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How To Play Rumbleverse: A Beginner's Guide

Welcome To Rumbleverse!

Attention all Fortnite fans! There's a new game in town that feels like a bootleg version of Fornite. But it's much more than a knock-off; it's a fun game that's easy to pick up and play.

The game is Rumbleverse, a battle royale-style wrestling game from Iron Galaxy and Epic Games that adds a new twist to the battle royale genre. Take on 39 other players and wrestle your way to victory in a diverse open-world city called Grapital City. Rumbleverse offers many customization options that allow you to make your player unique and exciting. Show off your pimped-out wrestler and use each match as a chance to prove you're the best wrestler the Rumbleverse has ever seen. You'll be number 1 in no time -- unless I'm in the match! If you're not entirely confident, use these eight tips in our beginner's guide to help improve your skills.

VIDEO: How To Play Rumbleverse

Tip #1: Keep Moving

rumbleverse keep moving
Rumbleverse Tip: Keep Moving

What if a football player had the ball and decided not to run with it? He would probably get hit hard and not score any points. The most important thing in battle royale games is to keep moving. You want to avoid being caught in the open by another player, so always be on the move. If you're standing still, you're a sitting duck. New players often like to hide and wait out the storm, but moving is the safer play. Plus, you can learn from other players that you run into. What will you learn sitting behind a dumpster in an alley, camped out like a vacation?

Tip #2: Use Combos

rumbleverse use combos
Rumbleverse Tip: Use Combos

You know those tasty pretzel snacks with the cheese in the middle? Those won't help you win the game, but attack combos will. Combos are crucial in battle royale games. By stringing together a series of moves, you can do a lot more damage to your opponents. Learn the different combos available to you and use them often.

Tip #3: Attack and Get Stars

rumbleverse get stars
Rumbleverse Tip: Get Stars

Collecting stars and attacking other wrestlers helps build up your stamina and go into superstar mode. Without stamina, your character is vulnerable to getting attacked and not having enough energy to defend themselves. Superstar mode can be a lifesaver, allowing you to land a punishing blow to your opponent. It can also help you counter a possibly painful attack. Use melee and weapons to build up to superstar mode quickly.

Tip #4: Use Your Pockets

rumbleverse use your pockets
Rumbleverse Tip: Use Your Pockets

Put your phone in your pocket because it will only distract you from being the best wrestler to enter the Rumbleverse since McScratchey (that's me). Break crates and collect loot to give yourself an edge. Use your virtual Rumbleverse pockets to store those items and use them in the heat of battle. From golf clubs to protein shakes, there's tons of loot to collect. There are only four pockets, so choose wisely when saving an item. Of course, you can always swap an item later if you don't like what you have.

Tip #5: Books and Perks

rumbleverse books and perks
Rumbleverse Tip: Books and Perks

Books are great! Have you read one lately? Yea, me neither. The books in Rumbleverse are worth checking out. They contain magic spells that give you extra powers and let you attack in new ways! Train your wrestler using books and hold up to two special moves at a time. Use those power-ups to land a potential K.O. to any nearby foe.

Tip #6: Don't Climb Too High

rumbleverse don't climb too high
Rumbleverse Tip: Don't Climb Too High

If you're on the rooftop of a skyscraper standing there like Batman, you better watch your back. One punch to the back of the head, and you're in for a long fall to K.O. land. Climbing up buildings can have an advantage, but don't go up to high if you're a beginner. Without the ability to fight the way a more experienced player does, a building only makes it easier for a better player to bring you more pain. Practice attacking combatants on the ground until you can manage brawling in tighter quarters.

Tip #7: Recharge Stamina

rumbleverse recharge stamina
Rumbleverse Tip: Recharge Stamina

Use the block to recharge stamina! It's really important. You need the stamina to run, climb, jump and attack. Without it, you're just a punching bag that will make some other player very happy. Keep an eye on your stamina and recharge by holding the block button. If your stamina is low, dodge other players until you can recharge it.

Tip #8: Be Patient and Avoid Big Fights

rumbleverse be patient
Rumbleverse Tip: Be Patient

In the first tip, I said to keep moving. That holds true most of the time, but there are moments when you are better off grabbing a bag of chips and a soda and sitting back to enjoy the show. Watch three or four other players pound it out and wait for your moment to step in and finish the last guy off. Patience has helped me many times, and it will also help you as well.

Bonus Tip: Customize Your Character

This won't make you a better player, but it will make you stand out. Once you get good enough, other players will need to recognize you. Make your brawler unique by unlocking new gear in-game or using Brawlla bills to buy cosmetics. Brawlla bills can be purchased with real money and used to buy special gear that will make your character look awesome. With these tips in mind, Rumbleverse should be a little easier to navigate. Practice and learn the ropes before taking on the more experienced players. Customizing your character will also help you stand out and make it easier for other players to remember who you are.

Keep practicing and you'll be great in no time!

Rumbleverse is an exciting brawler royale game that keeps players busy for hours. It's free to play and is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and PC. The December 20th Season 2 expansion for Rumbleverse offers more chaos and mayhem. With the help of this ultimate beginner's guide, a little time, and luck, you'll brawl your way to victory in no time. If you still need help and want to practice more, check out Playground Mode. Playground mode offers interactive tutorials and allows players to hone their skills before entering Solo mode or Duos mode. Best of luck out there!


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