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Top Simulation Games on Xbox Game Pass

Are you a fan of simulation games? Do you love the thrill of creating and managing virtual worlds? Look no further than Xbox Game Pass! With a wide range of simulation games, it's the ultimate gaming subscription for all your simulation needs.

In this post, we will give you an overview of what simulation games are and why they are so popular among gamers. We will also highlight some of the best Xbox Game Pass Simulation Games like Cities Skylines, SnowRunner, and HUMANKIND.

Simulation games have gained immense popularity in recent years, captivating gamers of all ages. These games offer a unique experience by allowing players to immerse themselves in various real-life scenarios and take control of different aspects of the virtual world.

Xbox Game Pass Simulation Games - jurassic world evolution 2, microsoft flight simulator 2024, cities skylines, snowrunner

Understanding Xbox Game Pass Simulation Games

Xbox Game Pass offers various simulation games that cater to all gamers. Engage with unique gameplay mechanics and immerse yourself in realistic scenarios.

You can control different virtual worlds and characters, explore new adventures, and conquer challenging tasks. Whether you want to manage virtual cities or embark on epic off-road expeditions, Xbox Game Pass has much to offer!

What are Simulation Games?

Simulation games allow players to experience real or fictional situations in a virtual environment. From farming to city building, these games provide diverse experiences where players can make decisions that impact the outcome. They foster creativity, problem-solving, and strategic thinking.

Why are they popular among gamers?

Simulation games have gained immense popularity among gamers for several reasons. These games offer a unique and immersive gaming experience, allowing players to enter realistic virtual worlds on consoles and PCs.

The freedom and exploration offered by open-world simulations, such as Train Sim World, are highly appealing. At the same time, the sense of accomplishment and progression keeps players hooked. Additionally, the ability to create and customize virtual worlds allows for personalization and creativity.

Top Ranked Xbox Game Pass Simulation Games

Looking for the best simulation games on Xbox Game Pass? We have you covered! Below is a list of top-ranked sim games.

These video games offer depth and detail in their respective topics. You can construct cities in Cities Skylines, navigate terrains in SnowRunner, live a virtual life in The Sims 4, or fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can also fulfill your dino-fantasy in Jurassic World Evolution 2. With Xbox Game Pass, you get many options and some of the best simulation games available.

Cities Skylines - A Masterclass in City Building

Suppose you're looking for a game that allows you to design and develop a thriving metropolis. In that case, Cities Skylines is the perfect choice. With its vast array of city management tools, you can create intricate road networks, manage public services, and solve city-wide issues.

The game also challenges you to think a little bit and expand your city's infrastructure while balancing the needs of your citizens. Dive deep into the complexities of urban planning and watch as your city comes to life before your eyes. Cities Skylines is a masterclass in city building, allowing you to harness your creativity and build the city of your dreams.

Cities Skylines gameplay - large highway system with traffic and green space
Cities Skylines

SnowRunner - The Realistic Off-Road Experience

SnowRunner offers a realistic off-road experience, allowing players to navigate treacherous terrains in powerful vehicles and overcome challenging obstacles. This immersive game provides a unique opportunity to complete missions and contracts in an authentic off-road environment.

Players can utilize various tools and equipment to conquer extreme weather conditions, making the gameplay even more thrilling. The open-world setting of SnowRunner encourages exploration, with vast landscapes and hidden areas waiting to be discovered. If you're looking for the ultimate off-roading adventure, SnowRunner is the game.

A screenshot of SnowRunner gameplay - a truck drives over a wood bridge is a snow filled setting

The Sims 4 - Live a Virtual Life

Create unique virtual characters and guide their lives in a virtual world. Build and customize homes, form relationships, and pursue careers and hobbies. Experience the joys and challenges of everyday life through your Sims' eyes. Unleash your creativity with endless customization options for your Sims and their surroundings.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant and interactive virtual community. From creating the protagonist to designing their dream home, The Sims 4 offers a truly unique gaming experience. With its sandbox mode, you can shape the virtual world according to your imagination.

Explore different career paths, go on exciting adventures, or hang out with friends; the possibilities are endless. The Sims 4 is a must-have for any simulation game enthusiast.

A wild party broke out, everyone is panicing, there is a fire - The Sims 4 gameplay
The Sims 4

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Sky is the Limit

Soar through breathtaking photorealistic landscapes and iconic landmarks with Microsoft Flight Simulator. This immersive flight simulation game allows you to choose from various aircraft and experience realistic flight physics.

Whether undertaking epic journeys or testing your skills with challenging landing scenarios, the sky is the limit. Explore the world in various weather conditions and day-night cycles, making each flight unique.

With stunning attention to detail and highly immersive visuals, Microsoft Flight Simulator offers an unparalleled flight simulation experience. Get ready to take to the skies and discover the thrill of virtual aviation.

An ambulance approaches large jets at an airport terminal - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 gameplay
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

Jurassic World Evolution 2 - Your Dino-fantasy

Unleash your imagination and bring the world of Jurassic World to life with Jurassic World Evolution 2. In this simulator game, you can build and manage your Jurassic World theme park with legendary dinosaurs that will leave you in awe.

Take on the role of park manager as you create thrilling attractions for visitors, balancing entertainment, security, and scientific advancements to ensure the success of your park. Witness the excitement of dinosaur encounters and observe their behaviors up close. Jurassic World Evolution 2 is here to make your wildest Jurassic dreams come true. It's also controller-friendly, making playing on any Xbox console a joy.

A screenshot of a dinosaur laying on the ground, water nearby, a truck driving behind them - Jurassic World Evolution 2 Gameplay
Jurassic World Evolution 2

Arcade Paradise - Not Your Mom's Laundromat

Embark on a retro gaming adventure as you take over your family's laundromat. Transform the mundane into an arcade haven filled with classic games and nostalgia. Manage the business, keep customers entertained, and unlock new games. Immerse yourself in 80s-inspired graphics, music, and gameplay.

Experience a unique blend of simulation and arcade gaming in this quirky title. With Arcade Paradise, you'll have the opportunity to relive the excitement of the arcade era while running a successful business.

From pinball machines to Pac-Man, this game offers various nostalgic gaming experiences.

Grab your quarters and get ready for a trip down memory lane in this one-of-a-kind simulation game that combines the best of both worlds.

An arcade simulation game, Arcade Paradise, a well light room covered in blue light, arcade games everywhere
Arcade Paradise

HUMANKIND - Rewrite History

In HUMANKIND, you can change history and shape the destiny of your civilization. This simulation game is immersive and offers a lot of possibilities for players. You need strategic decision-making to lead your civilization to greatness while building your empire.

The game has rich historical settings covering different eras with unique challenges and opportunities. Be creative as you create a civilization that leaves a mark on history. HUMANKIND combines strategy and simulation elements to offer an exciting experience for gamers.

Rewrite history books by embarking on an epic journey of civilization-building!

Humankind gameplay - Capture the flag, troops align on the game board, a lot of UI covering the screen

House Flipper - Transforming Spaces

Channel your inner interior designer in House Flipper, a simulation game that lets you transform rundown properties into stunning homes. Buy, renovate, and sell houses to earn a profit and build your real estate empire.

Step into the shoes of a real estate tycoon in House Flipper, where you have the power to turn dilapidated properties into dream homes. With a keen eye for design and a knack for renovation, you can unleash your creativity and transform spaces that will leave potential buyers in awe.

Every detail matters in this immersive simulation game, from fixing leaky faucets to choosing the perfect color palette.

A house is for sale after it's been fixed up, restored and remodeled - House Flipper
House Flipper

Newly Added Simulation Games to Xbox Game Pass

Some recently added simulation games to Xbox Game Pass include Call of the Wild: The Angular, Cooking Simulator, and Car Mechanic Simulator 2021.

Immerse Yourself in the Wild

Step into the shoes of a skilled hunter in Call of the Wild: The Angular, one of the newly added simulation games on Xbox Game Pass. Explore breathtaking landscapes and encounter majestic wildlife as you embark on thrilling hunting expeditions. With realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, this game offers an authentic hunting experience.

Get Cooking in Style

Cooking Simulator is one of the latest Xbox Game Pass simulation game library additions. In this immersive culinary experience, you can become a master chef and create delicious dishes from scratch. From slicing and dicing ingredients to mastering cooking techniques, Cooking Simulator allows you to unleash your creativity in the kitchen and satisfy your virtual taste buds.

Rev Up Your Engines

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is another newly added simulation game that will satisfy your love for cars and mechanics. Step into the shoes of a car mechanic and enter a world of grease, tools, and engines. From diagnosing and fixing mechanical issues to customizing and upgrading vehicles, you have the power to create your dream garage.

With an extensive collection of cars and a wide variety of tasks to complete, Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 offers endless hours of entertainment for car enthusiasts and aspiring mechanics alike.

Immerse yourself in the world of simulation games on Xbox Game Pass and experience the thrill of various virtual realities. Whether hunting wild animals, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or tinkering with cars, these newly added simulation games offer multiple experiences to suit every gamer's interests.

An old station wagon with the hood up and doors open, being repaired - Car Mechanic Simulator 2021
Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

Honorable Mention

Just to hit you with some tonal whiplash, Game Pass also has Powerwash Simulator — pure mindless enjoyment cleaning the dirt off everything from cars to parks across Muckingham, choosing your equipment, and building up your power-washing business.

Why choose Xbox Game Pass for Simulation Games?

There are a lot of lousy sim games out there. Others are hidden gems. Instead of spending $70 a piece trying to swift through the sim world, why not try them all? Xbox Game Pass is the best option for sampling games until you discover the one.


In conclusion, Xbox Game Pass delivers an unparalleled gaming experience with its extensive library of simulation games. From the thrill of exploring off-road terrains to the satisfaction of building a bustling metropolis, the selection of games caters to a diverse range of interests. With a continuous stream of new titles, gamers can rest assured that they will be constantly entertained with fresh and exciting content. Check out more posts on our site to find the best games available!


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