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How to find the Reckless Railways Vault & Mod Bench in Fortnite

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Pull up your Fortnite map and pin the Reckless Railways because we are going into the vault!

In this guide, I will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to find the Reckless Railways Vault, which also contains a mod bench. Let's get started!

An open vault in the Reckless Railways section of FOrtnite
The Reckless Railways Vault is open!

Exploring the Reckless Railways

As you venture into the Reckless Railways, the first challenge is to locate the main building, Valeria's Mansion; which I'm just going to call "The Outpost". To find it, simply open your map and look for the medallion symbol beneath the "Reckless Railways" text.

The Reckless Railways section of the Fortnite map
Where to find Reckless Railways on the Fortnite map

Identifying Valeria's Mansion

The tower with a glass dome attached to the side of this luxurious building is impossible to miss, with its bright white color and blue trim. The Outpost is visible from a fountain in the center of town, if that helps.

Once you've reached the Outpost, you'll encounter a formidable security presence. From security gates at the entrance to surveillance cameras and guards patrolling the compound, the challenge of infiltrating the vault is no easy feat.

Take cover behind various objects, use stealth, and disable security cameras to avoid detection by the guards.

Running to Valeria's Mansion in Fortnite
Just ran past the fountain, heading to Valeria's Mansion

Dealing with Security Guards

The security guards are not strong on their own, but they can take you down when they gang up on you. Turret guns scattered throughout the area are the most annoying security items. They are powerful and destroyed my shield a few times.

Luckily, there are many things you can hide behind. This is a good way to hide when you need to recharge or calm down. Use your surroundings to your advantage and employ stealthy tactics to avoid alerting the guards.

A turret outside of Valeria's Mansion in Fortnite
Take cover to destroy these turrets, I took major damage

Inside the Outpost

Once you've successfully made your way into the Outpost, it's time to confront the boss of the operation, Valeria. It's highly recommended to team up with a partner, but if that's not an option, make sure to bring plenty of ammo, as Valeria is no pushover. Stay agile, aim for the head, and take cover when you need to reload – you'll come out victorious.

Taking shots at a guard near Valeria's Mansion in Fortnite Chapter 5
Dealing with security

Confronting the Boss

Defeating Valeria will reward you with her Mythic Hyper SMG, the best weapon of its class in the game. But the battle doesn't end there. Collect the Society Medallion that Valeria drops, as it will play a crucial role in accessing the vault and its grand treasures.

Collecting the Medallion

With the Society Medallion in your possession, the vault door is within reach. Use the medallion to unlock the vault and gain access to the epic loot that awaits inside.

Uncovering the Vault

Once you have defeated Valeria and taken her medallion, make your way to the underground cellar. In the rightmost corner of the mansion, you will find a staircase that leads to the Reckless Railways Vault. I prefer to go to the backside of the building and enter the Outpost through the backdoor. This staircase is highlighted in the image below.

Navigating through the Cellar

In the dark and eerie cellar of the Reckless Railways, look for a hallway connecting two stairways – this is your pathway to the vault. The vault is bursting with priceless loot and game-changing weapons, and it's all waiting for you.

Inside the cellar of Valeria's Mansion
Look for the arched walkway inside of the cellar

Location of the Vault

Once you've spent a few seconds in the basement, you'll stumble upon the vault door. The vault door is an unmistakable sight, beckoning you to unlock its secrets and claim its rewards.

The Reckless Railways Mod Bench

When you enter the vault, you will be amazed by how glorious everything looks. But before you get too carried away with all the goodies, make sure to check out the Mod Bench. This new addition to Chapter 5 gives all Fortnite players a better shot at victory, if they're up to the challenge.

Locating the Mod Bench

Inside the vault, the mod bench awaits, tucked away to the left, ready to enhance your weapons and take your gameplay to the next level.

Interacting with the Mod Bench

Interact with the weapon mod bench using the designated buttons, such as Square (PlayStation), X (Xbox), or E (PC) and explore the wide range of modifications available. The mod bench allows you to change attachments, swap weapon mods, and customize your arsenal of weapons. Use the on-screen menus to navigate through the modification options and see the cost of swapping mods.

Choose wisely, as swapping back weapon mods will cost extra gold bars!

Changing the barrel of a thunder burst SMG using the Reckless Railways mod bench in Fortnite Chapter 5
Making a few changes at the Reckless Railways Mod Bench

Available Modifications

Four different modifications are available. You can change the optics, magazine, underbarrel and barrel. Changing the mods can have various effects, including increased damage, faster reload times, and improved accuracy. These modifications are essential for fine-tuning your weapon's performance, helping you dominate the battlefield and secure those all-important Victory Royales.

What is the best way to navigate around the area?

Use the in-game map to locate the Reckless Railways Vault and Mod Bench, and keep an eye out for visual clues, such as train tracks and railway crossings, that lead you to the southwest corner where the vault is situated. Utilize building structures for cover and height advantage, and use your weapons and tools to overcome obstacles that may block your path.

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

With a little perseverance and strategy, you should be able to find the Reckless Railways Vault and Mod Bench in Fortnite Chapter 5.

Remember to explore the Reckless Railways area for weapons and ammo, confront the boss, and collect the medallion to gain access to the vault. Once inside, navigate through the cellar to locate the vault, and then find the Mod Bench. This Mod Bench allows you to customize your weapons and gear, giving you an edge in the game.


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