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Where to find the Snooty Steppes Vault and Mod Bench in Fortnite

In the vast virtual expanse of Fortnite lies an enigmatic secret, concealed within the Snooty Steppes. A treasure hunter's odyssey awaits as we embark on a quest to uncover the mysteries surrounding the Snooty Steppes Vault and Mod Bench. Brace yourself for an unparalleled adventure as we delve into uncharted territories. Ok, enough of the dramatics. Let's get down to business.

In this guide, I'm going to give you the lowdown on where to find the Snooty Steppes Vault and Mod Bench in Fortnite. These bad boys are tucked away in secret spots, but once you find them, you'll have access to some seriously amazing loot and mods for your weapons.

A large mansion located in Snooty Steppes, is where Peter Griffin can be found
Peter Griffin hides in that giant house on the hill

Finding Snooty Steppes

Located in the southwestern region of the Fortnite map, Snooty Steppes features a distinct architectural style and terrain that sets it apart from other areas. The town is perched on a cliff and overlooks a beautiful beach, which serves as an excellent reference point when navigating the area. With its unique landscape and landmarks, Snooty Steppes offers players an exciting environment to explore and conquer.

The fortnite map, zoomed to the southwest region, near Snooty Steppes
Look for the Medallion icon near Snooty Steppes on the Fortnite map

Facing Off Against Peter Griffin

The vault's guardian, Peter Griffin, is a formidable opponent with a unique set of dance moves and a powerful shotgun. It's best to attack him from a distance, but since he breaks out in dance mid-battle, he's a pretty easy takedown. 💪

Peter Griffin readies his shotgun as intruders approach.
Oh no! Here comes Peter Griffin, the not so friendly family guy

Acquiring the Society Medallion and Unlocking the Vault

Defeating Peter rewards you with his Society Medallion, the key to unlocking the vault door. The vault is located underneath the main floor. You can either shoot out or blow up the floor of the main level to get down below. Alternatively, use the stairway on the outside of the building's backside. This leads to a lower level and a tunnel where the vault can be accessed. Beware, the vault tunnel entrance is protected by one or more guards.

Loot dropped by Peter Griffin, including his Society Medallion
Behold! Peter's shiny medallion!

Exploring the Snooty Steppes Mod Bench

The Snooty Steppes Mod Bench is a game-changer - or more accurately, a gun-changer. Here, you can tailor your weapons to fit your play style. The bench offers various mods that can enhance your gameplay significantly. I found experimenting with different mods to be both fun and strategic.

Weapon modifications cost gold bars, so be sure you like what you picked before buying! Kind of like real life, but with no refunds. The gun's rarity level determines how many mods it can hold. For example, an epic gun can have three mods because it is a rare gun. I usually use optic, mag, and barrel mods together.

The Snooty Steppes Mod Bench in Fortnite Chapter 5
A Fortnite Mod Bench with a lot of options!

Recap: Accessing The Snooty Steppes Vault in Fortnite

  1. When facing off against Peter Griffin, keep your distance and take advantage of his dance breaks to land easy shots.

  2. Use either the stairway on the backside of the building or destroy the floor to access the vault underneath the main floor.

  3. Be prepared for guards protecting the entrance to the vault tunnel.

  4. Don't forget to visit the Mod Bench in Snooty Steppes to enhance your weapons and gameplay.

  5. Experiment with different mods at the Mod Bench to find the perfect combination for your play style.

As you navigate through the Snooty Steppes Vault, defeating Peter Griffin and acquiring the Society Medallion will be crucial for unlocking the vault. With his unique dance moves and powerful shotgun, Peter may seem formidable, but remember to keep your distance and take advantage of his dance breaks to land easy shots. Use the tips and strategies mentioned earlier to outsmart him.

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

Once you have dealt with Peter Griffin, and raided his loot, make your way to the other bosses and take their stuff too! The four other Society bosses are Montague (Fencing Fields), Nisha (Grand Glacier), Oscar (Lavish Lair), and Valeria (Reckless Railways). They all have good loot, but their medallions are the greatest prize. Use them all together to get the ultimate shield boost!

Accessing the Snooty Steppes Vault in Fortnite requires a little strategic planning. By utilizing the tips provided, such as keeping your distance from Peter Griffin and taking advantage of his dance breaks, you can successfully defeat him and take his medallion. Don't forget to enhance your weapons at the Mod Bench!


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