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The Best Way To Reach Mohgwyn Palace In Elden Ring!

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Undertake an epic adventure in FromSoftware's Elden Ring! Mohgwyn Palace awaits, but trust me; it's no walk in the park to get there.

Join me as we uncover hidden paths, conquer treacherous obstacles, and explore the mysterious Rose Church and the daunting Church of Inhibition, all while discovering the secrets of Liurnia.

Oh, and let's not forget about the Chapel of Anticipation! I'll also reveal an alternate path through the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance. Brace yourselves for an intense battle against Mohg, the formidable Lord of Blood. I have some pro tips to help you emerge victorious in each battle phase. Don't forget to watch for the pureblood knight's medal, as it can significantly enhance your abilities during the fight.

Gear up, and let's dive into this thrilling adventure together!

How To Get To Mohgwyn Palace In Elden Ring

Here is a quick rundown of what's needed to reach the Mohgwn Palace:

  1. Uncover hidden paths and conquer treacherous obstacles.

  2. Explore the mysterious Rose Church and the daunting Church of Inhibition.

  3. Don't forget to visit the Chapel of Anticipation.

  4. Alternatively, consider taking the alternate path through the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance.

  5. Prepare for an intense battle against Mohg, the formidable Lord of Blood.

  6. Meet fascinating NPCs, discover valuable items, and uncover the secrets of Mohgwyn Palace as you journey through Elden Ring.

A character on a horse crosses a bridge, a large castle in the distance
Elden Ring

White-Faced Varre

Upon leaving the tutorial area, players will likely encounter a peculiar non-playable character named "White-Faced Varre." This character provides guidance and advice to players on how to navigate their way to Stormveil Castle and seek the guidance of grace.

Players return to the location where Varre was initially found, known as "the first step" site of lost grace, after defeating Godrick the Grafted and visiting two-fingers at roundtable hold. In that case, they will discover that Varre has disappeared but has left a brief message behind.

The Rose Church

Hidden within the expansive world of Elden Ring, The Rose Church plays a pivotal role in reaching the illustrious Mohgwyn Palace. Shrouded in mystery, this concealed sanctuary demands players' attention as they embark on their quest for glory.

To unveil this enigmatic locale, intrepid explorers must meticulously navigate the treacherous terrain, carefully charting their way through a myriad of hazards and engaging foes. Conquering the formidable challenges sprinkled throughout, The Rose Church bestows upon them coveted access to Mohgwyn Palace, a realm brimming with untold secrets and unimaginable treasures.

The Mohgwyn Palace is known for its dark and mysterious history. Legends speak of a bloody finger that is said to hold great power within the palace walls. This finger, rumored to have belonged to a powerful sorcerer, is said to grant its possessor the ability to invade other players' worlds and collect valuable runes and rune arcs.

The Church of Inhibition & Chapel of Anticipation

The Church of Inhibition, a massive cathedral-like structure, stands as the gateway to Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring. Encountering a diverse array of enemies and surmounting numerous challenges within its hallowed halls, players showcase their skills and resolve.

As they navigate this treacherous edifice, an ethereal beauty awaits them in the Chapel of Anticipation. From here, the path to Mohgwyn Palace unfolds before their eager eyes. A testament to both danger and majesty, this cathedral marks the thrilling climax of their journey, ushering them into the palace's realm of wonders and perils alike.

A chariot pulled by two beasts in Elden Ring
Travel Like A King

The Other Path to Mohgwyn Palace

In Elden Ring, players can explore an alternative route to Mohgwyn Palace through the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance, a challenging underground maze filled with formidable foes and hidden treasures. The journey will lead them to the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace, where they can uncover the secrets of the palace and encounter the remnants of a forgotten civilization.

Skilled players can access unique paths through Waygate teleporters and be rewarded with coveted items. To reach the Golden Rune, players must navigate a narrow path along the cliff and drop down onto a stone platform. Resting at the Palace Approach Ledge-Road and preparing Wondrous Physick with the Twiggy Cracked Tear is recommended.

Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance

As you venture through the enchanting world of Elden Ring, seeking the elusive Mohgwyn Palace, an alternative route promises a unique gameplay experience. Instead of following the traditional path, players can take a detour through the Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint Site of Grace. This hidden gem offers an exciting opportunity to discover hidden paths, uncover secrets, and encounter unforeseen challenges.

The Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance Site of Grace, nestled in the heart of the snow-covered Albinauric, beckons adventurers with its mysterious allure. As you make your way through the underground labyrinth, be prepared to face formidable foes and navigate treacherous terrain. The ancient runes etched into the walls and the echoing whispers of fallen heroes add an air of mystique to the journey.

To reach Mohgwyn Palace, you must locate the Yelough Anix Ruins on the mountaintops of the giants. The teleporter to Mohgwyn Palace is located directly northwest of these ruins in the consecrated snowfields. A secret path can also be taken at the lift to reach the palace. Another way is to find a hidden doorway in the consecrated snowfields northwest of the Yelough Anix Ruins. Once you have defeated the Sanguine Noble NPC that invades nearby, the waygate will become active, and you can use it to teleport to Mohgwyn Palace.

A broken statue with a Bloodrose x5 at its feet can be found by following a ledge. Nearby, there is a rock platform with scarlet rot-infected dogs. Still, it is best to step away to avoid attracting attention while being invaded by a Nameless White Mask. These invaders are tough with quick dagger attacks and blood magic, so it's essential to avoid getting caught up in their bug swarm spell. They can be countered with Guard Counter. Defeating the invader will reward a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, White Mask, and the War Surgeon Armor Set.

Stepping into the Dynasty Mausoleum entrance introduces a new flavor to your Elden Ring experience. Whether you seek unique loot or yearn for a different perspective on the grand tapestry of the game, this hidden path offers it all. The winding catacombs and perilous ledges present challenges and rewards, making your journey truly unforgettable.

The Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum is an essential location in the game Elden Ring. It is home to a powerful optional boss and contains various treasures and items. Players can navigate the region and defeat the area boss to obtain a great rune and remembrance. The mausoleum is situated in a cave, and players can access it through a gateway portal or by climbing down from the Palace Approaching Ledge-Road. The area surrounding the mausoleum features a lake of blood inhabited by red Albinaurics, blood dogs, and giant bird enemies.

A special attack from Elden Ring
Special Attack

How to Defeat Mohg, Lord of Blood

To successfully emerge victorious against Mohg, the fearsome Lord of Blood in Elden Ring's Mohgwyn Palace, players must master their attack patterns and weaknesses. By carefully studying his movements, you can anticipate his attacks and skillfully dodge and evade them. Armed with the right weapons and abilities, you can exploit Mohg's vulnerabilities and deal devastating blows.

Don't overlook the strength of your companions. You can gain a significant advantage in the battle by utilizing their unique abilities and coordinating your attacks. Stay tenacious and learn from every encounter to improve your strategies and reactions. With determination and cunning, you can overcome the challenges presented by Mohg, Lord of Blood, and triumph in the infamous Mohgwyn Palace.

Finishing the subterranean shunning-grounds (also known as Leyndell sewers) is strongly advised before engaging in this boss battle. Alternatively, you can visit the sewers and obtain Mohg's shackle. This item temporarily immobilizes Mohg and significantly simplifies the first phase of the fight.

What Mohgwyn Palace Has To Offer

As you embark on your journey through Elden Ring, be prepared to encounter the awe-inspiring Mohgwyn Palace. This amazing location, nestled within the game's expansive world, showcases stunning architecture and intricate details that will leave you breathless.

But Mohgwyn Palace has much more to offer than just its visual splendor. Venture through its halls and discover valuable loot, uncover hidden secrets, and face off against formidable enemies. The palace is also a battleground for epic boss fights, where you'll test your skills and create unforgettable moments.

The journey continues in Elden Ring
Journey On

What level should you be for Mohgwyn Palace?

The suggested level range for Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring is approximately 80-90. Still, the difficulty may differ based on your play style and skill. It's advisable to level up your character, enhance equipment, and undertake side quests to gain experience and strengthen yourself before venturing into Mohgwyn Palace.

Can you get to Mohgwyn Palace without Varre?

Yes, there is an alternate route to Mohgwyn Palace, but you will have to wait until near the end of the game. In comparison, Mohgwyn Palace can be reached soon after the tutorial using the Varre method.


If you're looking for the best route to Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring, this guide is for you! You can take the path through the White-Faced Varre or explore the Rose Church, Church of Inhibition, and Chapel of Anticipation for an exciting adventure. Once you reach Mohgwyn Palace, you'll face the formidable Mohg, Lord of Blood. Our guide on defeating him will help you prepare for each battle phase. Don't forget to explore the palace's offerings, including NPCs, merchants, and valuable items. Grab your controller and embark on your journey to Elden Ring's most sought-after location.


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