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Blossom into Battle with Wild Hearts' Latest Update: Meet the Murakumo Kemono and Spinning Top Karak

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Wild Hearts has released its latest update, packed with exciting new features. Meet the Murakumo Kemono, a fierce warrior ready to take on any challenge. And remember the Spinning Top Karakuri, a powerful weapon that will help you defeat your enemies. But that's not all - the update also includes new quest types to explore, giving you even more ways to enjoy this thrilling game. If you're wondering how to access the latest update, don't worry - you'll learn all about it in this article. Xbox players can get 10 free hours of Wild Hearts, and other platforms can expect the update soon. Fans are already raving about the new features, with many praising the Murakumo Kemono and Spinning Top Karakuri. Take advantage of this exciting update - play Wild Hearts now on EA Play and Xbox Game Pass.

What's New in Wild Hearts' Latest Update

The latest update for Wild Hearts introduces two new exciting characters, the Murakumo Kemono and Spinning Top Karakuri. Players can now battle against these unique characters in the game's story mode, accompanied by new stages, music, and costumes to unlock. The update also includes quality-of-life improvements such as improved matchmaking and online leaderboards. With these additions, Wild Hearts provides an even more immersive and engaging gaming experience for players to enjoy. Multiple rounds of updates have already occurred on April 13 and April 20. More updates can be expected in the coming months.

VIDEO: Wild Hearts Lethal Blossoms Official Trailer

Meet the Murakumo Kemono

The latest Wild Hearts update introduces players to the Murakumo Kemono, a new playable character with unique abilities and attacks. Inspired by Japanese folklore, this sleek design adds a new dimension to gameplay. Unlocking this character requires completing specific challenges or purchasing the update. Additionally, the new Kemono is featured in a new boss battle alongside the Spinning Top Karakuri. With these additions, Wild Hearts continues to evolve and offer exciting new experiences for its players.

This eerie tale speaks of strange winds that swirl the sakura blossoms long after spring has passed, causing parents to warn their children to steer clear of the area. The local folklore suggests that if you venture too close, a vulpine fiend will appear and abduct you. This mythical story exemplifies how Japanese culture is steeped in rich folklore and legends that have survived through many generations. It highlights the importance of storytelling and its influence on shaping a country's cultural identity. The vivid imagery used in this tale also showcases the artistry and creativity inherent in Japanese storytelling.

Introducing the Spinning Top Karakuri

The Spinning Top Karakuri is a fascinating addition to the latest Wild Hearts update, bringing a distinct playstyle to the game. This character's unique ability to spin and launch itself at enemies adds a new layer of strategy to battles. With its backstory and personality, the new Karakuri shows the developers' dedication to creating a rich and immersive world for players to explore. Unleash the full potential of this new character by completing particular challenges or purchasing it with in-game currency. Try out this exciting update and bring your best game to battle against the Spinning Top Karakuri.

New Quest Types to Explore

Embark on new thrilling quests with the latest update to Wild Hearts. The Murakumo Kemono and Spinning Top Karakuri quests are two exciting additions where players can engage in battles and solve puzzles to earn unique items for their characters. The monster-hunting mission of Murakumo Kemono and the puzzle-solving quest of Spinning Top Karakuri offer diverse gameplay experiences, catering to different play styles. These new quests add plenty of excitement to the game and provide players with even more ways to engage with the world of Wild Hearts.

New Weapons To Wield

In Wild Hearts, armor is an essential aspect of your equipment. Players can upgrade their weapons and armor using a resource known as core orbs, which dramatically improves the item's value. The game features various species, including Kemono and Karakuri, and having the proper armor is crucial when facing them in battle. The Lethal Blossoms update introduces new weapons and armor to help players take on the new kemono species Murakumo.

Apart from being used for movement and traversal, your Karakuri powers can also be utilized to gain the upper hand over Azuma's colossal Kemono. With the ability to instantly assemble six crates, you can create a Bulwark that can serve as a barrier between you and your opponent, providing ample time to strategize your next move. This power can also stun a charging Kemono, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. This tactic is handy when trying to take down larger Kemonos that are more difficult to defeat. By using your Karakuri powers in combat, you can become an unstoppable force and increase your chances of emerging victorious.

Employ Fusion Karakuri to activate the Pounder, an immensely potent hammerhead capable of delivering a devastating strike to any Kemono and eliminating any hostile objects that may arise during an assault. Moreover, Fusion Karakuri has the potential to release the Elemental Lantern. This gadget can safeguard you against the harmful consequences of any lethal elemental strikes your adversary might launch.

How to Access the Latest Update

Updating your Wild Hearts game to the latest version is easy and essential for experiencing all the new content. Check your app store or game launcher for automatic updates to access the latest update. If no automatic updates are available, head to the game's website or social media for information on how to manually update. Before updating, ensure that you have enough storage space on your device and consider backing up your game data to avoid any potential data loss. Don't miss out on all the exciting new features and improvements in Wild Hearts' latest update by updating your game today!

Xbox Players Get 10 Free Hours of Wild Hearts

Turn on your PC or Xbox Series X and enjoy 10 free hours of Wild Hearts through Xbox Game Pass. With the latest update, players can enjoy new characters like Murakumo Kemono and Spinning Top Karakuri. These characters are unique in their fighting styles and abilities. To access the exciting new features, players need to download them from their respective online stores or gaming platforms. Ensure you have enough storage space before updating, and consider backing up your game data to avoid any potential loss.

What Fans Are Saying

As one of the newest and most popular games on EA Play and Xbox Game Pass, it's no surprise that Wild Hearts continues to receive positive feedback from its passionate fan base. Fans of Wild Hearts are thrilled with the latest update, which includes exciting new characters and gameplay modes. The Murakumo Kemono and Spinning Top Karakuri have been received positively, with players appreciating the unique fighting styles and abilities they bring to the game. Wild Hearts' dedication to constantly updating the game with fresh content keeps fans engaged and excited to keep playing.

Reactions to the Murakumo Kemono

The latest update of Wild Hearts game has brought the new character Murakumo Kemono to the forefront, and fans cannot stop raving about it. Players are excited about this character's unique abilities and design, with many appreciating the attention to detail put into its creation. Already, gamers are strategizing how to best utilize Murakumo Kemono in battles, showcasing Wild Hearts' continued ability to keep players engaged and entertained with fresh content updates. Overall, fans are impressed with the game's dedication to improving and expanding on its already successful formula.

Impressions of the Spinning Top Karakuri

The Spinning Top Karakuri has become one of the most popular characters in Wild Hearts' latest update, and it's easy to see why. With its unique appearance and swift movements in battle, players are quickly discovering new strategies to incorporate into their gameplay. The addition of this character adds a new layer of excitement to the game, and players can't wait to see what other surprises Wild Hearts has in store for them.

Play Wild Hearts Now On EA Play and Xbox Game Pass

With stunning visuals, an engaging storyline, and two exciting new characters added in the latest update, Wild Hearts is a must-play for gamers looking for action-packed fun. The game's various gameplay modes, and challenges provide endless opportunities for exploration and conquest. At the same time, its stellar soundtrack adds to the immersive experience. Subscribers to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass can now enjoy the game at no additional cost, making it even more accessible for players. Take advantage of the chance to play one of the most popular games out there- try Wild Hearts today!


Electronic Arts, Koei Tecmo, and Omega Force are dedicated to their new release. Wild Hearts' latest Lethal Blossoms update is packed with exciting new features that will keep you hooked for hours. The Murakumo Kemono and Spinning Top Karakuri have taken the game to a new level with their unique abilities and stunning designs. New quest types also add more variety to the gameplay, ensuring you never get bored. Accessing the latest update is easy, with Xbox players getting 10 free hours of Wild Hearts. Other platforms can also expect the update soon. Fans are already raving about the Murakumo Kemono and Spinning Top Karakuri, praising their impressive abilities and stunning designs. Take advantage of all the action - play Wild Hearts now on EA Play and Xbox Game Pass!


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