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PlayStation Portal: A Controller with a Screen

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

You have a controller and you have a screen, but what if you could fit both in your hands and walk around the house with it?

Say hello to the PlayStation Portal remote player, the device that lets you trip over the dog and fall down stairs while you game! It's like having a mini-TV in your hands.

In this post, we'll take a closer look at the PlayStation Portal, how it works, and all the cool features that come with it. We'll also compare it with similar devices and tell you everything you need to know about its release date, pricing, and availability.

Put Your PS5 In The Palm Of Your Hand
PlayStation Portal Remote Player

What is the PlayStation Portal?

The Playstation Portal is a unique controller Sony designed with a built-in screen. This innovative device gives gamers a more immersive gaming experience by directly providing additional visual information or interactive elements on the controller.

The PlayStation Portal also introduces Sony's proprietary PlayStation Link wireless technology, which promises to deliver lossless, lag-free audio. This means that gamers can enjoy high-quality wireless audio without delays or interruptions. It also means there's no Bluetooth. Bummer!

Sony's new Pulse Explore wireless earbuds will launch later this year, featuring the same proprietary wireless connectivity standard as the PlayStation Portal.

Features of PlayStation Portal remote player controller

The Dualsense controller offers precise control and adaptive triggers, taking your gaming skills to the next level. And guess what? No need for a TV because this controller comes with its own built-in screen, perfect for gaming on the go -- as long as you don't go outside your Wi-Fi's range.

Using your home Wi-Fi is a great advantage, but you can still remote play with any Wi-Fi as long as the broadband connection is over 5 Mbps.

With wireless connectivity, you can enjoy hassle-free gaming wherever you are. And don't forget about the integrated speakers and headphone jack that offer an immersive audio experience. Plus, the long battery life ensures that your gaming sessions won't be cut short.

In the end, the Portal's technology will mean nothing if PlayStation can't figure out how to better stream remote games from their servers.

A player holds a PlayStation Portal with the game Horizon on it
Horizon on PlayStation Portal

A closer look at the screen and design

Now, let's take a closer look at the screen and design of the PlayStation Portal. With its high-resolution display, you can expect crisp, detailed visuals to enhance your gaming experience. And don't worry about comfort during those long gaming sessions - the ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip.

Its sleek and compact design makes it incredibly portable, allowing you to play wherever you go. The intuitive controls and buttons make navigation and gameplay smooth and seamless. And with its durable build quality, you can trust that the PlayStation Portal will deliver long-lasting performance. So get ready to game in style!

Connectivity options for remote play

Connecting to your PS console is a breeze with a high-speed internet connection. And thanks to its Wi-Fi compatibility, you can enjoy seamless streaming without lag or latency.

The PlayStation Portal survives on PS Remote Play, allowing you to play your PS5 games anywhere as long as you have Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, the release of Sony's new wireless headphones and earbuds alongside the handheld will provide lossless, lag-free audio for an immersive gaming experience.

The PlayStation Portal app makes setting up your device quick and easy. The best part? It's compatible with various devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. And if you want an enhanced gaming experience, you can even connect wireless audio devices. Now, that's what I call convenience!

PlayStation Portal Remote Player coming November 15, 2023 - Pre-order now
Coming November 15, 2023

How to set up and use PlayStation Portal remote player

Connecting the PlayStation Portal will be set up the same way as setting up PlayStation Remote Play. Instead of downloading as an app, players will sign in to their account on the Portal and connect to their home console.

To set up and use PlayStation Portal remote play, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Portal device to a high-speed internet connection.

  2. Sign in to your PlayStation account on the Portal.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Portal device to your PS console.

  4. Once connected, you can start playing your PS5 games remotely on the Portal wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Remember, make sure your PS console is turned on and in rest mode with Remote Play enabled for a smooth remote play experience on the PlayStation Portal. It's important to note that the Portal device should be connected to a high-speed internet connection for optimal performance.

Remote play games and controls

Get ready to dive into gaming with the PlayStation Portal controller! With this innovative controller, you can play various PS games right from your hand. From popular titles like "God of War," "Spider-Man," and "The Last of Us" to new releases and classic favorites, the PlayStation library has something for everyone.

The PlayStation Portal features prominent controllers on each side that look very much like Sony's PS5 DualSense controllers. They support adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, so PS5 games will feel similar to using a dedicated DualSense controller.

With the DualSense controller, you'll experience the full potential of your favorite games. Just remember to check the PlayStation website for a complete list of compatible games, as PS VR2 games and cloud streaming games are not supported for remote play.

Feel the tension with adaptive triggers - PlayStation Portal controller and gameplay footage
PlayStation Portal Adaptive Triggers

Advantages of using PlayStation Portal remote player

Who needs a TV when you have the PlayStation Portal remote player? With this nifty handheld device, you can play your favorite PS games anytime, anywhere (as long as you're on the same Wi-Fi). No more being tied down to your living room! And forget about squinting at a tiny screen because this controller has a built-in eight-inch screen that displays games in stunning 1080p resolution. It's like having a mini-PS console in the palm of your hand!

The setup is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly PlayStation Portal app. Plus, you'll enjoy seamless connectivity and minimal latency for uninterrupted gaming. It's gaming on the go at its finest!

Comparison with similar remote-play devices

PlayStation Portal offers a unique gaming experience with its innovative controller and wide range of compatible games. Unlike the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation Portal provides a built-in screen for convenience, but let's be honest: Nintendo's design is better for "play your way" gaming.

The PlayStation Portal offers seamless connectivity and minimal latency, providing uninterrupted gameplay. On the other hand, Nvidia GeForce Now focuses more on cloud-streaming games and may not have the same level of compatibility as the PlayStation Portal. That said, GeForce has a pretty awesome list of 1,500 games available to play.

Your PS5 games over your home wi-fi - a guy plays on his PLayStation Portal on the left, wheile a palyers hands are shown holding a PlayStation Portal on the right.
PS5 Games On Your Home Wi-Fi

Release date, pricing, and availability

Here's the scoop on the release date, pricing, and availability of the PlayStation Portal remote player. If you're eager to get your hands on one, you better act fast. Demand is high and there is a limit of one pre-order per customer.

The pricing for the PlayStation Portal remote player starts at $199.99. Sounds like a decent deal, right? If you're in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, or Portugal, you can pre-order it now! Click here to Pre-order the PlayStation Portal.

But wait, there's more! Starting September 29, 2023, you can also pre-order from select retailers in all previously mentioned countries, Canada and Japan. Keep an eye out for additional regional availability announcements.


Well, well, well. Looks like the PlayStation Portal remote player is here to save us poor gamers from a life of ordinary gaming. With its oh-so-special design, ridiculously convenient screen, and mind-blowingly easy connectivity options, it's clearly going to change the world. Setting it up? A piece of cake. And don't even get me started on how you can use it with other compatible devices. So long, pesky restrictions! Who needs 'em? Get ready to enter a realm of gaming possibilities that will surely blow your mind! Brace yourself for the ultimate gaming experience.


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