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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Early-Game Pals in Palworld

Welcome to the world of Palworld, a game where adventure and strategy go hand in hand with your adorable and powerful pals. In this guide, we'll dig into the most effective pals to acquire early on in your journey, ensuring you're well-equipped for both the initial challenges and the later stages of the game.

As a player and fan myself, I've explored the nooks and crannies of Palworld to bring you firsthand insights and tips.

A graphic for Palworld reading 'The Best Early Game Pals In Palworld' using scenery from the game Palworld and including the characters Vixy, Penking, Pengullet, Lifmunk, Cattiva, and Tanzee.
The Best Early Game Pals In Palworld

What are the best passive skills for Pals in Palworld?

The best passive skills for Pals in Palworld include abilities such as increased critical hit chance, enhanced healing effects, damage resistance, and increased resource gathering speed. These skills can make playing the game better and give you an advantage in the beginning.

Starting Your Journey: Choosing the Right Pals

A standard pose from Vixy in Palworld
Vixy from Palworld

Vixy: The Resourceful Companion

One of the first pals you'll encounter is the versatile Vixy. Known for its "Dig Here" ability, Vixy can unearth valuable pal spheres. However, it's crucial to understand that while Vixy is efficient, it doesn't guarantee an infinite supply. The drop rate of spheres varies, and luck plays a role, so keep exploring different areas to maximize your chances.

A standard pose from Tanzee in Palworld
Tanzee from Palworld

Tanzee: Jack of All Trades

Tanzee stands out due to its broad range of work suitability. With skills in planting, handiwork, and lumbering, Tanzee is a vital asset for base development. Although not the strongest in combat, its versatility makes it indispensable for managing your resources effectively.

Lifmunk stands in a standard pose in Palworld
Lifmunk from Palworld

Lifmunks: More Than Meets the Eye

In the same area as Tanzee, keep an eye out for Lifmunks. With skills in handiwork, lumbering, and more, they're excellent for base management. Plus, equipping them with submachine guns adds an extra layer of defense and fun to your team.

Cattiva stands in a standard pose in Palworld
Cattiva from Palworld

Cattiva: The Burden Bearer

Cattiva shines in its role as a transporter and miner. Not only does it assist in gathering resources, but it also increases your carrying capacity, making it easier for you to collect and transport materials. This pal is especially helpful for players focusing on resource accumulation in the early game.

Penking stands in a standard pose in Palworld
Penking from Palworld

Penking: Not a Guaranteed Hatch

The majestic Penking excels in various tasks, including handiwork, mining, and cooling. These pals can be acquired from large damp eggs, making them a bit of a surprise addition to your team but absolutely worth the effort.

It's worth noting that Penkings can be obtained from large damp eggs, but it's not a guarantee. While they may hatch from these eggs, there's also a chance that you'll end up with a different type of pal altogether. Therefore, it's important to be prepared for the unexpected when hatching eggs.

Mid-Game Transitions and Diverse Choices

As your journey in Palworld progresses, the need for more specialized pals becomes apparent. While the early-game pals lay a strong foundation, transitioning to mid-game requires a strategic approach in choosing companions with specific skills and abilities.

Dark Eggs and Tom Bats

It was previously noted that Tom Bats could be obtained from dark eggs. To clarify, Tom Bats actually hatch from regular eggs. These pals are incredibly useful for efficient resource management, particularly in mining and transporting. Keep an eye out for these eggs and hatch them to potentially add these helpful creatures to your team.

The Forest Guardian: Eikthyrdeer

The previously unnamed deer-like creature with lumbering and double jump abilities is likely Eikthyrdeer. This pal is not only a valuable asset for wood gathering due to its lumbering skill but also serves as an excellent mount, thanks to its ability to perform a double jump. Eikthyrdeer's combination of utility and mobility makes it a top choice for players needing to traverse and gather resources efficiently.

Other Strong Early-Game Options

While the focus has been on specific pals like Vixy, Tanzy, and others, it's important to consider other strong early-game options such as Pengullet, Caprity, and Teafant. Each of these pals offers unique abilities and advantages that might align better with your playstyle and game strategy.

Playstyle Preferences and Pal Choices

Remember, the best pal for you might vary based on your individual playstyle. While this guide offers a structured approach to choosing pals, experimenting with different combinations and strategies is key to finding what works best for you.

The Subjectivity of Tier Lists

The tier list mentioned in the guide is subjective and can change with game updates, player discoveries, and personal preferences. It's important to stay updated with the community and experiment with different pals to understand their strengths and weaknesses in various game scenarios.

The stats page from the Palworld pal Eikthyrdeer
Eikthyrdeer Stats

Key Tips for Selecting Your Early-Game Pals

  1. Assess Partner Skills: Each pal comes with unique partner skills, such as Jormuntide Ignis known for its powerful fire attacks, or Suzaku's incredible ability to deliver water damage. Understanding these skills is crucial for building a versatile team.

  2. Consider Work Suitability: Pals like Tanzee are not just combat allies; their medicine production and farming capabilities are vital for sustaining your base.

  3. Balance Your Team: Include a mix of pals with active and passive skills. For example, a pal with a strong spear thrust active skill can be complemented by another with a passive skill boosting HP or stamina.

  4. Plan for Late Game: While focusing on the early game, keep an eye on pals like Necromus or Jetragon that can be crucial for later stages with their dark damage or flying mount capabilities.

Palworld vs. Pokémon: A Comparative Insight

At first glance, Palworld might remind players of Pokémon with its concept of catching and training creatures. However, Palworld introduces unique elements that set it apart:

  • Pals with Utility Beyond Battle: Unlike Pokémon, Palworld pals assist in resource gathering, base building, and even operating machinery. For instance, Digtoise excels in mining ore, offering more than just combat support.

  • Weaponry and Combat: Palworld integrates more direct combat elements, with pals capable of using weapons like missile launchers or performing blizzard spikes and lightning strikes.

  • Diverse Environments and Challenges: While Pokémon focuses on gym battles and league challenges, Palworld offers a blend of survival, crafting, and exploration in diverse biomes.

Incorporating Advanced Strategies with Legendary and Unique Pals

  • Legendary Pals: As you advance, legendary pals like Jormuntide and Anubis become game-changers. Their incredible partner skills and stats make them worth the pursuit.

  • Unique Abilities and Types: Exploring unique abilities like triple jump or ice skills can open new gameplay avenues. Surfent Terra and Kitsun offer distinct advantages with their pure neutral type and versatile skill sets.

  • Specialized Pals for Specific Tasks: Certain pals are tailored for specific roles. Beegarde and Relaxaurus excel in farming, while Grizzbolt and Blazamut are formidable in combat with their fire damage and ice attacks.

Late-Game Considerations and Maximizing Pal Potential

  • Building a Balanced Late-Game Team: Incorporate pals with diverse skill sets for late-game challenges. Orserk and Shadowbeak, with their robust stats and unique skills like ground smash, are excellent additions.

  • Utilizing Shining Counterparts: Keep an eye out for shining counterparts of your pals. These versions offer enhanced stats and abilities, providing an edge in tougher encounters.

  • Advanced Partner Skills: In the later stages, the impact of partner skills like Astegon's dark attacks or Chillet's ice skills becomes increasingly significant. Plan your team composition to leverage these advanced abilities.

Conclusion: A Journey of Strategic Companion Choice in Palworld

Embarking on your adventure in Palworld is more than just a journey; it's a strategic endeavor of companion choice and resource management. With this guide, you're now equipped to make informed decisions about your pals, from the early stages to the challenges of the late game. Embrace the unique elements that differentiate Palworld from Pokémon, and enjoy the rich, dynamic world it offers.

Remember, the beauty of Palworld lies in the diversity of pals and the myriad ways they can complement your playstyle. So, go forth and explore this fascinating world, where every pal holds the potential to be your next great ally!


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