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Alright, It's Time To Talk About Game Pass (Again)

Updated: Mar 18

If you're always on the hunt for new PC games, Xbox Game Pass might just change your life. It's seriously shaken up how I find stuff to play, and for a price that actually makes sense. Let's break down what this whole deal is.

Xbox Game Pass and EA Play team up to offer even more choices. Variety of games laid out in tiles. Madden 19, Madden 20, NHL 19, NHL 20, Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield 1, Battlefield V.
Dive Into A World of Gaming

Game Pass: The Netflix of Games

Think of it like this: you pay a monthly fee, and boom, you get this HUGE library of PC games to play. New releases, older classics, hidden indie gems – it's got a bit of everything. No more agonizing over whether that Steam sale is worth it!

Okay, But Which Plan Should I Get?

This depends on whether you also rock an Xbox console:

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: The whole shebang. Games for your PC, your Xbox, even your phone with cloud gaming. Perfect if you switch between devices. ($16.99 / month) Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

  • PC Game Pass: Exactly what it sounds like – PC games only. A bit cheaper, great if you're mostly a PC player. ($9.99 / month)

  • Xbox Game Pass for Console: PC version, but for your Xbox console. Same price, same idea. ($9.99 / month)

Bonus: It Includes EA Play

Yep, with Game Pass Ultimate, you also get access to EA's entire game library. All your Sims, sports titles, Battlefield chaos – it's in there. Honestly, that's a pretty sweet deal. EA Play

Wait, Isn't Xbox Live Gold Still a Thing?

If you want to play online multiplayer, Xbox Live Gold is no more. It has been replace with Xbox Game Pass Core.

McScratchey's Soapbox: When Game Pass Throws You a Curveball

Okay, so I'll admit it – I'm a sucker for the big, shiny AAA games. You drop a new Halo or a giant open-world adventure on Game Pass, I'm there, day one. But the thing about Game Pass? It forces me outside my comfort zone sometimes. Which is how I ended up playing… drumroll please … a farming simulator.

Stardew Valley game title screen
Stardew Valley Is A Hidden Gem

Yeah, you heard that right. Apparently, Stardew Valley is all the rage, so when it popped up on Game Pass, I figured, why the heck not? Worst case, I waste thirty minutes and go back to shooting aliens.

Well, color me surprised. Turns out, there's something weirdly addictive about planting pixelated crops and befriending the townsfolk. Three hours later, I looked up, bleary-eyed, wondering where my evening had gone. Stardew Valley had officially sunk its claws into me.

Look, I'm not saying I've abandoned my FPS roots forever. But it's a good reminder that Game Pass is full of hidden gems, even in genres you might normally avoid. It forces you to try things you'd never buy outright, and sometimes, those are the games that stick with you the most.

So, the next time you see some weird title on the Game Pass list that makes you go, "huh?", don't dismiss it so fast. You might just discover your next gaming obsession.

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

Okay, for real, Game Pass has been a pleasant surprise. I was hesitant at first, but the sheer number of games I can check out? Game-changer. Plus, getting those big new releases on day one is always a thrill.

Don't get me wrong – there's still a place for buying games you KNOW you'll love forever. But if you're the type who likes variety, or gets hyped about trying weird indie stuff, Game Pass is seriously worth checking out. Just be prepared for your backlog to get a lot bigger, a lot faster 😉

FAQs About Xbox Game Pass

Your questions have answers.

Technical Stuff

How does downloading games work?

Games on Game Pass are downloaded through the Xbox app on PC. You find the game you want, hit "Install," and the download starts. Once it's complete, you can launch and play directly from the Xbox App.

Can I play offline?

Yes! Downloaded games can be played offline. However, certain games might require an occasional online connection to verify your Game Pass subscription is still active.

What are the minimum PC specs?

This varies depending on the specific game. However, Xbox provides a general guideline for PCs to run Game Pass smoothly. You can find their recommended specs here.

Game Selection

How often do they add new games?

There's no strict schedule, but new games get added to Game Pass regularly! Typically, there are a few additions every month, sometimes including big releases on day one.

Do games ever get removed from the library?

Yes. While the core selection stays pretty consistent, games do rotate out, similar to Netflix. Xbox usually gives notice before a game gets removed, giving you time to finish it or decide if you want to buy it outright.

Can I play Xbox exclusives on my PC?

Yes! With Game Pass Ultimate, most major Xbox exclusives are also available on PC, often on the same release day as the console version.


Are there ever sales or discounts on Game Pass?

Yes! Sometimes there are introductory offers, like your first month for $1. Keep an eye on the Xbox website or sign up for their email promos to catch those deals.

Can I try it for free?

While there's no extended free trial, there are sometimes offers for a limited trial period at a very low cost. Again, checking the Xbox website is your best bet for up-to-date info.


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