F1 franchise is a popular addition to EA Play's sports games. Players can experience the excitement of Formula One racing with realistic graphics and gameplay. With the ability to create their own driver and compete in various modes, including career mode and multiplayer options, F1 offers a unique gaming experience. Regular updates and new content keep the game fresh and engaging for players looking for a fast-paced, high-speed adventure.

Realistic track from F1 23
F1 23 Track

F1 23 With EA Play Pro

With an EA Play Pro subscription, players can access the latest F1 game, F1 23. This installment features updated graphics, gameplay mechanics, and new tracks and cars. Players can customize their vehicles and compete in various races, from time trials to entire seasons. With different multiplayer options, including online racing against other players, F1 23 delivers an immersive and exciting Formula One racing experience.

F1 22 With EA Play

The F1 franchise on EA Play offers an unparalleled racing experience with its realistic graphics and gameplay mechanics. F1 22, the latest installment, features all official teams, drivers, and circuits from the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship. With various modes to choose from, including career mode and online multiplayer, players can tailor their racing experience to their liking. Additionally, upgraded graphics and gameplay mechanics add to the game's realism and fun factor.

Other Popular Sports Games on EA Play

Introducing a range of popular titles across various sports, EA Play offers gamers an extensive collection of sports games. From the excitement of MMA games like UFC to the challenging calm of golf, the platform offers something for everyone. With realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, EA Play's other popular sports games, such as NHL and NBA Live, are beloved by fans worldwide.

Sinking the chip in EA Sports PGA Tour
EA Sports PGA Tour

EA Sports PGA Tour

EA Sports PGA Tour is a golf simulation game that offers a realistic experience to players. With its stunning graphics and physics, players can virtually play some of the most famous courses in the world. The game also allows customization of the golfer's appearance and equipment and multiplayer modes for online competition. PGA Tour provides an exciting and immersive gameplay experience, making it a popular addition to EA Play's collection of sports games.

Player swinging her racket in AO Tennis 2
AO Tennis 2

AO Tennis 2

Playing tennis is a great way to stay active, but what if you could experience the thrill of professional tennis? AO Tennis 2 is a simulation game that allows players to create their own tennis player, compete in tournaments and improve their skills with training exercises. With realistic graphics and gameplay mechanics, including advanced ball physics and player animations, this game offers a comprehensive career mode where players can manage their schedules, sign sponsorship deals, and climb the ranks of professional tennis.

A pitcher looking shocked in Super Mega Baseball 3
Super Mega Baseball 3

Super Mega Baseball 3

Super Mega Baseball 3 is a popular sports game on EA Play that offers an arcade-style gaming experience to players. With its engaging gameplay and accessible mechanics, it's an excellent choice for casual and hardcore gamers. The game features customizable teams and players with unique abilities and stats, making every match feel fresh and exciting. Additionally, Super Mega Baseball 3 includes various modes, such as online multiplayer and a deep franchise mode for long-term play. Overall, this title offers baseball fans an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Cars competing for first place in GRID Legends
GRID Legends

GRID Legends

The unique storyline mode of GRID Legends sets it apart from other racing games. Players can create their legacy by competing in various events and challenges to become the ultimate racing champion. Plus, online multiplayer modes provide endless hours of competitive gameplay. With a wide variety of cars, tracks, and customization options, this game offers something for everyone.

Sports Games We Want To See On EA Play

With the growing popularity of sports games on EA Play, fans eagerly anticipate new additions to the platform. Including titles like NHL 23, Tap Sports Baseball 23, and UFC 4 would further enrich the gaming experience for sports enthusiasts. It's exciting to think about the potential impact these new games could have on the platform and what they could mean for future plans to expand the library.

NHL 23 (On The Play List)

Put on your skates and prepare for epic ice hockey action. NHL 23 has created a buzz among sports game enthusiasts for its updated player rosters, improved graphics, and new hockey gameplay mechanics. Fans of the NHL series can look forward to exciting new modes and features on EA Play. With EA Play, gamers can access a wide range of sports games at an affordable price, including popular franchises like FIFA, Madden, and NBA Live. Adding NHL 23 to the platform will enhance EA Play's great selection.

According to the EA Play NHL webpage, this game is available to EA Play subscribers. However, I have yet to find it on PC. It must be available to console players only.

Tap Sports Baseball 23

Adding Tap Sports Baseball 23 to EA Play would provide an exciting addition to the platform. As a popular mobile game, players manage their baseball team, featuring real MLB teams and players, customizable jerseys, and stadiums. Expanding the platform's traditional football, basketball, and soccer titles with this simple yet engaging game would cater to a broader audience of casual and hardcore gamers.

Project CARS

Project CARS is a racing simulation game that boasts unparalleled customization. With realistic tracks and vehicles, players can adjust everything from tire pressure to fuel consumption. The addition of Project CARS on EA Play would offer sports gaming fans an exciting challenge, with online races and the ability to build their own racing teams.


UFC 4, one of the most anticipated sports games on EA Play, offers players a chance to experience the intensity and excitement of mixed martial arts fighting. With its realistic fighting mechanics and diverse range of fighters, UFC 4 will surely attract casual and hardcore gamers.

UFC 4's new features, such as dynamic striking and grapple assist, make it accessible to beginners. At the same time, its career mode and online multiplayer provide endless hours of gameplay for seasoned veterans. Adding UFC 4 to the EA Play library would thus expand the platform's offerings and give players even more options for sports games to enjoy.

NBA Live 19

NBA Live 19 is a basketball game that provides players with a whole NBA experience. With realistic player movements and impressive graphics, this game offers multiple game modes. Players can develop their own custom players, improve their skills, and compete online against others. Adding NBA Live 19 to EA Play would offer more variety for sports game enthusiasts.

FIFA Street

FIFA Street is a game that has been requested by fans for years. This popular soccer game features street-style gameplay and smaller teams, allowing players to perform flashy moves and tricks that are impossible in traditional FIFA games. Adding FIFA Street to EA Play would provide sports game enthusiasts with a fresh new take on conventional soccer games, satisfying the need for diversity in gameplay options.

NFL Blitz

NFL Blitz, the classic arcade-style football game, would make an excellent addition to EA Play's lineup. With its fast-paced gameplay, exaggerated player animations, and over-the-top tackles, NFL Blitz has a dedicated following among sports gamers. Its inclusion in EA Play would be a treat for younger and older gamers looking for something fresh and exciting.


SSX is a snowboarding game that has gained quite a following in recent years. The game features intense sports gameplay and a range of courses and challenges. Adding SSX to EA Play would allow players to experience the thrill of extreme snowboarding without leaving their homes. It would also help EA expand its offerings and attract more players to its library of sports games. With its dedicated fan base, SSX could be a valuable addition to EA Play's lineup of popular sports games.

Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion is a classic boxing game released in 2011, featuring realistic graphics and physics-based gameplay. Fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting a new installment since it has not been released for ten years. Adding Fight Night Champion to EA Play would allow fans to relive the excitement of this beloved boxing game.


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