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Get AO Tennis 2 at a Huge Discount Now

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Update: This deal is no longer active! Check back to see if new deals for this game have started.

AO Tennis 2 is here to serve up some serious fun. And guess what? You can now get it at a whopping 90% discount on The Nintendo Store!

That's right, you read that correctly. You can now create your own players, stadiums, and legendary matches while experiencing the only tennis game created by the community.

An AO Tennis ball
AO Tennis 2 On Sale Now!

Get AO Tennis 2 For 90% Off!

Take advantage of this incredible deal and score AO Tennis 2 at an unbeatable price – 90% off! With this massive discount, you can enjoy countless hours of gameplay and excitement without putting a dent in your wallet. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer to own one of the best tennis video games on the market.

Upgrade your gaming library with AO Tennis 2, the ultimate tennis experience for casual players and hardcore fans. Immerse yourself in professional tennis as you compete against big names like Angelique Kerber and build your own singles career.

Whether playing on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, AO Tennis 2 offers comprehensive game modes that allow you to create players, stadiums, and legendary matches.

With its realistic graphics and intuitive controls, AO Tennis 2 brings the playing field to your fingertips. Take on the challenge of the WTA and ATP circuits, or dive into the scenario editor to create new challenges and game modes.

With support for community creations, you'll find endless excitement and new content to explore. So don't wait – grab AO Tennis 2 today while this fantastic discount lasts!

A player strikes a tennis ball with his racket
Community Driven Gameplay

The only tennis experience designed by the community.

Welcome to the one and only tennis experience designed by the community! AO Tennis 2 is not your ordinary tennis game. It results from collaboration between the developers and the tennis community, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience.

The community has contributed creativity and expertise in every game aspect, from player creations to stadium designs. This means you enjoy a tennis game that genuinely understands and reflects the passion and knowledge of tennis enthusiasts like yourself.

Imagine diving into the world of tennis as envisioned by the fans and experts in the community. With AO Tennis 2, you can experience a game that captures the essence of tennis through the input and ideas of the community.

It's like playing on your own courts, with the comprehensive academy offering new challenges and opportunities for growth. You can even create legendary matches and scenarios using innovative editing tools. It's no wonder that AO Tennis 2 has become a favorite among big names in the tennis world, including Angelique Kerber.

So, whether you're playing on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, get ready to step onto the playing field and indulge in the ultimate tennis experience. AO Tennis 2 is the game that brings the community together, where their creations come to life, and their love for the sport shines through. Don't miss out on being a part of this incredible community-driven game.

A player holds a trophy in AO Tennis 2
Become A Legend

Create your own players, stadiums, and legendary matches.

Create star players, epic stadiums, and unforgettable matches with AO Tennis 2. This tennis simulation game takes customization to the next level, allowing you to craft unique players and design your courts. Dive into the role of a professional tennis player and experience the thrill of competing in legendary matches and tournaments, including the renowned Australian Open.

With realistic gameplay mechanics and a wide range of game modes, including career mode and online multiplayer, AO Tennis 2 offers endless hours of entertainment for tennis enthusiasts of all skill levels. Stay up-to-date with regular updates and new content, ensuring your gaming experience remains fresh and engaging.

Whether you're a fan of singles or prefer the doubles playing field, AO Tennis 2 has you covered. So grab your racket and unleash your creativity in this comprehensive tennis experience.

A female tennis player swings for an incoming ball
Large Selection of Players

Know the ESRB rating and supported play modes.

Let's talk about the ESRB rating and supported play modes of AO Tennis 2. First, AO Tennis 2 has been rated E by the ESRB, offering appropriate content for players of all ages. So, there is no need to worry about any questionable stuff in this game!

Now, let's look at the play modes. AO Tennis 2 offers a range of ways to enjoy the game. You can play solo in single-player mode and experience the thrill of a tennis career.

Feeling competitive? You can challenge your friends locally and show off your skills on the playing field. And if that's not enough, you can also take on opponents worldwide in online matches. It's like playing tennis on a global scale!

Whether you prefer to go solo or compete against others, AO Tennis 2 has got you covered. So, stay informed about the game's rating and supported play modes to maximize your gaming experience. After all, it's all about having fun and experiencing the game in different ways!

Why Should You Get AO Tennis 2?

If you're looking for a realistic tennis game, AO Tennis 2 is a great choice. You can play as your favorite tennis stars, compete against top players, and experience realistic venues. With a redesigned career mode, you can climb the world rankings and become a tennis legend.


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