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Why Everyone's Buzzing About These New TVs for Gamers

Is a VRR TV becoming more important for console gaming? (Via:

Image via: - Is a VRR TV becoming more important for console gaming?

The Growing Importance of VRR for Console Gaming 🕹️

In this week's DF Direct Weekly, the spotlight is on how VRR (variable refresh rate) is making waves in the gaming world, especially for current-gen hardware.

What is VRR Anyway?

So, what's the deal with VRR? Typically, TVs refresh at a fixed rate, usually 60Hz. To keep things silky smooth, games need to hit 60fps. If they fall short, we get annoying screen judder and tears. VRR comes to the rescue by syncing the screen refresh with the game's frame rate. This minimizes tearing and reduces judder.

On the PS5, frame-rates between 48fps to 60fps look smooth on a 60Hz display. But developers have to specially code 120Hz modes to unlock 'low frame-rate compensation' (LFC) for smoother gameplay at lower frame-rates. For Xbox, 120Hz VRR with LFC is more seamless and just works.

VRR in Action - Elden Ring

Let's talk about a game where VRR really shines: Elden Ring. The game, recently buzzed about due to its Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, struggles to keep a steady frame rate. It offers RT and quality modes that barely touch 30fps. The frame-rate mode tries to reach for 60fps but frequently misses the mark.

The fix? Widen the dynamic resolution scaling (DRS) range. But until that's done, VRR remains gamers' best bet for a smoother experience. Notably, VRR works best on Xbox due to its robust 120Hz support that can handle Elden Ring's frame dips. In contrast, PS5's VRR is confined to a 48Hz to 60Hz window, which isn't enough.

For a deeper dive into the VRR magic, check out the original article.

The Increasing Importance of VRR in Console Gaming

Dude, let’s talk about VRR and why it's becoming a game-changer for console performance. This week’s DF Direct Weekly brought up some solid points on how Variable Refresh Rate is shaking things up, especially with next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

What is VRR Anyway?

Variable Refresh Rate is like the fairy godmother of smoother gaming experiences. The way it works is pretty straightforward, yet genius. Typically, your TV refreshes at a fixed rate—usually 60Hz. For optimal performance, your game also needs to run at 60fps. Easy-peasy, right? But things don't always work out that perfectly. If a game can't keep up, you get those dreaded dropped frames, juddering, and tearing.

Enter VRR: it syncs the refresh rate of your screen to the frame rate of the game. When the GPU has a new frame ready, the screen refreshes. This cuts down on tearing and judder. On PS5, this keeps frame rates between 48fps and 60fps looking smooth. If you want lower frame-rate support, like with Xbox's 120Hz VRR with Low Frame-Rate Compensation (LFC), you’re golden.

Flippin' Elden Ring

Now, let's dish on Elden Ring. This game recently got a spotlight again thanks to the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Elden Ring’s visual splendor is undeniable, but its frame rates? Not so much. You’ve got your ray tracing and quality modes, but good luck hitting 60fps consistently on any current-gen console.

FromSoftware, hear me out: widen your Dynamic Resolution Scaling (DRS) range! Right now, VRR is the saving grace making the frame rate slump bearable. And let’s be real here: it works best on Xbox, thanks to its broader 120Hz VRR support. The PS5 just can't keep up, limiting VRR to a 48Hz to 60Hz window, which is seriously not enough for this behemoth of a game.

Why Console Gamers Should Care

Alright, so why should you care about VRR? Simple: it makes your games look and feel smoother. Forget the tech jargon for a second—better performance means a more enjoyable gaming experience. End of story.

Looking Forward

If this trend continues, we'll probably see even more games and hardware embracing VRR. It's not just a fancy buzzword; it’s a legit enhancement for any serious gamer. So, if you’re wondering whether your next TV should have VRR support? Heck yeah, it should. Future-proof your gaming setup, people.

about why VRR is becoming essential for console gaming.

Your Move, Devs!

In the end, game developers need to get with the program and optimize for VRR. We all want our games to run as smoothly as butter, and VRR is a big part of achieving that. Let's keep pushing for tech that makes our gaming lives better. 🎮


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