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How To Find The Fencing Fields Vault and Mod Bench Location in Fortnite

In Fortnite Chapter 5, players have the opportunity to engage in a new challenge involving the discovery of Mod Benches, which are essential for weapon customization. These benches are located in vaults across the map, including key areas such as Snooty Steppes, Reckless Railways, Grand Glacier, Lavish Lair, and Fencing Fields.

To access a vault and utilize a Mod Bench, players must first acquire a medallion by defeating the area boss. Notable bosses include Peter Griffin in Snooty Steppes and Nisha in Fencing Fields. Once the boss is defeated and the medallion acquired, players can unlock the vault and access the Mod Bench inside.

The Fencing Fields Vault in Fortnite Chapter 5
The Fencing Fields Vault

The Mod Bench allows players to add various attachments to their weapons. These attachments can enhance the weapon’s performance by reducing recoil, increasing magazine capacity, and providing new optics.

It's important to note that weapons obtained from Vending Machines or NPCs cannot be used on a Mod Bench. Players can equip a maximum of four attachments on a weapon, depending on the weapon's rarity, with each modification costing 75 Gold.

This addition of Mod Benches in Fortnite Chapter 5 brings an exciting layer to the Battle Royale experience, allowing players to customize their loadout during a match and adapt their strategy accordingly.

Location of Fencing Fields Vault & Nisha Medallion

Discover the strategic location of the Fencing Fields Vault in Fortnite, Chapter 5. Nestled in the basement of the big house within the Fencing Fields area, unlocking this vault door is the key to awesome loot that will give you one-up on the competition. Learn how to navigate to the vault and prepare for the encounter with the area boss, Nisha.

Nisha's Medallion, dropped after she was eliminated, Fortnite Chapter 5
Nisha dropped her medallion after elimination

The Vault's Location

Opening the vault in Fencing Fields and using the Mod Bench in Fortnite Chapter 5 is pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. From my experience, the first thing you need to do is defeat Nisha. Once you have the medallion, a navigation line and marker will help you locate the vault. In Fencing Fields, the vault is tucked away in the basement of the big house - pretty easy to find once you know where to look. The tricky part is getting inside.

Getting Nisha's Medallion

To access the vault, you need a medallion, which is held by the boss of the area, Nisha. She's usually inside the house, but be warned, she's not alone. There are a dozen guards around, and they can be a bit of a hassle. The key is to take them out quickly, then focus on Nisha. It's not too tough, especially if you've played a few rounds and know how to handle a skirmish.

Opening the Fencing Fields Vault

Once Nisha is down, grab the medallion she drops. This is your ticket into the vault. Just head to the basement, and the medallion does the rest. The vault door swings open, and you're in. Inside, you'll find some loot and, more importantly, the Mod Bench.

The Fencing Fields Mod Bench

Using the Mod Bench is a breeze. Just interact with it, and you can start customizing your weapons. You can add attachments like new optics, extended magazines, and stuff to reduce recoil. Each modification costs some gold, but it's usually worth it for the edge it gives you in the game. It's a pretty neat way to tailor your gear to your play style.

Overall, it's a simple enough process and a fun part of playing Fortnite Chapter 5. It adds a bit more depth to the game, making each match a bit more unique depending on what mods you choose to use.

The Fencing FIelds Mod Bench inside of the vault, displaying weapon mods
Fencing Fields Weapon Mod Bench

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

In conclusion, navigating the Fencing Fields in Fortnite Chapter 5 presents a thrilling and rewarding challenge for players. By successfully locating the vault, defeating Nisha, and utilizing the Mod Bench, you enhance your gameplay experience and demonstrate strategic thinking and combat proficiency.

This guide has provided you with the essential steps and strategies needed to conquer the Fencing Fields, showcasing the depth and excitement that Fortnite continues to offer.


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