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100% Orange Juice Community Card Pack 4: New Cards, Meta Shakeups!

For those unfamiliar, 100% Orange Juice is a digital multiplayer board game filled with chaos and fun. The latest update brings us Community Card Pack 4, shaking up the meta with six fan-designed cards. Let's dive into what these new additions bring to the table and how they might change the way you play. Spoiler alert: things are about to get juicy!

100% Orange Juice Community Card Pack #4 is out now. Anime character in the foreground with an abstract pink and red background, with the writing "Community Card Pack 4"
100% Orange Juice Community Card Pack #4

New Community Cards Spotlight

The Community Card Pack 4 for 100% Orange Juice has ignited excitement within the game's community. This latest update promises to inject fresh dynamics into the gameplay with its six meticulously crafted fan-designed cards. Let's see how these changes will change how players play and what they can do.

100% Orange Juice Shop with the uncommon card "Contest of Cuteness" from the Community Card Pack #4 being opened.
Contest of Cuteness (Uncommon)

Contest of Cuteness (BATTLE)

This card turns battles into a contest of cuteness, with a unique formula that makes outcomes unpredictable. It's a game-changer that can lead to unexpected upsets, especially when used by the attacker. The cuteness factor adds a whimsical twist to battles, making them more about charm than brute force. Personally, I'm all in for a cuteness overload!

100% Orange Juice Shop with the rare card "Warp Control" from the Community Card Pack #4 being opened.
Warp Control (Rare)

Warp Control (BOOST)

Warp Control offers strategic map manipulation, allowing players to choose their warp destination. This adds a new layer of strategy and escape routes, making it a valuable addition to any deck. It's perfect for players who love to outmaneuver their opponents and control the board. Get ready to warp your way to victory!

100% Orange Juice Shop with the common card "My Wild Friends" from the Community Card Pack #4 being opened.
My Wild Friends (Common)

My Wild Friends (BOOST)

Introducing an element of RNG, My Wild Friends allows players to summon a random friendly unit, adding powerful surprise plays to the game. This card can significantly impact the board, especially with the right timing. It's a wild card that keeps opponents guessing and adds excitement to every turn. Unleash your wild side!

100% Orange Juice Shop with the common card "Rebellion" from the Community Card Pack #4 being opened.
Rebellion (Common)

Rebellion (EVENT)

Rebellion gives an underdog boost, providing extra stats to players fighting against higher-level opponents. This card encourages aggression and strategic plays, making it a thrilling addition for those looking to shake up the status quo. It's a beacon of hope for players on the back foot, offering a chance to turn the tables. Who doesn't love a good underdog story?

100% Orange Juice Shop with the uncommon card "Nanako's Bit" from the Community Card Pack #4 being opened.
Nanako's Bit (Uncommon)

Nanako's Bit (GIFT)

Simple yet potent, Nanako's Bit offers a risk vs. reward element, granting a random stat boost at the start of battle but at the cost of stars. It's a card that can turn the tide in critical moments, offering a surprise advantage in battles. However, players must weigh the benefits against the potential loss of stars. High risk, high reward – count me in!

100% Orange Juice Shop with the common card "Bank of Poppo" from the Community Card Pack #4 being opened.
Bank of Poppo (Common)

Bank of Poppo (TRAP)

Bank of Poppo adds a new dimension to trap gameplay, with the potential to bankrupt opponents. It's a high-stakes card that can drastically change the game's dynamics. Players must tread carefully, as triggering this trap could lead to a significant loss of resources. Watch your step, or you might just go bankrupt!

Important Patch Note Changes

The recent patch, Version 3.16, brings several impactful changes that interact with the new cards. For instance, the addition of new summons may trigger the Elusive effect, and the Contest of Cuteness card introduces new considerations for stat changes.

It's important to review these changes to understand how they might affect gameplay with the new Community Card Pack. Notable changes include the optimization of the standby state of a player's turn and the increased maximum number of targets displayed in the targeting UI.

Meta Shakeup Predictions

With these new cards, we can expect some significant shifts in the meta. Cards like My Wild Friends and Contest of Cuteness introduce elements of randomness that can disrupt established playstyles. We might see new character builds emerge to take advantage of these changes.

Additionally, the strategic depth added by cards like Warp Control and Rebellion could lead to more dynamic and unpredictable games.

As the battle unfolds, the scent of 100% Orange Juice fills the air, a card coveted for its potential to sway outcomes in critical moments. However, its allure comes with a price - a risk that players must carefully assess against the loss of stars it may entail.

In the realm of traps, the Bank of Poppo Players must navigate this high-stakes card cautiously, as one misstep could result in a significant depletion of resources.

The landscape of gameplay shifts with the recent Version 3.16 update, as players delve into the intricate strategies and counterplays brought forth by the new cards in the Community Card Pack. The allure of uncertainty hangs in the air, tempting players to embrace unpredictability for a shot at victory.

About This Game

100% Orange Juice is a vibrant digital board game developed by Fruitbat Factory, featuring a star cast from popular indie games like Acceleration of Suguri, Flying Red Barrel, QP Shooting, and Sora. The game is known for its colorful art style, whimsical characters, and chaotic gameplay. Players can collect hyper cards to unleash powerful abilities, customize their characters with new skins, and engage in battles with a mix of strategy and luck.

The game also offers a spectator mode, allowing others to watch the fun unfold. With a variety of characters like Suguri, QP, Kai, and Pudding, each with their unique abilities, the game promises endless entertainment on PC.

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

Community Card Pack 4 brings exciting new dynamics to 100% Orange Juice, with fan-designed cards that add unpredictability and strategic depth. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, these cards are sure to spice up your games. Check out the full patch notes on the Steam forums for more details on these updates.


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