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A Glitch Lets You Beat Fortnite's 100 Days In Isolation

In Fortnite's '100 Days in Isolation', developed by Gold's Studio, players (@McScratchey) have stumbled upon a game-changing glitch - a magical spot atop the cafeteria stairs, reminiscent of Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, but for zombies. This glitch, while unplanned, provides a fascinating twist to the survival challenge, blending strategy with a sprinkle of humor.

Player in Fortnite '100 Days in Isolation' mode observing zombies from the safety of the cafeteria glitch spot.
Zombies are frozen in Fortnite's 100 Days In Isolation

The Cafeteria Glitch: A Zombie's Kryptonite

Imagine being in a high-stakes game of tag with zombies, and you suddenly find the ultimate 'base' where 'it' can't tag you. That's the cafeteria glitch for you. Rush to the top of the stairs, and the pursuing zombies freeze, baffled as if they've just seen a ghost... or maybe they think you've donned Harry Potter's invisibility cloak!

Gameplay Dynamics with the Glitch

This glitch isn't just a quirky bug; it's a strategic goldmine that can reshape your gameplay. Here's how:

  • Safe Zone Strategy: The glitch spot acts as a tactical retreat, giving you time to plan your next move without the constant threat of being zombie chow.

  • Balanced Exploration and Safety: It encourages a daring exploration strategy, knowing you have a secret weapon up your sleeve - or rather, at the top of some stairs.

  • Resource Management: These moments of calm amidst the storm are perfect for inventory management, healing, and strategizing.

Fortnite player in a pink 'Hope' skin attacking zombies in the '100 Days of Isolation' game mode
When in doubt, run back to the glitch spot

Player Tips for Maximizing the Glitch

Navigating this glitch is like playing a chess game where you can put your opponent on pause. Here are some tips to make the most of this advantage:

  • Quick Getaways: Always have your escape route to the glitch spot etched in your mind. It's like having a 'Get Out of Zombie Jail Free' card.

  • Calculated Risks: Be bold, venture out, but remember, your secret hideout is just a sprint away.

  • Strategic Planning: Use the glitch-induced downtime to plan your domination of the zombie apocalypse, just like a wizard planning their next spell.


The cafeteria glitch in '100 Days in Isolation' is a testament to the unpredictable and often humorous nature of gaming. It offers players a unique tactical advantage, akin to having an invisibility cloak in a zombie-infested world. Whether you use this glitch for a quick breather or as part of your grand survival strategy, it adds an entertaining twist to the game. So gear up, plan your moves, and remember – when in doubt, head for the stairs!

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