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Get Ready To Burn Rubber: An Introduction To Need for Speed Payback

The tires are hot, and rubber is burning in the deserts of Fortune City. Set in a Las Vegas-inspired open world, Need for Speed Payback is the ultimate action-driving game that takes players on a new high-speed adventure. Players get the chance to play as three unique characters who each have their distinct personalities and playstyle. Payback unleashes our inner gambler as we go through the underworld of Fortune Valley. Players are the wheelman of a getaway and need to rely on their instincts to outrun the cops and Payback the nefarious cartel. Push the pedal to the metal and take your vehicle's performance to the edge as you race through desert canyons, downtown city streets, and more. If the cops’ pursuit gets too close, players can risk it all by placing a side bet and evading danger to win big to take down "The House."

VIDEO: Need for Speed Payback Gameplay

What Happens In Fortune Valley, Stays...

Your secrets will pile up as you adventure through Need for Speed's own SIn City. Earn the respect of the valley's underground as you take on many ultimate race events. In this game, players can explore the dynamic, open world of Fortune Valley and get to know the three main characters—Jessie, Mac, and Taryn—better. In the game, players can customize their race cars with unique parts to make them perform better on the track. The game also has missions available that will highlight different aspects of race driving. The game's story revolves around the revenge of the three main characters as they race to take down "The House."

Published by

Need for Speed™ Payback is an action-packed racing game published by Electronic Arts.

Developed by

Need for Speed™ Payback is a racing video game developed by Ghost Games.

deeper performance

Release date

Need for Speed™ Payback was released on November 09, 2017.


The Stakes Are As High As Your Risk Tolerance

Prepare for an explosive adventure with insane heist missions and intense car battles. Players can put everything on the line in the game with high-stakes bets. These can result in massive payouts—but if players are unsuccessful, they could also lose it all. Cops Are on Your Tail, so drive fast and take chances. Players must stay one step ahead of the law throughout the game. This means going fast and taking risks to escape the police. The better you evade them, the higher your rewards will be. But be careful—if you're caught, you'll lose everything.

Be Your Own Driving Hero

Hit the streets with a vengeance and cruise into a new action-driving blockbuster. In Need For Speed Payback, players will get the chance to be their own action heroes. The player will use three unique characters to experience an immersive story that sends them down Fortune Valley's dark and seedy rabbit hole. There are also side missions that players can take on to earn extra rewards. These missions will test your driving skills and nerve, so be prepared for anything.

Take Down The House

The game's ultimate goal is to take down "The House." This nefarious organization controls all of the underground racing in Fortune Valley. In this corrupt gambler's paradise, betrayal is as common as a last name. The House contains everything from the city's casinos to its criminals and cops. Players must race their way to the top and become the ultimate racer to defeat them. This will not be easy, but it's worth it—especially if you want revenge on The House.

The Garage Is Your Hideout

Hide out in the garage and prepare your car to take down the biggest and baddest street racers in Fortune City. The garage is where players will be able to customize their vehicles. There are over 200 different parts that can be used to upgrade your car, so you'll have plenty of options for making your ride unique. You can also use the garage to store your different vehicles, so you'll always have a ride ready for whatever race. Build amazing rides and prepare for epic car battles in multiple distinct car classes.

SCREENSHOTS: Need For Speed Payback Gameplay Pictures

The Cop Are Mean And Super Aggressive

The return of intense cop chases feels like an action-driving fantasy. The cops are more aggressive than ever in Need for Speed Payback. They will do whatever it takes to take you down, so be prepared for the chase. If you can outrun them, you'll be able to keep your rewards. But if they catch up to you, they'll take everything away. So race smart and race fast if you want to keep what's yours.

Place A Side Bet If You're Feeling Lucky

If you feel confident about your skills, you can place a side bet before each race. This will allow you to win even more rewards if you come out on top. But be careful—if you lose, you'll forfeit your winnings. So only place a side bet if you're sure you can win. The risk-verse-reward gameplay adds a new element of excitement to racing games. You can race through the valley and take down The House by winning races and earning respect points. Alternatively, players can explore the world and find collectibles to piece together the history of underground racing in Fortune City.


Three Unique Characters

Need for Speed Payback has three unique characters in the game: Tyler Morgan, Mac McAllister, and Jess Miller. Each character is set apart by their particular style and abilities, allowing players to customize the gameplay experience to fit their preferences and skill levels. The three players have one common goal: take back the city from the cartel known as "The House."

Tyler is your guy as you play a varied and challenging world of events. Tyler is the race-car enthusiast of the group, with a love of speed that can hardly be contained. He’s determined to make his mark in high-speed racing, no matter the cost. Mac is the off-road enthusiast of the trio, with a fierce desire to conquer any challenge he sets his mind to. He’s got a devil-may-care attitude and is more than willing to take on any adventure or competition that comes his way. Finally, Jess is the street racer of the team, with a passion for speed that can’t be put down no matter what happens. She’s been through a lot of hardship in her career and has learned to balance speed and control as few others can.

With three unique characters as part of your gameplay experience, no telling which driving style will suit you best!

The Racer

Need for Speed Payback features three unique characters with their playstyles. The Racer is a versatile character who can adapt to racing conditions. The racer is the fast and agile racer of the game, perfect for intense race battles. They can boost past opponents and quickly make quick precision turns to stay ahead of the competition. The racer also has access to many cars, from lightweight sports cars to heavy tank-like off-road vehicles. Their cars can be upgraded with performance and aesthetic changes, allowing players to personalize their vehicles to suit their gameplay style.

The Wheelman

The wheelman is the muscle of the game, with a focus on robust and durable cars. They are perfect for taking down opponents with brute force, smashing through obstacles, and plowing through traffic. Wheelmen have access to a wide range of rigid and rugged cars that can take a beating and keep going. Their cars can be equipped with armor and weapons to give them an edge in battle. With their massive size and weight, wheelmen are best suited for off-road racing, where they can use their car’s strengths to their advantage.

The Showman

The showman is the striking and stylish character of the game. They focus on high-end cars that look as good as they perform. Showmen can access a wide range of luxury cars, from sleek sports cars to powerful supercars. These vehicles can be equipped with unique visual customization options to stand out from the crowd. In addition, showmen can use their car’s boost function to perform spectacular tricks and stunts that will wow the crowd. While their cars may not be the toughest or fastest, showmen are all about style and making a statement on the race track.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Need For Speed Payback on EA Play?

Yes, Need for Speed Payback is available for EA Play subscribers. With EA Play, you can race the day away and experience the ultimate Need for Speed adventure while taking advantage of the game's excellent features. As an EA Play subscriber, you can play the game and enjoy all of its game modes, including online play, customization options, and a single-player story mode. You'll also have access to exclusive discounts and rewards that aren't available to non-subscribers.

Is NFS Payback better than Heat?

There is no definite answer as to which game is better. It depends on player preference. However, some may say Payback offers more car customization options and a more protracted campaign than Heat. On the other hand, Heat has been praised for its graphics and intense, action-packed racing gameplay. If I had to choose one, I would go with Heat. Need for Speed Heat offers Day and Night racing, a larger map, and better graphics. Plus, I like the Miami scenery better than the dessert casino.

Does Need for Speed Payback have free roam?

Yes, Need for Speed Payback does have a free roam mode. Players can explore Fortune Valley and experience the story differently in the game. As they wander around the city, they can race against AI opponents, drift around corners, and discover hidden collectibles that can be used to upgrade their cars.

Players can also take advantage of a rewards system by completing challenges and activities. This feature allows you to earn new car parts and rewards even after the game’s main story has been completed. So, if you’re looking for an exciting new racing game that offers a unique free-roam experience, look no further than Need for Speed Payback!

Is NFS Payback worth it in 2023?

Yes, Need for Speed Payback is still worth it in 2023. The game was released in 2017 and has retained a large player base even after four years of its release. It offers classic racing gameplay with modern graphics and online features that keep the game fresh and exciting for players of all levels.

NFS Payback gives you a diverse lineup of cars, customization options, and intense races. Apart from the single-player campaign, the game includes various online modes like team-based events and drift battles. The game also features an engaging story with plenty of missions to complete, unique race events, and new challenges every day.

If you are looking for a new racing game with good replay value and plenty of content, then NFS Payback is worth considering. Despite being around for four years now, the game still has an active player base of over 500k players each month who enjoy the thrill of speed and action offered by the game.


Need for speed is one of the world's largest video game franchises. Need for Speed Payback packs many modern features and decent graphics. It offers a fascinating story campaign, unique race events, intense races, customization options, and online multiplayer game modes. The game also had a large player base of over 500k active players each month (not sure how many are still playing in 2023). So if you are looking for a new racing game to play in 2023, then NFS Payback is worth considering.


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