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It's Now Easier To Find Father Doll In Alan Wake 2

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

The Father Doll was notorious for making the last Nursery Rhyme difficult to complete in Alan Wake 2. But with the introduction of the New Game Plus update, dubbed the "The Final Draft," players can now breathe a sigh of relief.

This update has changed the player's experience, adding considerable improvements, such as a solution to the Father Doll problem. The update also includes numerous bug fixes and slight performance optimizations, making the game more enjoyable and accessible to all players.

Updates and patches are a common thing in the world of video games, but this update goes above and beyond. To fully experience the new features, a completed playthrough of Alan Wake 2 is required. Let's explore what the game looks like after the new update.

Alan Wake approaches his desk, preparing to write his final draft
Alan Wake is back to write his final draft

The Evolution of Alan Wake 2

The Journey So Far

In Alan Wake 2, the highly anticipated sequel has been a journey into the supernatural and psychological thriller genre. Since the game was first released, people have liked it because it tells a story, has a nice atmosphere, and is fun to play.

It also has a new mode called New Game Plus that delivers a different ending and offers a harder than usual difficulty setting. With its gripping and immersive storytelling, Alan Wake 2 has been praised for having one of the best narratives in the gaming industry, winning the award for Best Narrative at The Game Awards.

Like any ambitious project, it has also faced its share of challenges, with players voicing concerns over certain gameplay elements and seeking more content. The latest update has addressed these concerns, like making the Father Doll easier to find, providing a more satisfying experience for players. This evolution of Alan Wake 2 shows the dedication of developer Remedy Entertainment to continuously improve and enhance the game for its fans.

Retain all unlocked weapons, charms and upgrades in Alan Wake 2's New Game Plus Final Draft update
New Game Plus allows you to keep your weapons, charms and upgrades

The Latest Update: More Than Just Fixes

Finding the Father Doll

One of the most notable changes in the latest update is making the Father Doll easier for Saga Anderson to locate. Previously, this item, crucial for completing the last Nursery Rhyme, proved notoriously difficult to find, leading to player frustration. The tweak is a direct response to player suggestions, showcasing the developers' dedication to enhancing the gaming experience based on player feedback.

What is New Game Plus?

Exploring the Details of New Game Plus

Starting a new game is nothing new to video games, but Alan Wake 2 is redefining what a new game is. New Game Plus allows players to restart the game with previously earned bonuses, skills, or equipment, offering a fresh perspective on the gameplay and narrative.

Features of New Game Plus in Alan Wake 2

In Alan Wake 2, the New Game Plus mode brings several enticing features:

  • A New Ending: Offering a different conclusion to the story, this adds a significant replay value.

  • New Nightmare Difficulty Level: For those seeking a greater challenge, this new difficulty level will test even the most seasoned players.

  • Retention of Progress: Players can keep their unlocked videos, Charms, and upgrades, making subsequent playthroughs feel more rewarding.

The Impact of New Game Plus

The addition of New Game Plus in Alan Wake 2 is more than just an extension of gameplay; it's a testament to the game's depth and the developers' dedication to providing a rich, immersive experience.

A TV with a doctor or scientist on the screen from Alan Wake 2
Experience the story in new ways

Enhanced Performance and Stability

Improvements Across Platforms

The update isn't limited to new content. It also addresses performance and stability, crucial aspects that impact the overall gaming experience. For instance, PlayStation 5 players will notice a smoother gameplay experience, thanks to optimizations made specifically for the console.

Visual and Audio Enhancements

A More Immersive Bright Falls

Visual and audio improvements have been implemented, making the world of Alan Wake 2 more immersive. These enhancements affect everything from character interactions to the eerie atmosphere of Bright Falls, making the game not only more enjoyable to play, but also more engaging to experience.

Community and Developer Interaction

Listening to Player Feedback

This update highlights the importance of community feedback in the gaming industry. By addressing the concerns and wishes of players, the developers have improved Alan Wake 2 and fostered a stronger relationship with their audience.

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

Alan Wake 2 got a big update that makes the game better for players. This is a good example of how game updates can make a big difference. The introduction of New Game Plus, along with performance and aesthetic enhancements, ensures that Alan Wake 2 remains a relevant and engaging title in the gaming world.

For more detailed information about the update and to stay informed about future changes, players can visit the official Alan Wake 2 Update Patch Notes. Patch update versions: PlayStation 5 (1.00.13), Xbox Series (, and PC (1.0.13).


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