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GTA Vice City's Mobile Revival on Netflix Takes You Back To The 80s

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

The rhythmic beat of 80s synth-pop sets the stage as I revisit the neon-drenched streets of Vice City, a digital playground of excess and adventure. Available now through the Netflix app on Android and iOS devices, GTA Vice City – Definitive Edition is a nostalgic time warp for those of us who reveled in its original glory, and a fresh thrill for newcomers. This game is more than just a title; it's a piece of cultural history.

Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition - Netflix login - Start screen
GTA Vice City Start Screen - Android

Navigating the Neon Jungle: How to Access Vice City

Launching Vice City through the Netflix app is a seamless affair. Forget the clunky cartridges or discs; a Netflix subscription and a smartphone or tablet are all you need. A simple tap on the "Games" tab, and there it is: Tommy Vercetti's world, ready to be conquered all over again. The download and installation process is swift, turning your mobile device into a gateway to the past.

A Modern Coat of Paint on an 80s Themed Masterpiece

In its Definitive Edition, GTA IV: Vice City is a remastered marvel. The visual enhancements breathe new life into the city, from the shimmering lights of Ocean Drive to the infamous Malibu Club. The controls have been brilliantly adapted for touchscreen, with intuitive context-sensitive commands. For those craving a more traditional feel, Bluetooth controller compatibility offers a slice of the console experience. One of my favorite features is the cloud saves, which not only allows you to continue on other devices, it also takes you to a safe house to save without needing to walk/drive back (big time saver)!

GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Controls settings for driving - Steering type, Slider, Movement, modern
Toch screen driving control settings in GTA Vice City on Android

The Undying Charm of Vice City

Playing Vice City on Netflix is akin to flipping through an old photo album, each mission evoking memories of a different time. From the iconic opening sequence to Tommy's first steps on the streets, the game retains its core essence, while the mobile platform adds a novel twist. The convenience of diving into Vice City during a commute, or a quick break, showcases the timeless appeal of Rockstar's creation.

The sprinting feels overpowered, but in a good way. The health tokens lying around the city are needed to restore health, adding a classic arcade element. And not being able to swim is something I forgot existed, since most games these days allow swimming with ease.

The GTA Vice City accessibility menu, where cheat codes and other in game accessibility options can be adjusted
Accessibility menu - Cheat codes can be entered here

GTA Vice City Cheat Codes - Netflix Version

The joy of cheat codes is alive and well in this edition. Whether you're spawning a tank or flying cars, these codes add an extra layer of fun to the Vice City experience. The mobile version has adapted these well, ensuring that the cheat-fueled chaos we loved remains a key part of the gameplay.

To access the cheat codes menu, press the map in the top-left corner of the screen. From there, head to the accessibility menu option, that's the last option at the top right. Once on the accessibility screen, you will see an option labeled "Enter Cheat Codes." This is your ticket to total mayhem!

If you want to deactivate a cheat, simply re-enter the code through the cheat codes menu. Be careful with entering too many codes at once. You may forget what's activated AND it could cause some major performance issues. Head over to our GTA Vice City Cheat Codes YouTube video to see some of these in action.

The list below has been tested by me (some of them, anyway):

Cheat Code

Detailed Description


Changes all vehicles in the game to pink, adding a fun twist.


Sets the in-game weather to sunny, enhancing the game's atmosphere.


Spawns a Hunter attack helicopter, perfect for aerial missions.


Creates overcast weather, adding a somber tone to the city.


Fully restores your character's health instantly.


Spawns a Golf Caddy, ideal for leisurely travel in the game.


Instantly explodes nearby vehicles, causing widespread chaos.


Slows down the entire game, making actions more dramatic.


Changes the weather to foggy, reducing visibility significantly.


Sets the weather to stormy, creating a dynamic and wet environment.


Arms all female NPCs with weapons, making the city more dangerous.


Enables cars to fly, adding an entirely new dimension to travel.


Makes your character irresistibly attractive to female NPCs.


Causes pedestrians to riot, leading to chaos on the streets.


Spawns an airplane, allowing for quick and thrilling air travel.


Transforms your character into Mercedes.


Spawns a faster variant of the Hotring Racer for high-speed pursuits.


Spawns a Sabre Turbo, a fast and stylish vehicle for street racing.


Spawns a Bloodring Racer, suitable for competitive racing events.


Spawns an even faster variant of the Hotring Racer.


Makes all traffic lights green, reducing road traffic jams.


Greatly improves all vehicle handling, offering better control.


Instantly kills your character, useful for quick restarts.


Transforms your character into Candy Suxxx.


Turns all vehicles black, giving the city a more uniform look.


Lowers your wanted level, reducing police attention.


Speeds up the game clock, making in-game time pass faster.


Increases the size of wheels on some vehicles for a unique look.


Transforms your character into Lance Vance.


Increases overall traffic density, making the streets busier.


Transforms your character into Ken Rosenberg.


Makes all pedestrians hostile towards you, increasing danger.


Grants a selection of heavy weaponry, ideal for intense firefights.


Speeds up gameplay, making every action quicker and more hectic.


Arms all pedestrians, increasing the potential for chaos.


Spawns a Rhino tank, perfect for causing destruction.


Fully replenishes your character's body armor for added protection.


Provides a set of advanced weaponry for more firepower.


Spawns the Love Fist limousine, a stylish ride for the city.


Spawns a Trashmaster garbage truck, ideal for unconventional travel.


Allows cars to drive on water, opening up new areas to explore.


Equips your character with basic weaponry for self-defense.


Spawns a Bloodring Banger, suitable for rough-and-tumble driving.


Transforms your character into another Love Fist character.


Makes all vehicles invisible except for their wheels.


Increases your wanted level, intensifying police pursuits.

Each cheat code adds a unique twist to the gameplay, enhancing the fun and versatility of "GTA Vice City." Remember, using cheat codes can affect the game progress, so use them wisely!

Immersive Gameplay on New Generation Devices

The transition of "Vice City" to new generation devices like the iPhone, iPad, and high-end Android tablets is nothing short of remarkable. The graphics are a significant leap from the original game, with details and textures that make the world feel more alive.

The neon lights of the 1980s Vice City are more vivid, the sunsets more breathtaking, and the character animations more fluid. This enhanced visual fidelity makes the experience of reliving Tommy's story in the sprawling metropolis an absolute visual feast.

Connecting with the Past: Controller Compatibility

For those who crave the feel of a console controller, the Definitive Edition on Netflix's mobile platform supports Bluetooth controllers. This feature bridges the gap between mobile gaming and the traditional console experience. The tactile feedback of a controller, the precision of joystick movements, and the familiarity of button layouts enhance the gameplay, especially for those who remember playing the original game with a PlayStation or Xbox controller in hand.

Touchscreen controls being used to run in GTA Vice City
Running in GTA Vice City using touch controls

Vice City: A Tale of Two Eras

The narrative of "Vice City" remains untouched, a testament to the compelling storytelling of Rockstar Games. For those who played the original game on consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox, or even on PC, the story of Tommy Vercetti's rise in the criminal underworld is familiar territory. However, experiencing this saga on a mobile platform like an iPad or Android tablet offers a new perspective.

The blend of the original game's plot with modern-day gaming technology creates a unique juxtaposition, allowing us to appreciate how far gaming has evolved since the early 2000s.

The Soundtrack of a Decade

No discussion of "Vice City" is complete without mentioning its iconic soundtrack. The music is a character in itself, encapsulating the spirit of the 1980s. As you cruise down the streets of Vice City, the tunes from various radio stations like Wave 103 and Emotion 98.3 set the mood and immerse you in the era. The Definitive Edition maintains this auditory nostalgia, ensuring that every beat, from power ballads to synth-pop hits, resonates with the player, creating an experience that's both familiar and fresh.

Reflecting on the Legacy: Vice City in the Context of the Trilogy

"Vice City" is part of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy, a collection that also includes "San Andreas" and "GTA III." Each game in the trilogy has its unique flavor, but "Vice City" stands out for its vibrant portrayal of the 1980s. As part of this collection on Netflix, it offers a comprehensive look at the evolution of the GTA series. Players can experience the growth in storytelling, gameplay mechanics, and graphical advancements across these titles, making the trilogy a valuable addition to any gamer's collection.

Vice City Today: A Game Beyond Its Time

As I play "Vice City" on my Pixel phone in December 2023, I can't help but marvel at how a game from two decades ago still holds up in today's gaming landscape. The Definitive Edition does more than just revive an old classic; it ensures that the game remains relevant and enjoyable for today's audience. Whether you're reliving your gaming past or discovering Vice City for the first time, the game offers an experience that transcends its era.

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

In conclusion, "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Definitive Edition" on Netflix is more than a mere port of a classic game to mobile devices. It's a celebration of gaming history, a nod to the progress of technology, and a testament to the timeless nature of a well-crafted world. Whether you're playing on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, Vice City invites you to lose yourself in its neon-lit streets, to explore a world of excess, and to create new memories in a city that has stood the test of time.

So, if you're a Netflix member with a love for gaming, download the app, and step into the world of Vice City. Whether you're sporting pastel suits or lounging in your casual wear, Vice City’s digital streets await your return, ready to offer new adventures or rekindle old passions.


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