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Unleash Your Fear With The Scariest Games on Roblox

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Are you ready to face your fears? Brace yourself for a bone-chilling experience as I take you on a journey through the scariest games on Roblox. These games are not for the faint-hearted, but if you're up for a good scare, join me as we explore Dead Silence and Rainbow Friends, among others. Get ready to jump out of your seat and feel your heart race as we uncover what makes these games so terrifying. Don't forget to turn off the lights and put on your headphones for the ultimate eerie atmosphere. Are you ready to play if you dare?

The Scariest Games on Roblox

As someone who loves playing horror games, I have tried many different ones on Roblox, and let me tell you, some are just next-level terrifying. If you're in for an intense adrenaline rush, check out these best Roblox horror games I've rounded up for you. From multiplayer options like Before The Dawn and Flee the Facility to single-player games like Identity Fraud and Dead Silence, there's something for everyone here.

With spooky elements like jump scares, puzzles, and survival horror, these games will keep you on edge throughout your gameplay. One of my favorites is The Mimic which features a mysterious creature lurking in the shadows. Another great option is Dead Silence; it's based on a popular horror movie of the same name and hones in on scaring its players with challenging puzzles while being chased by Mary Shaw's ghostly figure.

Remember to bring a flashlight to enhance your gaming experience (JK)! If you're a fan of first-person and third-person horror games, these Roblox games will give you the chills.

What Makes These Games Scary?

Scary games on Roblox rely on jump scares, eerie sounds, and dim environments to create a spine-tingling atmosphere. Some incorporate creepy characters and storylines, while others have unique gameplay mechanics. Fans of horror and suspense will find plenty of options within the Roblox community. Playing these games can be a thrilling, immersive experience for those brave enough to try them.

a screenshot of gameplay from the game dead silence in roblox
Dead Silence

Dead Silence: A Terrifying Experience

Dead Silence is a horror game on Roblox in an abandoned asylum. Players must navigate through the dark and creepy environment while avoiding ghostly apparitions and solving puzzles to progress. The game's atmospheric sound effects and jump scares, making it the scariest game, add to the overall spooky experience. Dead Silence has received high ratings and positive reviews from players who enjoy a good scare. It's recommended for those who are brave enough to face their fears.

Being a horror game enthusiast who has played numerous scary games on Roblox, I can confidently say Dead Silence is one of the best horror games out there. The game's storyline revolves around an abandoned asylum where players must solve puzzles and avoid ghostly apparitions while navigating through the dark and creepy environment. The horror experience is heightened with atmospheric sound effects and jump scares.

With its well-designed level design and thrilling gameplay mechanics, it's no surprise that Dead Silence has become one of the most popular Roblox horror games today. If you're looking for an immersive and spine-chilling gaming experience this Halloween season or any other day, Dead Silence is worth checking out!

Rating: 13+

a screenshot of gameplay from the game alone in a dark house in roblox
Alone In A Dark House

Alone in a Dark House: Can You Escape?

Alone in a Dark House is a thrilling horror game on Roblox that requires players to solve puzzles and escape from a haunted building. With jump scares, eerie sounds, and ghostly apparitions lurking around every corner, the game creates an intense atmosphere. Players must use their intelligence and problem-solving abilities to uncover clues and avoid traps while being haunted by ghosts.

Alone in a Dark House has multiple endings based on player decisions, creating replay value. It's one of many chilling games available on Roblox for brave souls to play. If you're a fan of the game, you'll be excited to know that a sequel is in the works, promising even more scares and challenges for players to overcome. Plus, there's a VR option to really scare your pants off!

Rating: 13+

a screenshot of gameplay from the game the mimic in roblox
The Mimic

The Mimic: Beware of the Copycat

I recently played this terrifying Roblox horror game called The Mimic. It's a survival horror experience that challenges you to stay alive while being constantly stalked by a shape-shifting creature that can assume the form of anything in-game. This mechanic makes for an intense and nerve-wracking experience because you never know what's real or just a decoy created by the insane elevator piggy mimic.

Alongside the heart-racing gameplay, The Mimic also has some jump scares and spine-tingling audio design that adds to its immersive horror atmosphere. If you're into Roblox horror games or love the horror genre, this survival-horror gem is worth checking out!

Rating: 13+

A screenshot of gameplay from geisha in roblox

Geisha: Will She Haunt You Forever?

Geisha: Will She Haunt You Forever? is a spooky Roblox game where players navigate puzzles and evade a vengeful granny geisha ghost. The game's jump scares and eerie sounds create a truly terrifying experience. It's one of many horror games on Roblox for players who enjoy being scared.

Rating: 13+

A screenshot of gameplay from finders keepers in roblox
Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers: A Treasure Hunt Gone Wrong

I love playing multiplayer games, especially horror games. Finders Keepers is worth trying if you're looking for the best Roblox horror game. This game takes you on a treasure hunt gone wrong and creates an immersive survival horror experience like no other. With its creepy sound design and graphics, it's no wonder why Finders Keepers is considered one of the best scary Roblox games out there.

I had to navigate through dark mazes, solve puzzles, and avoid traps to find hidden treasures. Playing with friends made it even more fun! If you're brave enough to survive this adventure, join me in breaking point mode, and let's see who can uncover the private investigator treasure first!

Rating: 13+

A screenshot of gameplay from rainbow friends in roblox
Rainbow Friends

Rainbow Friends: A Colorful Nightmare

Have you played the creepy Roblox horror game about Rainbow Friends? This spooky game has bright and colorful graphics that will lure you in, but don't be fooled by appearances! Once you start playing, you'll find yourself navigating through an eerie world filled with pastel-colored creatures that will send shivers down your spine.

As if that wasn't enough to scare you, Rainbow Friend's eerie soundtrack will keep you on edge. Trust me when I say this is one of the scariest Roblox horror games out there! And if you're not careful, you might just run into an urban legend creepy clown.

Rating: All Ages

A screenshot of gameplay from the maze in roblox
The Maze

The Maze: Can You Find Your Way Out?

The Maze is a Roblox horror game that requires players to escape a spooky maze by avoiding traps and scary creatures. The game includes jump scares and eerie music for added suspense, making it an excellent choice for puzzle solvers who enjoy being scared. The game has a sense of doom that adds to the overall horror experience, with strange events happening at every turn.

Rating: N/A

A screenshot from survive the killer in roblox
Survive The Killer

Survive the Killer!: Will You Be the Last One Standing?

Survive the Killer! is a multiplayer horror game where players can choose to be survivors or the Jeff killer. It offers challenging gameplay that demands strategic thinking, and players can earn rewards by completing challenges and unlocking new characters. The game's spooky graphics and sound effects enhance its overall atmosphere, making it an exciting choice for thrill-seekers who enjoy different game modes. Freddy is one of the unlockable characters in the game, and players can use his unique abilities to their advantage.

Rating: 9+

A screenshot of gameplay from zombie attack in roblox
Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack: Can You Survive the Apocalypse?

Zombie Attack on Roblox is a thrilling game where players must team up to survive a zombie apocalypse. With various weapons and power-ups, players must strategize and build defenses to fend off hordes of werewolf zombies. The game's immersive graphics and sound effects create a spooky atmosphere, making it ideal for horror and survival game enthusiasts.

Rating: 9+

a screenshot of gameplay from the game stop it slender in roblox
Stop It, Slender

Stop it, Slender!: Will He Catch You?

Stop it, Slender! is a Roblox multiplayer horror game that has gained popularity due to its intense gameplay and jump scares. Players must collect eight pages while avoiding the slender man in a creepy, unsettling atmosphere with flickering lights and eerie noises. The game is not for the faint-hearted but is a must-try for horror enthusiasts on Roblox.

Rating: 13+

A screenshot of the mirror in roblox
The Mirror

The Mirror: A Reflection of Your Fear

I've played many scary games on Roblox, but The Mirror brings terror to a new level. This game takes you through a creepy, haunted house where you are constantly on edge, waiting for something to jump out at you. The game revolves around a cursed mirror that shows players their deepest fears, making it an intense and terrifying experience.

As you progress through The Mirror, you'll encounter puzzles to solve and supernatural entities to avoid. With its excellent sound design and level design, this game is one of the best horror games on Roblox. Add The Mirror to your list if you're looking for an adrenaline-pumping gameplay experience that can even help you overcome your apeirophobia (or make it worse).

Rating: 9+

A screenshot of gameplay from the haunted imperial hotel in roblox
The Haunted Imperial Hotel

The Haunted Imperial Hotel: Will You Ever Leave?

Explore the eerie Haunted Imperial Hotel on Roblox, where players must solve puzzles and evade supernatural entities to escape. With its chilling atmosphere, jump scares, and multiple endings, this game is a thrilling experience for horror fans. It's a must-try for those seeking a spine-chilling adventure in gaming.

Rating: N/A

A screenshot of gameplay from Murder Mystery 2 in Roblox
Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2: Unravel the Mystery

I love playing scary games on Roblox, and Murder Mystery 2 is one of my favorites! It's not just any ordinary scary game; it's a multiplayer horror game that challenges you to solve a murder mystery. You can be assigned the role of an innocent sheriff or even a murderer! The game has different settings, like haunted asylum or even spooky Halloween-themed maps that will surely give you jump scares.

As you progress through the levels of Murder Mystery 2, you can unlock new weapons and items to help you survive in this survival horror game. If you're into solving mysteries and love horror, then Murder Mystery 2 is one of the best scary games out there!

Rating: 9+

A screenshot of Bear alpha in Roblox
Bear (Alpha)

Bear (ALPHA): Can You Outsmart the Bear?

Bear (ALPHA) is a survival horror game set in a dark forest where players must outsmart a giant bear. It offers solo and collaborative play, with various items and weapons available to defend against or distract the bear. The limited visibility creates an intense atmosphere that adds to the fear and tension of the game, making it a must-try for Roblox players seeking a terrifying experience.

Rating: 9+

A screenshot of gameplay from SCP: Roleplay in Roblox
SCP: Roleplay

SCP: Roleplay: Will You Escape the Foundation?

SCP: Roleplay on Roblox is a spooky game that puts players in a fictional world of the SCP Foundation where they must solve puzzles and avoid dangerous SCPs to escape. With immersive sound effects, lighting, and special effects, it's a thrilling experience for anyone seeking a scare on Roblox.

Rating: 9+

A screenshot of gameplay from DOORS in Roblox

DOORS: What Lies Beyond?

DOORS is a Roblox horror game with positive player reviews. It's set in an abandoned mansion filled with puzzles and jump scares that players must solve to uncover its secrets and survive encounters with terrifying creatures. The game's immersive sound effects and music add to the spooky atmosphere, making it perfect for those who enjoy challenging puzzles and jump scares.

Rating: All Ages


In conclusion, Roblox has some of the scariest games that will give you goosebumps. Whether it's Dead Silence, The Mimic, or The Haunted Imperial Hotel, these games are designed to keep you on the edge of your seat and your heart racing. Each game has its unique element of fear that will leave you wanting more. So why not dare to play? Take on the challenge and see if you can make it through these spine-chilling games. Who knows, you might surprise yourself with how brave you are. Are you excited to try them out? Log in to Roblox now and start playing!


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