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Microsoft's Brilliant Strategy: Kill the Hit Game, Ignore Your Own Advice

Microsoft has once again made a move that's leaving many scratching their heads in disbelief. They've shot themselves in the foot with a decision so baffling it raises questions about their internal decision-making process.

The Hi-Fi Rush Saga

Remember Hi-Fi Rush? That surprise rhythm-action hit that blew everyone away with its creativity, style, and sheer fun? Well, guess what? Microsoft just shut down Tango Gameworks, its developer, right after they pitched a sequel. Brilliant timing, guys.

But hey, this gets even better. Remember how Microsoft was talking recently about how they need smaller games that bring "prestige and awards"? You know, the kind of game Hi-Fi Rush was? Apparently, that was just hot air.

A Company in Disarray?

Honestly, what is even going on over at Xbox? It's like they have a handbook on how to make the worst possible decisions. One day they're saying one thing, then doing the exact opposite. Did someone forget to take their meds?

This isn't just a bad move; it's straight-up disrespectful to the talented folks at Tango Gameworks. They delivered a hit when Microsoft desperately needed one, and this is their reward? It also makes you wonder if any smaller, creative project is safe under this leadership.


Microsoft, you have some serious explaining to do. This whole fiasco paints a picture of a company with no clear direction, no respect for its developers, and an uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry, but one thing's for sure: this move is baffling, frustrating, and a major disappointment for gamers who crave innovation.


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