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The Wings of Icarus: A Fortnite Blessing and Curse

Updated: Mar 17

Dude, these Icarus Wings? OP as hell. I've pulled off some batshit crazy escapes with these... though okay, I've also been turned into a damn sky-high pincushion a few times too 😅 Worth it? Absolutely.

The Wings of Icarus from Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2. McSCratchey flies high above the map, golden beams of light and dust flake off the wings. Grand Glacier in the background.
McScratchey Takes Flight With The Wings of Icarus

Pros: You're a Goddamn Bird of Prey

Forget ramps, running, all that crap – these wings make you FAST. Storm closing in? Screw that, you're outta there. Those surprise attacks? I swear, the look on some dude's face when you dive on 'em from out of nowhere is PRICELESS. Best tactical trolling ever.

Cons: Becoming a Flying "Shoot Me" Sign

Let's be real though, you go up in the air, and it's like painting a damn target on yourself. Snipers practically drool over a flying player, and one well-placed shot? Well, let's just say Icarus ain't got nothin' on your crispy fall back to Earth. It's that risk vs. reward thing, y'know?

My Icarus Fever Dream (Seriously, WTF Brain)

Okay, this is gonna sound nuts, but the other night? I DREAMED Zeus and his Olympus buddies threw me into Fortnite with the wings. No joke, I was flying, dodging bullets, feeling like a freakin' superhero... then BAM, Zeus gets pissy and fries my ass outta the sky. Dude, even my DREAMS are full-on Fortnite sweatfests now 🙄

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

Alright, seriously though, these wings are a game-changer. Love the Greek vibe, and they make you move like nothing else. Sure, you'll probably get wrecked a few times, but that first time you swoop down and obliterate someone? Totally makes up for it. Get out there and fly, you crazy bastards!


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