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Here's What I Like About The Sultans Ascend Expansion

I am excited about the upcoming AoE4 release of the Sultans Ascend Expansion. This Age of Empires IV expansion has a lot to offer, with new maps and biomes, two new civilizations, and four variant civilizations.

Also coming is an 8-mission campaign. Personally, I am most excited about the Japanese and their Samurai units. Additionally, the unlockable rewards are a nice bonus. Overall, this expansion will be a game-changer, and I can't wait to try it out. Stay tuned for more updates and information about the Sultans Ascend Expansion. You can also check out the official Xbox blog for updates.

The European Crusaders ride by horse and walk on foot in this illustration, for the game Age of Empires 4
The Sultans Ascend

There's An All New 8-Mission Campaign

I gotta say, I'm pretty excited about the upcoming Sultan's Ascend expansion. It's got this cool campaign with eight missions set in the Middle East during the European Crusades. It's also the first Age of Empires IV campaign to feature naval gameplay!

With the new single-player campaign, you take on the role of the Muslim resistance! It's like being in the middle of an epic battle, fighting to protect Jerusalem from the invading Crusaders and reclaiming control of the major cities in the Muslim provinces. The setting is totally Aladdin-esque, which adds a fun charm to the game. I can't wait to dive in and start repelling those Crusaders.

What's exciting about The Sultans Ascend Campaign?

I really like the new campaign and missions in The Sultans Ascend Expansion. They're exciting and explore a sensitive time in human history. The game shows just how much religion influenced people during that time. Plus, the battles between the Europeans and Muslims will surely be thrilling. I hope the game doesn't dig up old wounds. Overall, I'm really enjoying the potential of this expansion.

Japanese civilization in the new Sultans Ascend expansion, for the game Age of Empires 4
The Japanese Civilization

Two New Civilizations Are Coming: Japanese & Byzantines

I'm excited about The Sultan's Ascend expansion because it lets players embrace the Japanese and Byzantine empires' unique cultural heritage and strengths. I can command powerful samurai warriors or take charge of the mighty Byzantine empire.

This expansion unlocks exclusive technologies, units, and abilities that allow me to dominate the battlefield with Samurai and Shinobi. It's thrilling to think about the new strategies and gameplay possibilities that this expansion will bring. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds with the new ways to play introduced in The Sultans Ascend expansion.

What's The Best Approach For These New Civs?

The Japanese civilization, focusing on the Samauri age, will be really good at offensive war tactics, especially with their agile samurai units. Another unit I plan on using a lot is the special Shinobi units (Japanese) -- great for sneaky espionage on the battlefield.

Meanwhile, the Byzantine civilization, focusing on the Eastern Roman Empire, will be great at defense and have many clever tactics up their sleeves from their thousand-year empire. I can't wait to try their unique abilities and see how they stack up against my enemies.

The addition of the Japanese and Byzantine civilizations in The Sultan's Ascend expansion brings a whole new dimension to the game. With their unique cultural heritage and strengths, players will have the opportunity to command powerful samurai warriors or take charge of the mighty Byzantine empire.

A peaceful farming town of the The Byzantine Civilization in the game Age of Empires 4
The Byzantine Civilization

We Get Four New Variant Civilizations, Too

In addition to the existing civilizations, four new variant civilizations will be introduced. These variants include the Ayyubids, which is a variation of The Abbasid Dynasty; Zhu Xi's Legacy, a variation of the Chinese civilization; Jeanne d'Arc, a variation of the French civilization; and The Order of the Dragon, a variation of the Holy Roman Empire. Each variant will possess unique strengths and special units distinct from the original version.

Furthermore, players can build aqueducts and cisterns, harvest new resources, and hire mercenaries. The expansion will introduce new heroes, abilities, and mechanics, providing players fresh challenges and gameplay experiences.

How Does Variation Impact Gameplay?

Different civilizations and their variations mean different ways to play, new strategies to try, and unique synergies to explore. Not only will this make each match more interesting, but it'll also add replay value to the game.

10 New Maps: 10 New Game Plans

I'm excited about The Sultan's Ascend expansion because it's bringing ten new maps to the game. This means it's time for me to dust off my playbook and rethink my game plan. The new maps are each unique, with different terrain and layouts that offer new challenges and opportunities for victory.

Whether it's a sprawling desert or a dense forest, I'll need to think outside the box and adapt my tactics accordingly. I'm looking forward to exploring these diverse landscapes and discovering all the new strategies they have in store.

A Naval battle from The Sultans Ascend expansion campaign, Age of Empires 4
The New Campaign Offers Naval Battles!

We Are Getting Two New Biomes

I can't wait to explore the new Savanna and Japanese Spring biomes in the upcoming Sultans Ascend expansion. The Savanna biome boasts stunning landscapes that will captivate players, while the Japanese Spring biome will be filled with beautiful cherry blossoms. Each biome will have unique characteristics, requiring players to adapt their strategies for an immersive gameplay experience.

Can You Say Unlockable Rewards?

I gotta say, the loot situation in the Sultans Ascend expansion is a bit of a mystery. However, if history is any indication, we could be looking at some sweet monuments, portraits, and other knick-knacks. Who knows if they'll be worth the effort, but at least unlocking stuff always feels like a win, right?

Things I'm Excited About and Why

I am really looking forward to The Sultan's Ascend expansion because it will bring a lot of new elements to the game.

There will be ten new maps, which is awesome because it means I will have a lot of new challenges to take on. These maps will have different terrain and layouts, so I must develop new strategies to win.

The two new biomes, the Savanna and the Japanese Spring look amazing and offer new scenery to enjoy.

I don't know the new unlockable rewards yet, but I am excited to find out. I might be able to get some cool monuments, portraits, or other collectibles that will make the game even more fun.

Overall, I can't wait to play the latest AoE4 expansion and see all the cool things it has in store for me. It will be an exciting adventure with lots of new things to explore.

When Can We Expect The Sultans Ascend Expansion?

The Sultans Ascend expansion is set to release on November 14th. The coming content will be amazing, so be sure to mark your calendars and get ready for some serious battles!


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