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Where to Find the Lavish Lair Vault & Mod Bench in Fortnite

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the Lavish Lair Vault and Mod Bench? Well, you've come to the right place!

In this guide, we will take you through the steps of locating and accessing the Lavish Lair Vault, as well as finding the mod bench hidden within. I'll offer some advice on the best way to enter the vault, what areas to avoid, and what to expect at the Lavish Lair mansion.

The Lavish Lair Vault door opening in Fortnite Chapter 5
The Lavish Lair Vault door is opening!

Locating the Lavish Lair Vault in Fortnite

Now, the Lavish Lair Vault is not your typical chest of goodies. It is situated in the frigid cold mountains of Fortnite Chapter 5. To make things easier, look for the large mansion with a red roof on the north side of the map.

The Lavish Lair is a grand building that oozes luxury and mystery. But beware, the mansion is heavily guarded, and you want to avoid the main entrance at all costs.

Landmarks to Help Locate the Lavish Lair Vault

To locate the Lavish Lair Vault, find the fancy mansion (the one I just mentioned). You can't miss it! And if you're still not sure, look for the hedges in the front of the mansion, shaped like animals. It's a lavish touch, indeed.

Remember, the main entrance is heavily guarded, so it's best to approach from the backside of the mansion, where the vault is located on the ground level. Once inside the vault, you may come across powerful weapons, such as a legendary frenzy shotgun, which can be a game-changer in Fortnite.

Animal shaped hedges near the Lavish Lair mansion
Look for landmarks, such as these animal-shaped hedges

Potential Challenges in Finding the Lavish Lair Vault

Now, actually getting inside the vault can be challenging, especially for new players. Its ease of access makes it highly contested (much easier to find than the Grand Glacier Vault), and you may encounter opposition from other players seeking the same lavish loot. So, the best approach is to fly directly to the Lavish Lair mansion from the battle bus, avoiding the chaos of the main entrance. Trust me, it's the smart move.

How to Access the Lavish Lair Vault

Before we can go into the vault, we need to get rid of the boss of the fancy place, Oscar, who is powerful. He's a large, tiger-looking character, with a big health bar and shield that will put your Fortnite skills to the test.

To defeat him, aim for headshots, and make sure you have uncommon or rare weapons on hand. Here's a tip - try to lure Oscar into a small space, like the kitchen of the, to keep his gang from getting in the way of the action.

First, take down the boss!

When facing Oscar, remember he's no ordinary feline. His hefty health and shield call for strategic shots and rare weapons. Try luring him to a cramped space before seizing his Medallion and advancing to the vault.

Eliminating Oscar in Fortnite Chapter 5
Taking down Oscar for his medallion

Now take the medallion to the vault

Take Oscar's fancy medallion to the vault access pad and patiently wait as the vault unlocks, or take a selfie with a smug face while waiting for the grand reveal.

Collecting Oscar's Medallion at the Lavish Lair mansion
Collecting Oscar's Medallion

Locating the Lavish Lair Mod Bench in Fortnite

Congratulations! You've opened the Lavish Lair Vault, but the adventure doesn't end there. There's more loot to be discovered, more weapons to be modded.

First, unlock the vault

To access the Lavish Lair Mod Bench, we must first unlock the vault door. I know, it may seem a bit redundant, but bear with me. Once you open the vault door, the mod bench is waiting for you to the left.

Unlocking the Lavish Lair Vault with Oscar's Medallion
Unlocking the Lavish Lair Vault with Oscar's Medallion

Second, make sure you have a modifiable weapon

Make sure to have a modifiable weapon and then head to the bench, pressing the interact button to proceed.

Looking at the Lavish Lair Weapon Mod Bench in Fortnite Chapter 5
The Lavish Lair Weapon Mod Bench

Using the Lavish Lair Mod Bench

The Lavish Lair Mod Bench is a weapon modders paradise. Here, you will be able to transform your weapons from ordinary to extraordinary. Select the parts of the weapon you want to swap out, and watch as your gun transforms before your very eyes.

Remember, all this modding goodness comes at a price - gold bars. Make sure you have enough of those shiny gold bars to afford the new mod parts. It's gold well spent.

Modding a Frenzy Auto Shotgun at the Lavish Lair Weapon Mod Bench
Modding a Frenzy Auto Shotgun at the Lavish Lair Weapon Mod Bench

What parts of the weapon can be modded?

Now, let's talk about how to modify Fortnite weapons, which I know a lot about.

There are four parts of the weapon that can be modified - the optics, the magazine, the underbarrel, and the barrel. The optics mod can change the range of your sight. The magazine mod can increase your magazine capacity. The underbarrel mod can enhance accuracy for hip fire or aim-down sights. The barrel mod can change the muzzle flash and sound of the shots fired.

Are All Ten Fortnite Vaults The Same?

Now, you may be wondering, are all Fortnite vaults created equal? Well, the answer is both yes and no. While most vaults contain valuable loot, the rewards vary, and there is no superior vault. But of the ten vaults scattered throughout the map, only five of them house the coveted weapon mod benches, including the Lavish Lair Vault.

Are Mod Benches Worth Using?

Are mod benches worth all the modding madness? Well, it all depends on your play style. Mod benches can enhance your gameplay experience, allowing you to customize your weapons and items to suit your battle royale needs.

Some players argue that mod benches give an unfair advantage, while others believe it adds depth and strategy to the game. The choice is yours to make.

It's important to note that the rarity of weapons determines how many mods come pre-installed. Uncommon (green) weapons have one mod, rare (blue) weapons have two mods, epic (purple) weapons have three mods, and legendary (gold) weapons have four mods. This means that the rarity of your weapon will directly impact the number of mods you can install.

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

In conclusion, locating the Lavish Lair Vault and Mod Bench in Fortnite can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. It's definitely one of the easier vaults to access. I'm also happy I fixed the HDR video recording issue that made my Grand Glacier Vault footage look washed out and faded 😤.

With landmarks and strategies to help you find the vault, taking down the boss, and accessing the medallion, you'll be on your way to unlocking exciting treasures. And once you've unlocked the vault, don't forget to visit the Mod Bench to enhance your weapons and gear. While all ten Fortnite vaults may not be the same, the thrill of discovering each one is definitely worth the effort.


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