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Pikachu's back in Detective Pikachu Returns

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Pikachu is back and ready to solve more mysteries in the hit video game sequel, Detective Pikachu Returns! Join our favorite electric mouse and his human partner Tim Goodman as they unravel the secrets of Ryme City once again. This time around, new gameplay features await you as you explore the city and interact with its residents.

But that's not all - we'll also take a deeper dive into the world of Ryme City and its quirky characters. And with all-new storyline twists, Detective Pikachu Returns promises to be even more intriguing than its predecessor. So grab your magnifying glass and join us on this exciting adventure!

The Detective Pikachu Returns logo
Detective Pikachu Returns

The Return of Detective Pikachu

After the success of 2016's Detective Pikachu for Nintendo 3DS, Pikachu's back in the highly anticipated sequel, Detective Pikachu Returns. Fans of the original game will be thrilled to see their favorite coffee-loving Pikachu return. Get ready to join Pikachu on a new journey in Ryme City as Detective Pikachu Returns brings back the beloved character in a brand-new storyline.

Pikachu looks into his coffee cup. Perhaps it's empty.
Detective Pikachu Loves His Coffee

Plot Overview of Detective Pikachu Returns

Get ready for another wild adventure with Pikachu and Tim Goodman in Detective Pikachu Returns. This time, they're facing new challenges and uncovering secrets in Ryme City. From a jewel theft to Pokémon-related incidents, the duo is on a thrilling path filled with twists and turns. Get ready for suspense and intrigue!

What's New in Detective Pikachu Returns?

Detective Pikachu Returns brings exciting gameplay features to the table. With enhanced graphics and immersive visuals on the Nintendo Switch, players can explore new areas of Ryme City and interact with various characters. Experience a fresh and engaging adventure with new Pokémon and locations.

Gameplay Features

Ready to solve crimes? In Detective Pikachu Returns, use Pikachu's special abilities for great detective work and gather clues. Join forces with Tim Goodman to navigate the immersive gameplay experience. Get ready to strategize your way through captivating mysteries and puzzles!

Photos and newspaper clippings, with a picture of Pikachu and Tim in the center
Ryme City Is Full of Mystery

Unraveling Mysteries Across Ryme City

Get ready to dive deep into the captivating city of Ryme in Detective Pikachu Returns. Explore iconic locations, unravel hidden secrets, and solve intriguing mysteries with unique twists. Immerse yourself in the immersive world of this October video game sensation!

Character Profiles - Pikachu and Tim Goodman

In Detective Pikachu Returns, we meet the dynamic duo of Pikachu and Tim Goodman as they solve a series of mysteries. With his sharp wit and detective skills, Pikachu leads the investigations while Tim, a college student by day and amateur detective by night, assists in solving cases. Together, they form an unlikely partnership on a quest for justice in Ryme City.

The Intrigue of Ryme City

Ryme City sets the stage for the thrilling events in Detective Pikachu Returns. The evolved city is filled with mystery and danger. Uncover secrets, encounter unique characters, and embrace the excitement of exploring new areas. The allure of Ryme City adds depth and intrigue to the gameplay experience.

How has Ryme City evolved in the sequel?

The sequel to Detective Pikachu unveils a transformed Ryme City, offering players a fresh take on the familiar setting. With updated visuals and new locations, delve into the mysteries of this ever-evolving city and uncover its secrets. Experience the captivating evolution of Ryme City in Detective Pikachu Returns.

The Impact of Detective Pikachu Returns on the Franchise

Prepare to be amazed by the lasting impact of Detective Pikachu Returns, as it expands the lore and storytelling possibilities of the series. Fans can expect a deeper dive into the world of Pokémon and its mysteries, showcasing the potential for future installments in the franchise.

Will Detective Pikachu Returns redefine mystery games?

Get ready for a groundbreaking mystery experience with Detective Pikachu Returns. This game pushes the boundaries of the genre, offering a unique blend of detective work and puzzle-solving. With its captivating storyline and engaging characters, it has the potential to redefine how mystery games are approached and enjoyed.

Pikachu and Tim Goodman enjoy a meal together
Pikachu and Tim Enjoy a Meal


And that's a wrap on Detective Pikachu Returns! The beloved yellow detective and his partner Tim Goodman are back to solve even more mysteries in the vibrant city of Ryme. With new gameplay features and an evolved Ryme City, this sequel promises to be an intriguing and exciting adventure for fans of the franchise. Will Detective Pikachu Returns redefine mystery games? Only time will tell. But one thing's for sure,

Pikachu's charm and wit never fail to entertain. So grab your magnifying glass and get ready to join the dynamic duo on another thrilling escapade. It's time to unleash your inner detective and embark on an unforgettable journey with Pikachu and Tim Goodman. Let the investigation begin!


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