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The Grounded Super Duper Update: New Creatures, Base Coziness, and More!

Get ready for the Grounded Super Duper Update! This update is packed with exciting features that bring hours of entertainment value to the game. I will give you an overview of Grounded and what you can expect from this latest update. I'll also dive into the new creatures, including the terrifying wasps, and show you how to make your base feel at home with the base coziness feature.

Additionally, I will cover the crafting galore aspect of the game, where more than 100 new items have been added to the craft. Lastly, I will explore how you can now play Grounded on the go, as it's now available on Steam Deck. So buckle up and get ready to enjoy a thrilling gaming experience this April with the Grounded Super Duper Update!

VIDEO: Grounded Super Duper Update 1.2

Introduction to the Grounded Super Duper Update

As players of Grounded eagerly awaited the next update, the Super Duper Update did not disappoint. The Grounded Super Duper Update delivers on its promise to enhance player enjoyment and immersion. With new creatures and base-building options, this update takes the gameplay to a new level. Not only that but adding new game modes and bug fixes ensures a more seamless experience for players. Grounded is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Steam Deck. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can enjoy Grounded at no extra cost.

Grounded Super Duper Update 1.2
Grounded Super Duper Update 1.2

What is Grounded?

In Grounded, players find themselves shrunk to the size of insects and must navigate a dangerous backyard world filled with threats. Released on September 27, 2022, the game offers an immersive survival experience that challenges players to scavenge for resources, build shelter, and fend off dangerous creatures. With the Super Duper Update, the game expands upon its already thrilling gameplay with new creatures, crafting recipes, and base-building options. Improve the coziness level of your home base, find hidden duper discs, or battle the wasp queen in the latest update for Grounded.

Overview of the Super Duper Update

Xbox Game Studios and Obsidian Entertainment have released a new free update. The Grounded Super Duper Update brings a wealth of new additions to the game. This massive update brings many quality-of-life changes, new craftable items, a new armor set, new emotes, and much more.

With new creatures like the Bombardier Beetle and the Firefly, players will have even more challenges to face in their backyard adventures. But it's not all danger and excitement - the base building has been taken to a new level with the addition of cozy furniture and decorative items like flower beds. These new features will allow players to create a safe and comfortable home in creative mode. Plus, you don't have to do it alone - the handy gnat can help build with you. And with bug fixes and performance improvements included in the update, now is the perfect time to jump back into the world of Grounded.

Super Duper Features

The Grounded Super Duper Update delivers a range of exciting features that will keep players invested in the game for hours on end. One of the most significant additions to the game is the new creatures. Players can now face off against boss creatures and dangerous insects like the Broodmother, Bombardier Beetle, and Firefly. The update also includes new weapons and tools to help you survive in this treacherous backyard world. In addition to these remarkable creatures, players can enjoy new base-building features that allow them to make their shelter more comfortable and personalized, adding an extra layer of immersion to the game. The graphics have also been improved, making everything look even more enticing. And with bug fixes included in this update, players can expect an even smoother experience.

Fighting a wasp from the Grounded Super Duper Update
Grounded: The Wasp Nest

New Creatures: Meet the Terrifying New Wasps

The most terrifying addition to this update is the new wasps that have invaded the yard. In this perilous world, players must confront dangerous creatures to stay alive. The game introduces a new level of challenge and excitement with killer bees and a threatening wasp nest. Make your way through mini hives in the upper yard as you buzz your way to the hidden main nest. Once inside the wasp nest, players will fight the wasp queen to reclaim the yard.

New crafting and base building in Grounded
Grounded: Base Coziness

Base Coziness: Make Your Home Feel Like Home

The Base Coziness system is a new feature that adds a personal touch to the game. It allows players to customize their base with furniture and decorations, making their in-game home cozy and comfortable. With various options available, players can choose from items such as sofas, chairs, tables, lamps, rugs, paintings, and plants to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Apart from aesthetic value, the brand new Base Coziness feature provides gameplay benefits like increasing character happiness and mental health. A happy character is essential for surviving the game's challenges and staying sane in adversity.

The new Super Duper Item Duplicator from the game Grounded
Grounded: Super Duper Item Duplicator

Super Duper (Item Duplication Machine)

The Super Duper machine is a game-changer for players who want to gather resources and build their bases quickly. While it requires a lot of resources to make, including obsidian and Redstone, it enables the duplication of various items like diamonds, emeralds, and iron ingots using raw science. The machine could be more novice-friendly as it requires high technical knowledge to operate effectively. Despite its complexity, the Super Duper remains a popular tool among players looking for a shortcut to success. With this machine, you can increase your efficiency and build efficiently.

Crafting Galore

Crafting is a crucial aspect of gameplay in Grounded, and the Super Duper Update builds upon this with over 100 new items to craft. Players can craft essential items and enhance their bases with new crafting recipes. These new additions may require unique materials or specific crafting requirements, encouraging players to explore the world and experiment with different combinations of materials to create useful tools, weapons, and cozy furnishings. New and experienced players alike, the update offers something for everyone to enjoy and customize their experience in this tiny world.

More Than 100 New Items to Craft

Crafting enthusiasts have reason to celebrate with the new Grounded Super Duper update, which introduces over a hundred new items to craft. From copper and amethyst to lightning rods, the update offers a wide range of crafting options that can be explored for hours on end. These new materials enable players to create unique tools, weapons, and decorative items that can be used to personalize their base like never before. Additionally, telescopes and spyglasses allow players to explore their world from a fresh perspective, making crafting an essential part of the gameplay experience.

Grounded on the Go

The Grounded Super Duper Update makes it easier to take the game on the go. With new mobile-friendly features and cross-save functionality between Xbox and PC devices, players can enjoy their favorite survival game wherever they are. This update also includes bug fixes and performance improvements for a smoother gaming experience, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to get lost in the wilderness without leaving their couch. Whether you're playing at home or on the go, Grounded will offer hours of entertainment and excitement.

Grounded is verified on Steam Deck
Grounded on Steam Deck

Now Available on Steam Deck

Grounded is now more mobile-friendly than ever, with the latest update making it available on the official Steam Deck support list. Players can immerse themselves in the unique gameplay experience and explore the world of Grounded like never before. With new creatures, resources, and crafting options to discover, players can team up with friends in multiplayer mode or go solo and survive on their own. Thanks to its cross-save functionality between Xbox and PC devices, players can switch seamlessly between platforms and keep their progress intact. So why wait? Grab your Steam Deck and get ready to shrink down to ant-size and embark on an exciting adventure!


The game got even more exciting with the Grounded Super Duper Update. With new creatures like wasps and features like base coziness and item duplication machines, players can now enjoy a much richer gaming experience. The update also comes with over 100 new items to craft, allowing players to explore their creativity. And if you're always on the go, you'll be pleased to know that the game is now available on Steam Deck. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Grounded and experience all it has to offer!


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