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What to Expect from the Creators of LA Noire's Exciting New 40s Drama

LA Noire developers are working on a new 40s thriller called Sowden House (Via:

Image via: - LA Noire developers are working on a new 40s thriller called Sowden House

LA Noire Developers Refute Rumors of New Game Release

UPDATE 7/7/25: Video Games Deluxe has put to rest the speculation about a potential new LA Noire game.

Official Statement from Video Games Deluxe

In a recent statement to the press, the development team clarified that they are working exclusively on projects for Rockstar.

Music Commission Details

The confusion arose from music commissioned from a local composer, Freyja Garbett, for a VR project that the team worked on several years ago while between projects.

This project was based on a case from LA Noire that ultimately did not make the final cut and served more as a tech demo than a substantial game development effort.

For further reading, check the original article.

Is a New LA Noire Game On The Horizon?

The gaming community's excitement peaked at the mere hint of a new LA Noire game. However, our hopes were swiftly dashed. According to Video Games Deluxe, the rumors are false, and no new LA Noire game is in development. Instead, the team continues to work on other intriguing projects for Rockstar Games. 😔

The Excitement of Rumors and the Reality Check

Let's face it: rumors can be a double-edged sword. When whispers about a new LA Noire title started circulating, fans were understandably pumped. This iconic detective game has left a lasting impression, and the prospect of diving back into its noir universe was breathtaking. But alas, the reality was much less thrilling—just a debunked rumor. It's almost like getting ready for an epic movie night only to find out the projector's broken. Bummer!

What Video Games Deluxe is Actually Doing

While the news was disappointing, it wasn't all doom and gloom. Video Games Deluxe clarified their ongoing collaboration with Rockstar, hinting at even more exciting ventures. One interesting tidbit was their work on a VR project inspired by a cut case from LA Noire. According to them, this project was more of a tech demo than an actual game, but it’s a testament to the creative experimentation happening behind the scenes.

Who's Freyja Garbett?

In their statement, Video Games Deluxe mentioned commissioning music from local composer Freyja Garbett for this VR project. Talk about bringing in the right tunes to set the mood! The name might not ring a bell for everyone, but Garbett’s work adds an intriguing layer to the narrative. Check out some of her previous compositions; you might just discover your next favorite soundtrack.

The Future of Rockstar's Thrillers

While a new LA Noire game isn't hitting the shelves anytime soon, it begs the question: What else could Rockstar be cooking up? Considering their history of groundbreaking titles, the sky's the limit. Maybe we'll see more immersive VR experiences or another 1940s thriller that'll make us forget all about the premature LA Noire excitement. 😉

Why This Matters

In the grand scheme of things, the hype around a new LA Noire game and the subsequent letdown highlight a broader theme in the gaming world: the power of rumors and the often harsh reality. It's a fascinating dance of expectations, hopes, and the unexpected turns that keep us hooked. It’s what drives the gaming community forward, fueling discussions and speculations, even when our dreams are crushed every now and then.

Stay Informed and Engaged

For those who can't get enough of gaming news and want to stay on top of what's real and what's just wishful thinking, consider following reputable gaming news sites. The digital age has made it easier than ever to keep tabs on our favorite hobby. But remember, always take rumors with a grain of salt and enjoy the ride, twist and turns included!

For more information about Video Games Deluxe's current projects, check out their latest announcements here.


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