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How To Get Montague's Enforcer AR In Fortnite Chapter 5

Fortnite Chapter 5 has seen the rise of new POIs, weapons, and challenges, but few shine as brightly as Montague's Enforcer AR. This Mythic assault rifle, wielded by the formidable boss himself, packs a punch that can turn the tide of any battle. But claiming this diamond in the rough requires strategy and a touch of daring. So, grab your pickaxes and sharpen your aim, because we're about to embark on a frosty expedition to the Grand Glacier Hotel.

Montague's Enforcer AR lays on the ground, a UI element shows the gun's name and attachments, a player looks at thwe weapon preparing to pick it up
Just defeated Montague, he dropped his Enforcer AR

Location, Location, Location

First things first, you need to know where to find Montague. He's perched atop the majestic Grand Glacier Hotel, a sprawling complex nestled within the snow-capped peaks. The hotel is located on the eastern edge of the map, near Reckless Railways. Keep an eye out for its distinctive silhouette and the ominous red glow emanating from its windows – that's your cue that the Enforcer awaits.

A map showing the location of Montague in Fortnite Chapter 5
This is where you can find Montague

Scaling the Glacial Stronghold

Reaching Montague's lofty lair is no easy feat. The mountain path leading up to the hotel is riddled with Sentinel turrets and patrolled by Montague's loyal IO guards. Here are your options:

  • Direct Approach: Brave the onslaught head-on, utilizing cover and quick bursts of firepower to take down the guards and turrets. This is a risky but potentially rewarding strategy, especially if you're confident in your combat skills.

  • Stealthy Ascent: Utilize the various crevices and hidden pathways around the mountain to avoid detection. This might take longer, but it allows you to conserve ammo and surprise Montague when you reach the top.

  • Third-Party Play: Wait for another squad to engage Montague and the guards, then swoop in and clean up the mess. This is a less honorable but often safer way to acquire the Enforcer.

Montague's Enforcer AR through the Aim-Down Sights (ADS)
ADS of Montague's Enforcer AR

Confronting the Kingpin

Once you reach the hotel's rooftop, prepare for a showdown with Montague. He's a formidable opponent, wielding a powerful shotgun and supported by additional IO guards. Here are some tips for taking him down:

  • Build cover: Quickly construct walls and ramps to shield yourself from Montague's attacks and give you breathing room to return fire.

  • Utilize your surroundings: The rooftop has plenty of explosive barrels and gas cans. Lure Montague near them and trigger the explosions for massive damage.

  • Prioritize the guards: Take out the IO guards first to avoid getting flanked while focusing on Montague.

  • Aim for headshots: Montague's helmet offers some protection, but precise shots to the head can quickly bring him down.

Claiming Your Prize (Montague's Enforcer AR)

If you emerge victorious, the Mythic Enforcer AR is yours for the taking. This beast boasts an impressive 37 damage per shot, a 28-round magazine, and a snappy fire rate of 5. It's a force to be reckoned with in medium to long-range engagements. Remember, there's only one Enforcer AR per match, so use it wisely and make every shot count.

The weapon stats for Montague's Enforcer AR - p2X Optic, Drum mag, angled foregrip, muzzle brake, damage 37, magazine size 28, fire rate 5, reload time 2.12
Montague's Enforcer AR Weapon Stats

Icy Veins Whispers

Rumors swirl around the Grand Glacier Hotel about a change to Montague's Medallion. Some whisper it will bestow the power of "Icy Veins," an augment said to temporarily increase movement speed and fire rate after eliminating an enemy. While Epic Games hasn't officially confirmed its existence, the rumors persist. In its current state, the medallion will give players a shield boost, which isn't such a bad thing either.

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

Obtaining Montague's Enforcer AR is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. By following these tips and employing a mix of strategy and skill, you can conquer the Grand Glacier Hotel, dethrone the icy kingpin, and claim the crown jewel of Fortnite Chapter 5's arsenal. So, good luck and may the Enforcer be with you!


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