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A Pirate's Haven: Your Guide to Sainte-Anne in Skull and Bones

Ahoy, mateys! Are you ready to set sail for Sainte-Anne, the hidden gem amidst the treacherous seas of Skull and Bones? Prepare yourselves, for this bustling port offers far more than what initially meets the eye. From the rowdy taverns to the hard-working vendors, Sainte-Anne promises to be your launchpad to a life filled with piratical infamy.

NPC pirates in Skull and Bones drink ale together near a stack of barrels.
Pirates hanging out drinking together

Where Necessities Meet Notoriety

Provisions for the Plunderer

No captain, no matter how fierce, sets sail on an empty stomach! Make sure to stock up at the Provisions store to arm yourself with enough hearty snacks to last until your next big haul. You might even uncover some regional recipes to add a dash of spice to your usual ship's fare.

Shipwright or Blacksmith: Tools of the Trade

Your initial raft will not suffice for the challenges of the open seas! Head over to the shipwright to commission a vessel capable of taking on rival ships and weathering the stormiest of seas. And don't overlook the blacksmith, your go-to for all weapon needs. Equip yourself with sharpened cutlasses and powerful cannons to ensure no rival ship can best you.

Beyond the Basics: Sights & Experiences

Lemurs: The Island's Unofficial Mascots

Sainte-Anne wouldn't be the perfect tropical port without its share of exotic wildlife. Be on the lookout for the island's mischievous lemurs! Their playful antics and curious nature add a layer of whimsy to your visit, reminding you of the vibrant life and surprises that await.

A blacksmit fro mSainte-Anne forges metal and crafts a weapon
Forging weapons is an art really

Tavern Tales and Idle Wagers

In need of a break from naval battles and daring raids? Step into a tavern buzzing with life. Here, you can listen in on salty sailors exchanging outrageous stories or watch lively bets unfold—all while sipping on a potent brew. It's in these moments of relaxation that you might hear hints of forgotten shipwrecks or buried treasures.

Exploring the Depths: Sainte-Anne's Potential

Sainte-Anne is a veritable playground for pirates, brimming with opportunities. Delve into its shadowy alleyways, engage with the experienced locals, and you might just find clues pointing to local legends, forgotten outposts, or secluded hideaways holding untold riches.

A player stands with the shipwright celebrating the crafting of a newly built ship
What a lovely ship

Beyond the Docks: Open Ocean Awaits

Consider Sainte-Anne not as your final destination but as the beginning of your epic journey. Beyond its harbors lies an expansive ocean ripe with opportunity. Master the art of naval combat, and you'll soon sail forth with the confidence to etch your own legend into the annals of piracy.


In the world of Skull and Bones, Sainte-Anne serves as a glimpse into the life of a fearless seafarer. It's here that you'll sharpen your skills, amass your resources, and forge the alliances necessary to make your mark in this realm of treachery and hidden treasures. So hoist your flag, rally your crew, and let Sainte-Anne propel you toward your adventure in achieving true pirate infamy!


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