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Skull and Bones Sails into the Supernatural: A Voyage into Uncharted Waters

The world of Skull and Bones was already a brutal arena. Here, cutthroats battled for supremacy, fortunes were won and lost in a whirlwind of cannon fire and sharp steel. But now, a darkness, unlike any other, threatens the high seas.

The salty breeze carries whispers of cursed captains condemned to roam the ocean and phantom ships that materialize from the mist. Sailors tell tales in hushed tones, their eyes wide with fear, of monstrous creatures lurking in the uncharted depths. The horrors they describe defy the understanding of even the most hardened pirates.

Three skeletons piked in barrels hang atop the ghost ship of Captain La Peste in Skull and Bones
The ghost ship of Captain La Peste

The Curse of Captain Philippe Peste

Skull and Bones Season 1 introduces players to the supernatural forces of Captain Philippe Peste. He commands the legendary pirate ship, La Peste, a name synonymous with doom. This is no ordinary pirate; he is a man cursed, seeking a cure in the perilous waters of the Indian Ocean.

His ship, equipped with plague bombs, wreaks havoc on anything they touch. As a player, this addition is both terrifying and exhilarating. The thought of encountering La Peste, a ghost ship shrouded in mystery with glowing red weak points, adds a thrilling dimension to the game. Battling this formidable foe might even reward you with exclusive items like a blueprint for the flamethrower.

Plague bombs bombard the skies from the ghost ship of Captain La Peste
Beware the plague bombs infecting the seas

A New Layer of Complexity

The introduction of supernatural elements adds an otherworldly complexity to the game. It's not just about battling rival pirates or evading the law anymore. Players must now contend with the wrath of supernatural forces, adding a thrilling twist to the already exhilarating gameplay.

Seek out the mysterious rogue vendor on the Red Isle for powerful weapons and special currency, but beware the hidden sea monsters lurking in the open waters!

Mysticism and Folklore

The supernatural forces in Skull and Bones aren't confined to cursed captains and their accursed ships. The game promises new world events steeped in mysticism and folklore. As more pirates swarm the Indian Ocean, they will face challenges not of this world.

Engage in the Oceans Apart contract to potentially battle the elusive Maangodin ghost ship, or uncover the secrets of the Oubliette Outpost. From ghostly apparitions to cursed treasures like the tarnished ring, these supernatural forces test the mettle of every pirate daring enough to face them.

A fleet of ghost ships ravish the seas in Skull and Bones
Captain La Peste's Fleet is a plague on the open waters

Integrating the Supernatural

The integration of supernatural elements with the game's mechanics is intriguing. The curse that plagues La Peste has tangible effects on gameplay. The plague bombs are a new weapon that players must learn to use effectively or defend against, focusing on those red weak spots for maximum damage!

Hunt for ethereal ashes and the mysterious chest, valuable loot that can be exchanged with the mysterious rogue for exclusive items.

Navigating the Raging Tides

As players navigate through the Raging Tides of the game's first season, they encounter an Indian Ocean more alive and mysterious than ever. The supernatural forces add unpredictability to the game, ensuring that no two voyages are the same.

Mastering weapons like the mortar or precision drilling bit will give you an edge while navigating these dangerous waters.

Skull and Bones Season 1 Raging Tides writing overlays Captain Philippe La Peste's ghost ship
Skull and Bones Season 1 - Raging Tides

How do I farm the ghost ship? : r/SkullAndBonesGame

To farm the ghost ship in Skull and Bones, you need to sail to the designated ghost ship spawn location and engage in a ship battle. Defeat the ghost ship and collect the loot it drops. Repeat this process to farm and collect more rewards and resources from the ghost ship encounters.


The supernatural forces taking over Skull and Bones redefine the pirate experience. They bring a sense of wonder and fear to the high seas, challenging players to adapt to new threats and uncover hidden mysteries.

As the game continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how these supernatural elements shape the world of Skull and Bones. So, hoist your sails, load your cannons with the best ammo for the job, and prepare to plunge into the supernatural mayhem of Skull and Bones – your infamy and the spoils of victory await!

Note: This article is based on Ubisoft's announcements and previews of Skull and Bones.


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