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Meet Corvus, The New BTD 6 Hero

BTD 6 fans, get ready to unleash a new hero onto the bloon-popping battlefield! Ninja Kiwi, the genius behind the addictive Bloons TD series, has just released update 40, and with it comes the magnificent Corvus, a hero like no other.

In this post, we'll dive into Corvus' abilities, power, and unique features and explore its role in update 40. So, grab your monkey money, sharpen your attack speed, and meet Corvus, the new hero of BTD 6!

New BTD 6 Hero - Corvus The Spirit Walker
Corvus The Spirit Walker

Unveiling Corvus: The New BTD 6 Hero

Meet Corvus, the Spirit Walker, the new BTD 6 hero! He will be in Update 40. The team worked hard to balance and fix bugs. Corvus comes with a lovable spirit companion who helps him attack Bloons.

He uses Mana from Bloons to perform powerful attacks from his spellbook. Corvus can also debuff a single Bloon with his Haunt, which removes regrow and purple properties and enables increased energy damage. When destroyed, Haunted targets explode, dealing intense area damage.

Corvus, the new BTD 6 hero, is most powerful when close to Bloons for Haunting and Mana generation. Corvus gains Spirit Walk at Level 7 to allow repositioning on the map. He can be unlocked for 7000 Monkey Money, making him the most complicated hero in the game. The high price reflects his additional development effort and strategic value. Geraldo will also have a higher unlock price, but this won't be changed until Update 41. Players have until then to unlock him at the current rate during the Holiday season.

The past few towers, like Geraldo, Beast Handler, Magus & now Corvus, were rather complex. However, Ninja Kiwi doesn't plan to make all future heroes complicated. They'll have a good mix of simple and complex heroes. The next hero (to be released midway next year) will have a 'less is more' design. It'll be unique but more straightforward to understand and unlock with just 5000 Monkey Money.

Corvus' spellbook during Bloons TD 6 gameplay
Corvus has a spellbook!

Abilities and Power of Corvus

Corvus isn't your average hero. He comes equipped with unique abilities that not only pack a punch but also add a whole new layer of strategy to the game. Corvus' abilities will leave you in wonder, from devastating attacks to awe-inspiring visuals. Get ready to witness Corvus' unmatched strength and versatility as it obliterates bloons like never before.

Corvus' Spirit Companion: A Unique Feature

But Corvus doesn't fight alone! This hero has a trusty spirit companion by his side, adding an extra layer of depth and strategy to the game. The synergy and teamwork between Corvus and its spirit companion are simply awe-inspiring.

Witnessing them in action is like watching a dynamic duo working together seamlessly to defeat bloons with unmatched efficiency. Corvus and its spirit companion redefine what it means to be a powerful team, and they're ready to take on any bloon challenge that comes their way.

Understanding Corvus' Role in Update 40

Now, let's dig deeper into Corvus' role in update 40. One of the key elements that sets Corvus apart is its proximity to bloons, which directly influences its power. The closer Corvus is to bloons, the more devastating its attacks become. This unique mechanic adds a strategic twist to the game, allowing you to unleash Corvus' full bloon-popping potential by strategically positioning him on the battlefield.

Corvus prepares to pop bloons that come near him
Corvus can pop single bloons

Proximity to Bloons: A Key to Corvus' Power

Eager to unleash Corvus' true potential? Embrace the strategic importance of proximity to bloons. Position Corvus close to its targets to witness its bloon-popping prowess in all its glory. The remarkable impact of Corvus' closeness to bloons is undeniable, amplifying its effectiveness and turning proximity into a powerful weapon. Use this to your advantage, maximizing the strategic element of position and unleashing the full might of Corvus in battles.

Embrace the challenge and witness how Corvus thrives on being close to bloons, solidifying its position as the best hero for bloon-popping action.

How Does Corvus Compare with Other Heroes in BTD6?

When comparing Corvus to other heroes in BTD6, its unique strengths and advantages stand out. It brings a new dimension to the game, offering a fresh and distinctive bloon-popping experience. With unparalleled capabilities, Corvus sets itself apart from other heroes in the BTD6 universe. Discover what makes Corvus a standout hero.

Other new content in Bloons TD 6 Update 40

But update 40 isn't just about Corvus. It introduces a plethora of new goodies. From new maps to monkey knowledge, hero skins to challenge editor, update 40 is a bloon-popper's dream come true.

New Expert Map Glacial Trail is a unique map in the Expert category. The track has limited space, so be careful and prepare your Mortars and Helis! It may be too cold for many Monkeys, so dress warmly!

New Quests include Striker Instruction, Multi-stage tale of two Dartling Gunners, A Guide to the Book of Spirits, special missions under the "Experiments" tab, and more. Fast Upgrades survive 6 rounds on Dark Path, with all towers upgrading once for free. 30 intense Bloon rounds are included as well.

holiday themed map building in Bloons TD 6
Build holiday themed maps

There are new achievements to chase during the holidays. One is Heroic Stand, where you must defeat any boss at Tier 5 without placing a hero. Another is Heavy Investment, where you invest exactly $401,626 extra when creating any paragon. There are also 25 to Life, which requires you to defeat 5 unique bosses at Tier 5. You can unlock the Tiny Boss Bloons Extras option with this achievement. There's Community Connoisseur, where you need to win 100 different community submissions, and Life Experience, where you earn 5,368,709 experience for any tower.

There are also new trophy store items such as Druid Capybara pet and Pirate Turtle ZOMG skin. Moreover, new team store items like Christmas Cardinal flying prop and Christmas Bow frame exist.

Check out the BTD6 Reddit post for all the new content coming to Update 40.

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, Corvus is the new hero who has taken the BTD 6 world by storm. With his unique abilities and the power of his spirit companion, he brings new excitement to the game. In Update 40, Corvus proves himself as a force to be reckoned with, especially when he's in close proximity to those pesky bloons.

But how does he stack up against the other heroes in BTD6? Let's just say he's giving them a run for their money. And let's not forget, Update 40 also brings some other exciting new content to the game. So, whether you're a die-hard fan or just getting started, this update is definitely worth checking out. Happy popping!

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