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Fortnite Chapter 5 Weapon Mods Vault Locations

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

The Big Bang Event has kicked off Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Underground, bringing with it an exciting new feature that has players stoked. Weapon mods have arrived, adding a new level of customization and strategy to the game.

In this post, we'll look at Fortnite weapon mods, explore their benefits, and discover how to access and use them. And no, this doesn't mean Fortnite is turning into CoD.

Introducing weapon mods - a modified weapon in Fortnite Chapter 5
Fortnite Chapter 5 Introduces Weapon Mods

Weapon Mods: The Best New Feature in Fortnite Chapter 5

With each new season of Fortnite, epic games never fail to surprise us with innovative gameplay elements, and weapon mods are no exception. While new Fortnite games look promising, weapon mods take the core gameplay to a new level. They allow players to customize their weapons, enhancing them to suit their play style.

The Idea Behind Weapon Mods

In Fortnite Chapter 5, weapon mods open up a new world of gameplay possibilities. The introduction of weapon mods presents players with a range of customization options for their weapons, including shotguns, assault rifles, SMGs, sniper rifles, and pistols. It's not just about finding a weapon with uncommon rarity; it's about making it yours.

Players can experiment, mix, and match mods with weapon mods to create the ultimate loadout. Whether you prefer a shotgun with an increased fire rate or an assault rifle with improved accuracy, weapon mods allow you to fine-tune your arsenal to suit your play style. This level of customization adds a new layer of strategy to the game, as players can now create loadouts that maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

Will These Mods Create Unfair Advantages?

Some players may be concerned that weapon mods could create unfair advantages, but fear not, Fortnite OGs. Weapon mods are available to every player, ensuring a level playing field.

These mods aren't designed to make weapons overpowered, but to enhance each weapon's strengths and cater to each player's unique gameplay style.

Square sight on a modded weapon in Fortnite Chapter 5
A new sight on a modded weapon in Fortnite

How to Access and Use Weapon Mods

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of accessing and using weapon mods in Fortnite Chapter 5. Just like finding the golden loot, mod benches are scattered throughout the map, waiting to be discovered. Your quest for mods begins by locating medallions on the map, which will guide you to mod benches hidden in vaults across various POIs or points of interest.

Ranging from reckless railways to a ritzy riviera, each vault holds its own surprises, much like opening a rotten tomato and finding a whole new world of mods inside. For instance, head underground at Reckless Railways, where you'll find a vault in the basement of the building, ready to reveal its mod secrets.

Lavish lair, snooty steppes, fencing fields, and grand glaciers also hold vaults of epic mod proportions, each with unique location and opportunities. So, keep your eyes peeled, and don't let queues at mod benches discourage you. The mods are worth the wait, I promise!

Check out the official Fortnite site for a full rundown on Chapter 5 Season 1.

A Fortnite character floats in space, galaxies all around
The Fortnite Big Bang Event brings big changes

Locating Mod Benches

There are a total of ten vaults, five with mod benches. I am still working on making guides for each mod bench vault. Here is a list of all mod bench locations and links to the guides that are completed.

Reckless Railways: Guide to finding the Reckless Railways Vault and Mod Bench. The boss is Valeria.

Snooty Steppes: Guide to finding the Lavish Lair Vault and Mod Bench. The boss is Peter Griffin (yea, the same one from Family Guy).

Fencing Fields: Guide to finding the Fencing Fields Vault and Mod Bench. The boss is Nisha.

Grand Glacier: Guide to finding the Grand Glacier Vault and Mod Bench. The boss is Montague.

Exchange of Bars for Mods

You can use modded weapons without a Mod Bench. Most mod-compatible weapons are already modded. Uncommon rarity weapons have one mod, Rare rarity weapons have two mods, Epic rarity weapons have three mods, and Legendary ones have four mods. If you want to replace the mods, you can exchange Bars at Mod Benches. Try different combos of mods to find what's best for you!

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

Fortnite Chapter 5 is an epic adventure filled with mayhem! The vaults of epic mod proportions are scattered across the map, waiting to be discovered. Don't let queues at the mod benches discourage you because the mods are worth the wait (not a real thing)!


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