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The Best Alternative to Call of Duty Zombies: Zombie Army 4

Zombies have become a popular video game mode, and for a good reason. They're insanely fun and addictive! If you're looking for an alternative to the zombie mode of Call of Duty games, look no further than Zombie Army 4: Dead War. This game is entertaining and has a great storyline that keeps you engaged for hours. Whether you're a fan of the Call of Duty zombie games, give Zombie Army 4 a try, and you won't regret it!

Zombie Army 4 is a fantastic game with loads of action.

Zombie games are a dime a dozen, but Zombie Army 4 is unique and innovative. It's a first-person shooter game in the aftermath of a zombie uprising, packed full of intense action and tactical combat. The game features an original storyline, dozens of weapons and items, and a ton of replay value. If you're a zombie fan and want a game different from the rest, Zombie Army 4 is a perfect choice! Game Pass fans will be happy to know that this game is available to play now!

What makes Call of Duty Zombies so good?

Zombie games have come a long way since the days of Call of Duty: World at War. Today, there are zombie games of all sorts, with Activision's Call of Duty Zombies at the forefront of the pack. What makes Call of Duty Zombies so good? For starters, it's one of the most popular game modes. Secondly, the art style continues to become more realistic, making the zombies look and feel more like the undead. Lastly, the game is incredibly strategic, with players needing to make careful choices about where and when to deploy their troops to survive the onslaught of zombies. If you're a fan of the zombie mode of Call of Duty games, there's no way you can go wrong with trying Zombie Army 4!

The Best CoD Zombie Games

Before we look at what makes Zombie Army 4 such an enticing game, let's look at some of the best CoD Zombie games ever made. Call of Duty Zombies has always been a popular game mode, but Black Ops Zombies truly set the bar for zombie games. After World at War introduced zombies as a fun side attraction to multiplayer, Treyarch went all out, making Black Ops Zombies mode a headline game mode. Black Ops zombies featured a variety of new weapons, game modes, and zombies to battle through. The graphics were top-notch and highly realistic at the time, making the zombies look like true undead horrors.

Black Ops 2

call of duty black ops 2 zombies screenshot
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Zombies mode was also a significant focus of Treyarch's sequel, Black Ops 2. Zombie mode is a trendy part of Call of Duty games, and there are no signs that it will be slowing down any time soon! As the game took place several years after the events of Zombies mode in Black Ops, players could expect to see a new zombie outbreak on the world stage. zombies mode featured even more zombies and weapons than its predecessor, as well as new game modes like "Nacht der Untoten" (Night of the Dead).

World At War

call of duty world at war screenshot
Call of Duty: World at War

World at War introduced CoD fans to zombies! Nazi zombies, to be exact. Zombie mode was simple at the time, having four players team up to defend themselves while hiding in a cabin in the woods. It was so popular that Treyarch added zombies to Black Ops as well! However, the zombie mode of World at War was incredibly addicting and kept players coming back for more.

Black Ops

call of duty black ops screenshot
Call of Duty: Black Ops

Zombies mode in Black Ops was a significant highlight of the game. It features a new zombie outbreak and unique gameplay mechanics that set it apart from other zombie games on the market. For example, players can call in airstrikes to take out zombies and other threats while traversing through various levels. Additionally, black ops zombies featured exclusive weapons not found elsewhere, such as the Nuketown zombie map, which features no healing stations whatsoever!

Black Ops Cold War

call of duty black ops cold war screenshot
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Cold war zombies mode took the zombie gameplay of black ops and amped it up a notch. Players fight to survive in a world of complete darkness, with only their wits and weapons to help them get through. Additionally, new game modes like "Zombie Outbreak" were added, tasking players with taking control of designated zones on the map.

Black Ops 3

call of duty black ops 3 game art
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

The best Call of Duty Zombies game ever made! Zombies mode in Black Ops 3 created a sprawling zombie apocalypse that offered an all-new game mode, "The Rise of the Dead." In addition to the regular zombies' gameplay, players were tasked with battling against zombie Nomads who were immune to conventional weapons. Additionally, black ops three zombies featured a host of new and exciting weapons like the gas launcher, which can knock out enemies instantly! Zombie mode is a significant part of all Call of Duty games and will continue for years to come!

Zombie Army 4 holds its own against Call of Duty Zombie games.

Fan of the Call of Duty Zombies franchise? Want something different or something you can play on Game Pass? Check out Zombie Army 4. This first-person zombie shooter offers a unique experience that's difficult to find in other games of its genre. You play as a soldier in a zombie-infested world, scavenging for supplies and fighting off the undead. The game features a large open-world environment you can explore at leisure. There's also a multiplayer mode where players can battle it against each other. Zombie Army 4 is a great game that's well worth your time!

zombie army 4 dead war screenshot
Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Combat keeps you on edge

Are you looking for a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Look no further than Zombie Army 4. This zombie survival game features intense and thrilling combat, leaving you breathless at every turn. You can play solo or team up with friends to take down the undead hordes. Plus, the points multiplayer gives you a fun and challenging arcade-style experience! The stunning graphics will leave you feeling like you're part of the game world.

Large and varied levels

If you like Call of Duty's large zombie maps, Zombie Army 4 is a good choice. The levels are extensive and varied, giving you plenty of different things to do. Weapons feel satisfying to use, and enemies are challenging without being too hard. There's even an online multiplayer mode if you want to play with friends!

Tactical team-based gameplay

Fans of zombie-mode games may also enjoy Zombie Army 4's team-based gameplay. The game is designed for multiplayer mode, but you can also play it solo if that's what you prefer. You play as a squad of soldiers working together to survive the zombies. Each character has unique abilities, so you must use them to your advantage. Expect lots of close-quarters combat where you'll have to use cover wisely or risk getting killed quickly.

Lots of weapons and gear to find

Zombie Army 4 is a zombie game that features a vast arsenal of weapons and gear to find. You can play as one of several unique characters with different abilities, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Maps are large, and the environment is full of hidden secrets, meaning there's plenty of replay value for players who want to uncover everything the game has to offer.

Available on Xbox Game Pass

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is available to play at no extra cost to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers. If you don't own a Call of Duty game or just played the ones you have too much, then Game Pass has your next favorite zombie mode game.


Zombie Army 4 and Call of Duty zombie games are stunning examples of zombie game design. They're both challenging but still fun to play. Zombie Army 4 is the perfect zombie game for fans of tactical gameplay and extensive scaled warfare. If you're a fan of the zombies genre, then you'll want to check out these games.


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