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WILD HEARTS - A Game Full of Giant Beasts and Epic Battles

WILD HEARTS is a twist on the genre, where ancient tech gives you a fighting chance against giant nature-infused beasts. Hunt alone or with friends, and try to save the world from an impending disaster. WILD HEARTS will be released on February 17, 2023, and will be available in digital and physical editions. You can play it early on February 13 with EA Play. Thanks to developers Koei Tecmo and Omega Force, WILD HEARTS offers a refreshing twist on the hunting genre. With giant beasts, ancient technology, and epic battles, this game is sure to be nothing short of awesomeness!


WILD HEARTS is a game full of giant beasts, epic battles, and beautiful landscapes inspired by feudal Japan. It is a unique take on the genre that will captivate gamers of all ages. No one knows the reason behind the Kemono's rampage, and it's up to you, a hunter armed with deadly weapons and ancient Karakuri technology, to turn the tide of battle. Despite the destruction wrought by these giant beasts, the land of Azuma remains quite beautiful. Explore this fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan - from its flower-filled meadows to towering ruins. Become the ultimate monster hunter, destroy fearsome beasts and wield ancient technology in this unique twist on hunting games.

Giant nature-infused beasts

Kemono is the embodiment of the power of nature. These giant beasts fused with natural elements over time, modifying their environment to accommodate their needs. To face Kemono and achieve victory, we must first understand how they operate - which starts with learning about these majestic creatures! By examining Kemono in detail, we can learn a lot about nature- something essential for anyone hoping to stand up to some mighty foes! Understanding kimono's history helps us better appreciate why they possess such formidable fighting abilities - even against humans.

Craft your tech and become a fierce hunter

There's something out there in the wilds of Azuma - giant Kemono, and only you can bring them down. So get out there and start tracking! Thanks to your ancient Karakuri tech, you can now adapt your environment to tailor-made hunting grounds for taking down these fearsome creatures.

Lone wolf or wolf pack? That is the question.

Some people enjoy the thrill of the hunt best when they're alone. However, hunting in a pack is essential for most predators to ensure their survival.

Similarly, lone wolves often find themselves at a disadvantage when facing down beasts too large or powerful to take on single-handedly. In WILD HEARTS, players must team up with other hunters to track and take down ferocious beasts roaming wild across vast landscapes.

The vicious gear-hunt-gear cycle

Create your character from various unique elements—Hunt wild beasts to gain materials to improve your gear, armor, and weapons. Continue to hunt to build your skills and bring down more prominent and giant beasts.

Feudal Japan in a fantasy setting

Exploring a fantasy feudal Japan can be a fantastic experience for anyone who loves history, adventure, and magic. This charming country is full of hidden secrets waiting to be discovered by those willing to explore them. There are plenty of places where you can go on immersive adventures that will leave you spellbound and wanting more. From ancient castles to mystical temples, there is something for everyone in this fascinating country.

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WILD HEARTS will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 5, and PC. Enjoy the entire game with EA Play Pro or experience a trial with EA Play. Play in co-op mode using online crossplay.

WILD HEARTS Standard Edition

Get the core game and enjoy it as the developers intended. Pre-ordering now gets you exclusive items, like 5 x Chat Stamps (Poker face, Just woke up, Praying, Besties, Sleepy) and 1 x Emote (Ferocious Kemono). Don't wait too long, though - these limited-edition goodies won't last long!

Karakuri Edition

The Karakuri is a versatile set of weapons and tools that can take many forms. You can use it to set traps, react to attackers, or deliver devastating damage to the mighty Kemono. With the Wild Hearts Karakuri Edition, you get an upgraded version of your Karakuri that is even more deadly. Get your hands on this upgraded edition today!


WILD HEARTS is an EA Originals. This game is full of giant beasts and epic adventures. It is a unique game that is perfect for gamers of all ages. Fans of Monster Hunter and the Dynasty Warriors franchise will feel at home with this game. WILD HEARTS is the game for you if you are a fan of adventure and magic.


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