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Get Ready to Time Travel with Quantum Break on Game Pass

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Are you ready to time travel and experience a game that blurs the lines between video game and TV show? Look no further than Quantum Break, now available (again) on Game Pass. Developed by Remedy Entertainment, this third-person shooter game features unique gameplay mechanics that allow players to manipulate time to their advantage.

The storyline revolves around time travel and features a cast of talented actors who also appear in live-action episodes that play out like an interactive TV show. In this post, we'll dive into what makes Quantum Break so unique, its availability on Xbox and PC via Game Pass, and the involvement of Remedy Entertainment in its development. We'll also discuss the game's future and why Halo and Fallout fans should try it. Get ready for a wild ride through time!

What is Quantum Break?

Quantum Break is a hybrid video game created by Remedy Entertainment that combines gameplay with live-action TV episodes. It follows the story of Jack Joyce, who attempts to stop the end of time. The game was launched in 2016 and is available on Xbox One and Windows 10 / 11.

In Quantum Break, two people gain extraordinary abilities after a destructive event fractures time. One wants to control the power, while the other attempts to defeat him and fix time. With a stellar cast and a unique fusion of video game and live-action show, Quantum Break offers vivid storytelling, rich characters, and dramatic twists. Your choices in-game affect the outcome of a unique entertainment experience.

Quantum Break Gallery

Quantum Break on Game Pass

Become a TV action sensation in Quantum Break on Game Pass. Developed by Remedy Entertainment, this unique third-person shooter lets players manipulate time as they follow Jack Joyce's journey to save the world from certain doom. With a good blend of action, sci-fi, and storytelling, fans of Halo and Fallout will be thrilled by this game. With Game Pass, subscribers can play on Xbox One and enjoy the outcome of this fast-paced fusion of gameplay and live-action TV episodes.

Also, on PC Game Pass

In addition to Xbox One, Quantum Break is also available on PC Game Pass. Players can explore the game's time-bending mechanics and thrilling storyline on their computers. With Game Pass, it's easier than ever to access this unique video game and live-action TV show hybrid. Don't miss out on this unforgettable gaming experience!

Gameplay Mechanics

Quantum Break on Game Pass offers gamers a unique experience with innovative gameplay mechanics. Players can control time powers allowing them to outmaneuver their rivals and quickly solve puzzles. This third-person shooter from Remedy Entertainment also features dynamic combat scenarios that perfectly blend gunplay and time manipulation abilities for hours of immersive gameplay. The game's live-action TV show is crafted to vividly portray the outcome of this fast-paced fusion, resulting in a unique entertainment experience for subscribers on Xbox or PC Game Pass.

PRO TIP: Quantum Break's time manipulation is much more thrilling when played with a controller!

Lance Reddick Live-Action Quantum Break
Lance Reddick

Time Travel Storyline

Experience an extraordinary journey through time with Quantum Break! This third-person shooter video game is available on Xbox and PC via Game Pass. With a mix of gameplay mechanics such as time powers and combat abilities, players can take advantage of their surroundings to solve puzzles or defeat enemies. The game's storyline involves time travel, choices in-game, and live-action episodes featuring actors like Shawn Ashmore (Paul Serene) and Aidan Gillen (Jack Joyce). Don't miss out on this unique entertainment experience!

Remedy Entertainment Involvement

Remedy Entertainment is well known for its storytelling abilities. And with Quantum Break, they have once again outdone themselves. The game's narrative features an intricate web of time travel, alternate realities, and quantum mechanics that will keep you engaged for hours on end.

The live-action TV show segments are seamlessly integrated into the gameplay, providing a unique and immersive experience that only Remedy Entertainment can deliver. The game also boasts breathtaking visuals and a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack to complement its gripping storyline. Get your hands on Quantum Break on Game Pass today.

Xbox and PC Compatibility

Gamers can now enjoy a unique entertainment experience with Quantum Break on Xbox Game Pass. This time-bending action-adventure game from Remedy Games incorporates live-action TV episodes into gameplay, letting players manipulate time and make choices in-game that impact the outcome of this fast-paced fusion.

With impressive graphics, availability on both Xbox One and PC, cross-save functionality, and high-quality storytelling by Remedy Entertainment, Quantum Break is perfect for subscribers seeking new games to play.

Future of Quantum Break

It's been seven years since this game has released; it's probably due for a sequel, right? Unfortunately, Quantum Break 2 won't be happening any time soon. Remedy has been wrapping up production on Alan Wake 2 and is currently working on two more Control games. It would be exciting to experience a sequel to Quantum Break, but for now, fans must settle for enjoying the original game on Game Pass.

With its intricate storyline and innovative gameplay mechanics, Quantum Break is sure to remain a fan favorite for years to come. Maybe Remedy will surprise us with a sequel announcement sooner than we think. But until then, let's relive the excitement of the original game and see where its time-bending plot takes us.

Halo and Fallout Fans Rejoice

Quantum Break offers a unique entertainment experience fit for fans of Halo and Fallout. It combines immersive action gameplay with live-action show elements that help build its detailed universe—developed by the studio behind Max Payne and Alan Wake games while using innovative time manipulation powers for an even more immersive experience.

Players can even make choices in-game that impact the outcome of this fast-paced fusion. Halo fans will appreciate the sci-fi elements of the game. Fallout fans can enjoy the post-apocalyptic undertones and the game's ability to blur the lines between reality and fiction.

Did Quantum Break leave Game Pass?

Quantum Break left Game Pass on April 04, 2023, but returned on April 27, 2023, after addressing some licensing concerns. It is now available for subscribers to enjoy once again.

Is Quantum Break only on Xbox?

While Quantum Break was initially exclusive to Xbox, it is now accessible on PC through the Microsoft Store and Steam. Game Pass members can play the game on either platform. However, it is unavailable on other consoles like PlayStation or Nintendo Switch.


Quantum Break is a mind-bending, time-traveling adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat. With its inclusion in Game Pass, fans can now experience this immersive game at no additional cost. The gameplay mechanics are top-notch, allowing players to manipulate time and engage in intense combat easily. The storyline is equally impressive, weaving together time travel and science fiction elements into a compelling narrative.

It's no surprise that Remedy Entertainment was involved in the creation of Quantum Break - their track record for producing high-quality games speaks for itself. And with Xbox and PC compatibility, gamers can enjoy Quantum Break on whichever platform they prefer. As for the future of Quantum Break? We're excited to see where this franchise goes next. If you're a fan of Halo or Fallout, this game is worth checking out - so why not try it and see where your time-traveling adventures take you?


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