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How To Get Nisha's and the Rest of Fortnite's High Society Medallions

Welcome, vault hunters! Chapter 5 of Fortnite isn't just about royale rumbles and building battles. It's a tapestry of wealth, power, and the mysterious High Society.

Go beyond the familiar storm circle. Discover a realm where bosses like Nisha and Family Guy's Peter Griffin (although Stewie would have made more sense) guard desired Society Medallions and secret Vaults overflowing with loot. This guide will be your compass as you navigate the gilded labyrinth of the High Society, unlocking its secrets and emerging victorious.

Medallion locations of Montague, Nisha, Oscar, Peter Griffin, and Valeria on the Fortnite Chapter 5 map.
Fortnite Chapter 5 Map - Medallion Locations

Navigating the Labyrinth of Bosses

In the treacherous labyrinth of bosses, Nisha's Medallion gleams on her chest, showcasing her power and opulence among Fortnite Chapter 5's high society medallions. With her medallion, Nisha stands tall as one of the most formidable adversaries. But don't let her possible beauty deceive you; Nisha's medallion is a force to be reckoned with. Plus, defeating Nisha rewards you with her Striker AR, an extremely powerful mythic weapon.

Each High Society member reigns supreme in their own opulent domain

  • Nisha, Queen of Blades: Fencing Fields tremble under her watchful eye. Master the dance of parries and strikes to claim the Mythic Nisha's Striker AR and the coveted medallion that amplifies your every shot.

  • Peter Griffin, Lord of Snooty Steppes: His sprawling mansion echoes with laughter and the clatter of shotguns. Outsmart his buffoonery and secure the Hammer Pump Shotgun, a devastating force in close quarters. The medallion he guards will bolster your defenses, making you a true iron wall.

  • Valeria, Empress of Reckless Railways: This central hub hums with chaotic energy. Outmaneuver Valeria's Hyper SMG blitzkrieg and claim her medallion, a symbol of rapid shield regeneration that keeps you in the thick of the fight.

  • Montague, Master of the Grand Glacier: His icy lair chills the bones, but the Mythic Montague's Enforcer AR packs a fiery punch. Defeating him grants you not only the weapon but also a medallion that strengthens your resolve, making you unyielding against the storm.

  • Oscar, King of the Lavish Lair: Decadence defines his gilded domain. Dodge his Mythic Oscar's Frenzy Auto Shotgun and snatch his medallion, a testament to strategic regeneration that turns the tide of battle.

Medallions: More Than Just Bling

In the world of Fortnite Chapter 5, the Medallions held by each High Society member are more than just mere symbols of opulence and power. These Medallions possess extraordinary abilities that can completely alter the course of battle.

Battling Nisha in the Fencing Fields, searching for her medallion
Taking down Nisha in the Fencing Fields

These aren't your grandma's trinkets. Society Medallions unlock the true potential of the High Society

  • Max Shield Medallions: Ascend to unimaginable heights! Collect 1-2 medallions and boost your max shield to 110. With 3, you'll reach 140, and with a full set of 4-5, prepare to shrug off enemy fire with a staggering 200 shield!

  • Normal Medallions: Become a shield-regenerating machine! 1-2 medallions grant you a steady 3 shields per second, 3 medallions double that to 6 per second, and with the full set, you'll regenerate a rapid 8 shields per second, turning you into a walking fortress.

But don't get too cocky! As of December 16th, the medallions have undergone a strategic shift:

  • No more full refills: Complete dominance requires all five medallions to replenish your shield entirely.

  • Patience is a virtue: Shield regeneration kicks in after a short delay, so plan your battles accordingly.

  • Stealth is your friend: The enemy-revealing yellow circle has shrunk, making tactical movement crucial.

Nisha's Medallion in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, dropped by Nisha in-game
Nisha's Medallion in Fortnite Chapter 5

Beyond the Bosses: Unearthing the Vaults

While the High Society Medallions may be the prized possessions of their respective owners, they are not the only treasures to be found within Fortnite Chapter 5.

Deep within hidden vaults lie loot and mod benches, waiting to be unearthed by intrepid adventurers. Weapon mods can be a great way to adjust your guns for the next wave of unfortunates to cross your path.

Each boss guards a secret vault brimming with treasures

  • Reckless Railways Vault: Descend the spiral staircase and unlock a treasure trove of weapons and gear, perfect for fueling your chaotic adventures. Read our full Reckless Railways Vault guide.

  • Snooty Steppes Vault: Behind double doors in the mansion's garage, luxury meets loot! Prepare to find high-tier weapons and consumables fit for a king (or a Griffin). Read our full Snooty Steppes Vault guide.

  • Lavish Lair Vault: The greenhouse at the back holds more than just exotic plants. Brace yourself for powerful weapons and rare resources that will make you the envy of the High Society. Read our full Lavish Lair Vault guide.

  • Grand Glacier Vault: Uncork a bounty of goodies in the property's hidden wine cellar. From powerful sniper rifles to cozy campfires, this vault has something for every explorer. Read our full Grand Glacier Vault guide.

  • Fencing Fields Vault: Navigate the substantial building's wine cellar and claim your prize. Prepare to find tactical shotguns and defensive gear to dominate the art of the duel. Read our full Fencing Fields Vault guide.

The vault in the cellar at Fencing Fields in Fortnite Chapter 5
Running to the vault underneath the cellar in Fencing Fields

Conquering the High Society

Mastering high society is no casual stroll. It demands cunning, adaptability, and a dash of daring. Here are your keys to victory:

  • Study the Bosses: Each has unique attack patterns and vulnerabilities. Learn their dances and strike when they falter.

  • Optimize Your Medallions: Choose a combination that suits your play style. Decide by asking yourself things like, "Do I favor brute force with max shields or tactical retreats?"

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

With dust settling around Montague's vault, I can't help but grin. Chapter 5 isn't just about fancy guns and high shields; it's a thrill ride – a dance of bullets and wits you won't find in the storm circle. Sure, things got dicey, medallions aren't as OP, and vaults are war zones, but that's the beauty of it. Every fight pushes you, and every win feels earned. This playground of power rewards legends, not loot goblins. So, grab our guide and dive in. The High Society awaits. See you on the other side, champs.


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