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The Beginner's Guide to Dominating Pet Simulator X

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Are you ready to become the ultimate pet master in Pet Simulator X? Level up your gameplay and dominate the game like never before! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through all the tips, tricks, and strategies you need to know to excel in Pet Simulator X.

From a quick start guide that introduces you to the game and its mechanics to insider secrets on how to trade and acquire huge pets, we've got you covered. We'll also reveal the codes that can give you an extra edge in the game, including both active codes and expired ones.

Whether you're a seasoned player looking for codes or a newbie seeking guidance, this beginner's guide has everything you need to get started. So grab your virtual pets and prepare to embark on an epic adventure in Pet Simulator X!

A cartoon pets cover art photo generated by Mid Journey
Pet Sim X According To MidJourney

Pet Simulator X Quick Start Guide

Ready to dominate the world of Pet Simulator X without breaking a sweat? Let's start your journey to becoming a pet master! Discover the ins and outs of the game, from collecting and hatching eggs for your adorable companions to training them and leveling up their stats.

Embark on exciting quests, explore new areas, and unlock a variety of pets. Make smart choices with your in-game currency upgrades, and watch for special events and challenges to snag exclusive rewards. It's time to conquer the Pet Simulator X kingdom and become a legend!

Don't forget to check out the exclusive shop to get your paws on some incredible items! New and experienced players will appreciate the benefits of owning exclusive items.

What Is Pet Simulator X?

Pet Simulator X (PSX) is one of Roblox's top-rated virtual pet games. Developed by Big Games Pets, players can collect and evolve different pets in this game, increasing their strength and abilities. With various worlds, quests, challenges, trading options, and battling features, Pet Simulator X offers an engaging and interactive gaming experience. Basically, it's a Pokémon x Roblox mash-up.

A screenshot of Trading In Pet Simulator X
Trading In Pet Simulator X

How To Trade In Pet Simulator X?

To trade in Pet Simulator X:

  1. Go to the Trading Plaza, then click the trade button to open the trading menu.

  2. Choose pets and select a player to trade with.

  3. Use the chat feature to discuss trade terms.

  4. When both players agree, confirm and complete the transaction.

Trading Pets in Pet Simulator X

How To Get Huge Pets In Pet Simulator X?

Collect and hatch eggs to obtain huge pets in Pet Simulator X. Higher-tier eggs increase the likelihood of rare or huge pets. Spend gems or game currency to buy better eggs from the shop for better chances. Take advantage of game events and promotions to boost your odds. Or, if you want to spend the cash to get special pets, buy plushies on Amazon. Make sure the plushie includes the DLC tag!

How To Get To Tech World In Pet Simulator X?

To access Tech World in Pet Simulator X:

  1. Go to Spawn World and collect enough coins to unlock "Glacier."

  2. Once in Glacier, look to the left; there will be a treasure chest and a cannon that takes you to Tech World.

  3. Once in the Tech World, you can buy the elusive "Tech Hoverboard" to speed your way through different worlds. Make sure you're in hardcore mode before attempting to unlock the hoverboard.

A screenshot of tech world from pet simulator x
Tech World

All Pet Simulator X Codes List

Looking to dominate the game? Get ready for some pet simulator X action! We have all the secret codes you need to level up and unlock the best rewards. These codes will give you the edge you need, from free diamonds to coin boosts.

Active Pet Simulator X Codes (November 2023)

Tired of the grind and looking for some freebies in the popular game Pet Simulator X? You're out of luck! There are currently no active codes as of November 14, 2023. Come back soon to see if new PSX codes have been activated. In the meantime, ensure you're at least basic rank to redeem these codes.

Expired Pet Simulator X Codes

Below are all the inactive and expired game codes for Pet Simulator X:

  • 1billion - 5 Triple Coin Boosts

  • 1Mfollowers - 5 Triple Coin Boosts

  • 1mplus300k - 2 Ultra Lucky Boosts

  • 404roblox - 8 Triple Coin Boosts

  • 700kDiamonds - 25,000 Diamonds

  • alienpets - 2 Ultra Lucky Boosts

  • anothertriple - 2 Triple Coin Boosts

  • Back2Back - 8,000 Diamonds

  • bandsundrbidn - 30,000 Diamonds

  • big1234 - Triple Coin Boost

  • blamedavid - Triple Coin Boost

  • Clouds - 2 Triple Coin Boosts

  • DiscordDiamonds - 10,000 Diamonds

  • Easy125k - Super Lucky Boost

  • easyboosts - Triple Coin Boost

  • EzDiamonds150k - 10,000 Diamonds

  • FreeDiamonds0 - 5,000 Diamonds

  • halfamillion - 10,000 Diamonds + 3 Triple Damage Boosts

  • happyholidays - 3 Triple Coin Boosts

  • happysaturday11 - 3 Triple Coin Boosts

  • im2lucky - 3 Ultra Lucky Boosts

  • its1million - 100,000 Diamonds

  • Lucky50k - Super Lucky Boost

  • morecodes3 - Ultra Lucky Boost

  • MoreCoins180k - Triple Coin Boost

  • morecoins4u - 2 Triple Coin Boosts

  • plaid1234 - Triple Coin Boost

  • pumpkin333 - 20,000 Diamonds

  • Release - 1,000 Diamonds

  • santapaws - 3 Triple Coin Boosts

  • sorry4thewait - Triple Coin Boost

  • steampunkpets - 25,000 Diamonds

  • Super25k - 5,000 Diamonds

  • SuperUltra1 - Ultra Lucky Boost

  • tonsofcoins - 3 Triple Coin Boosts

  • Triple800 - Triple Coin Boost

  • Triple80k - Triple Coin Boost

  • TripleCoins999 - Triple Coin Boost

  • Ultra225k - Ultra Lucky Boost

  • Underworld - 13,000 Diamonds

  • VoiceChat - 2 Triple Coin Boosts

  • xmas - 5,000,000 Gingerbread

  • yaydiamonds2 - 50,000 Diamonds

Pet Simulator X FAQ

Some common questions have been answered. The rest are possibly a mystery.

How to Redeem Pet Simulator X Codes?

Redeeming codes in Pet Simulator X is easy. Visit the game's website or social media platforms for active codes. In the game, click on the Twitter icon and enter your code in the textbox. Enjoy free diamonds, coin boosts, or a new sidekick. Check your inventory for surprises, and stay tuned for new codes to enhance your Pet Simulator X experience.

How to Get More Pet Simulator X Codes

Ready to level up your pet collection in Pet Simulator X? Unlock more pets and goodies with these awesome tips. Dive into the world of Pet Simulator X and get new pets, coin boosts, and free diamonds. Crush the game with expert strategies and dominate the pet simulator series. Upgrade your pet game now!

Why Aren't My Pet Simulator X Codes Working?

If you're having trouble with Pet Simulator X codes, ensure that you're entering them accurately, paying attention to capitalization and punctuation. Verify if the codes are still valid or expired. Additionally, some codes may only function on particular servers or game versions. If the issue persists, contact the game's developers or support team for further assistance.

Is Pet Simulator X From Roblox?

Pet Simulator X is a popular game with over 3 million players in Roblox. It offers exciting features, endless possibilities, and a virtual pet paradise. Players can discover codes that unlock rewards and enhance their gameplay.


In conclusion, Pet Simulator X is an exciting game that allows players to collect pets, earn rewards, and explore a virtual pet paradise. By redeeming codes, players can unlock free diamonds, coin boosts, and new sidekicks. If you're having trouble with codes, double-check your input and ensure they are still valid. Stay tuned for new codes to enhance your gaming experience. Enjoy leveling up your pet collection and dominating the game with expert strategies!

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