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Score Big with Xbox Game Pass Perks

If you are an avid gamer, you must have heard about Xbox Game Pass. It is an online gaming service that provides access to hundreds of high-quality games for your PC or Xbox console. But did you know that with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can unlock exclusive perks and rewards?

Put away your scissors; we won't be clipping any coupons today! Get ready to elevate your gaming experience with Xbox Game Pass Perks. This post will dive into what exactly Xbox Game Pass Perks are and how they can help you score big in the gaming world. I'll also guide you through claiming these perks and provide you with a list of all the available perks.

A screenshot of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks available on the Xbox app
Xbox Game Pass Perks

What Are Xbox Game Pass Perks?

Xbox Game Pass Perks are exclusive rewards and benefits for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. These perks vary and can include free in-game content, game betas, and discounts. Keep an eye on the Xbox app or website for updated perks as they change regularly.

How to Claim Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

Sign up for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service and regularly check the Xbox app or website to claim your exclusive benefits. Follow the instructions provided to access discounts on games, in-game content such as n-half scape dolls and cosmetics, and other freebies such as a three-month trial of Apple Music.

Complete List of Xbox Game Pass Perks

As an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you can enjoy a wide variety of exclusive benefits, including in-game content and game discounts. The perks are regularly updated on the Xbox app or website. The following perks are available as of May 2023 on PC Game Pass:

  1. Sea of Thieves - Obsidian Eye of Reach Pack

  2. SMITE - SMITE x VShojo Starter Pack

  3. FIFA 23 - EA Play Ultimate Team Pack

  4. F1 22 - EA Play PitCoin reward

  5. KartRidere: Drift - Lucci Loot Pack

  6. Apex Legends - Arsenal Supercharge Pack

  7. Walmart+ Membership - Free 75-day trial

  8. Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis - May Member Monthly Bonus

  9. Madden NFL 23 - EA Play Ultimate Team Pack

  10. Black Desert - Special Gift Bundle

  11. The Elder Scrolls Online - Dragon Slayer Bundle #2

  12. Peacock - 2 Months of Premium Plus at no extra cost

  13. Apple Music - 3 Free Months

  14. Discord Nitro - 3 Free Months of Nitro

Xbox Game Pass Perks for PC Gaming

Get exclusive perks like in-game content and partner offers with the Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription. Subscribers can also avail of discounts on games, DLCs, and other game-related products. With the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you can enjoy even more benefits, such as an Xbox Live Gold membership and an EA Play subscription.

App Perks: Three Months of Apple Music

As part of the Xbox Game Pass Perks program, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can enjoy three months of Apple Music without having to pay an extra fee for the music streaming service. This perk allows gamers to listen to millions of songs on demand while playing their favorite games or even on the go.

Apex Legends Arsenal Supercharge Pack

Xbox Game Pass members can currently claim the Apex Legends Arsenal Supercharge Pack for free until November 2nd. This exclusive perk includes in-game items like legendary skins and Apex Coins. By claiming this perk and many others like it included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can upgrade your gaming experience while saving money.

How to Claim Valorant Perk with Xbox Game Pass

Gamers who want to claim the Valorant perk are going to be disappointed. The perk is now expired. It offered in-game content for the popular first-person shooter game Valorant, but it is no longer available. However, there are plenty of other perks to enjoy with Xbox Game Pass, including discounts on games and access to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Keep checking the Perks section for new offerings.


Xbox Game Pass Perks offer a range of benefits to gamers, from exclusive in-game content to great deals on other Microsoft products. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can access all the perks available for console and PC gaming. Claiming these perks is easy and takes just a few clicks. Browse the complete Xbox Game Pass Perks list and choose what works best. Remember to check out the App Perks that offer three months of free Apple Music subscription or the Apex Legends Arsenal Supercharge Pack. So what are you waiting for? Score big with Xbox Game Pass Perks today!


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